12 Best Unique Gifts for Kids – Top Gift Ideas for 2024
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12 Best Unique Gifts for Kids – Top Gift Ideas for 2024

|Apr 29, 2021

When you’re a parent, you might not know where to start looking for a gift for a kid. Although there are many incredible gift ideas for kids, they can be very hard to pick.

The following article includes the best 12 unique presents you can give to your child. Keep reading so you know what to give them!

Why Your Kids Love Gifts

Almost everyone loves gifts. There’s something about having new things that makes people feel good.

However, children are particularly sensitive to them because they love being surprised and having new things to do! They enjoy living in an engaging environment and getting gifts can allow them to start new activities they had never tried before.

1. A Sewing Machine

sewing machine

An incredible personalized gift for a kid is a sewing machine. Children love creating, so imagine the fun they could have they could make clothes, blankets, and more!

Even though having kiddo playing with a sewing machine might sound like a daunting task for a parent, but it’s one of the most activities for them!

2. A Magic Kit

a magic kit

If you want your children to enjoy the fantasy of an “Alakazam!” then giving them a magic kit could be the best decision you could make.

Among all gift ideas for kids, a magic kit Is certainly a very fun option. Your children can have hours of fun!

3. A Giant Coloring Poster

A giant coloring poster is one of the great gifts ideas for kids especially creative kids because they can use their imagination while giving life to the image in the poster.

You only have to give your child some colors and watch how they start having fun!

4. The ErgoChair Jr.

ergochair jr

Looking for an ergonomic chair for kids? The ErgoChair Jr. is the perfect option for you. If your child spends a lot of time sitting down, you need to make sure their little backs are protected.

Although there are more options for an ergonomic chair for kids, the ErgoChair Jr. has it all. It’s beautiful, fun, and not very pricey.

5. An Origami Book

If your child loves crafting, they can have the time of their lives with an Origami book. That kind of book is one of the best gifts for children because they can have lots of fun building many paper figures!

Your child can go from zero to Origami master if you get them that gift!

6. A Pottery Kit

a pottery kit

Another incredible gift for a creative kid is getting them a pottery kit. With that kit, your child can create cups, jars, vases, and more!

A pottery kit is a completely personalized gift for a kid because they can create all sorts of things, all they have to do is use their imagination. Your kiddo is going to love it!

7. A Cooking Kit

cooking kit

You don’t know the best gift ideas for kids until you buy your child a cooking kit. No matter their age, your kiddo is going to be thrilled about it.

Children feel more independent when they have a cooking kit because they can prepare different things and help you in the kitchen. Besides, you can try out their recipes and have a little restaurant at home!

8. A Canvas with Brushes and Paint

Want a good gift for a kid? Go with a canvas, brushes, and paint. If you do so, you can grant your child hours of fun while also enhancing their art skills.

If you give a canvas to your kid, you open the door for expression through art. In no time, your child can fall in love with painting and spend lots of time doing it!

9. The SmartDesk Jr.

smartdesk jr

There’s no gift like giving your kiddo a brand-new standing desk for kids. If your child loves writing, painting, drawing, crafting, or needs a place to do homework, then the SmartDesk Jr. is the perfect option for you.

Having a standing desk for kids can give your child a comfortable place to draw, paint, and let their imagination soar!

10.  A Journal and Pens

If your kid loves writing and wants to become an author when they grow up, giving them a journal and some pens can make them feel ecstatic!

With a journal and pens, your child can start the habit of writing, scrapbooking, and more! It’s the perfect gift for a creative little mind.

11.  A Coloring Book and Pencils

a coloring book and pencils

Another incredible gift idea for kids is giving them a coloring book and pencils. You can hardly go wrong with that. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of different fun options for it.

Thus, you can choose a fantastic coloring book and pencil pack that lets your kid spend hours adding color to the images. They are going to love it!

12.  The Book You Loved as a Child

book you loved as a child

Last but not least, the book you loved as a child is a one-of-a-kind personalized gift idea for a kid. If you give that to your child, you can probably earn the parent of the year award.

Pros and Cons of Giving Gifts to Your Children

Not everything is fun and dandy if you want to find the best gifts for children. Check out the following benefits and disadvantages:


  • They can explore new activities
  • They can spend time doing new things


  • If you give them too many gifts, they might get used to it
  • You would have to spend some extra money buying the gifts

Therefore, even though a gift for a kid sounds incredible, you should evaluate if your children need the presents and if you have the budget to buy them. If you do, by all means, go ahead! They are going to love having new things.

Final Thoughts

Parenting can be complicated if you don’t know which gift to buy, but now that you have 12 options of gifts for kids, you can choose the one you think your children would love the most! You know them, so you are probably right – they are going to have the fun of their lifetime!

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