Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams in 2024
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Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams in 2024

|Aug 24, 2021

What is Virtual Team Building?

Creating human relationships amongst your remote team members is what online team building is all about. Not only can forming these relationships improve team cohesion, but it can also assist expedite communication and improve efficiency.

We place a high value on teamwork. In fact, we've dedicated lots of time to research and developed a Team Handbook of activities and workshops to allow organizations to collaborate more effectively.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Since most firms have been working from home due to the pandemic, it may be a good idea to invest in an ergonomic chair for maximum back support or just general ergonomic essentials for home.

How Do You Perform Team Building Virtually?

The greatest way to bring remote teams together is to make them feel seen and heard, physically, and in methods that solve the issues that come with working in an online environment.

Working from home can be stressful at times. The loss of the work environment has resulted in the loss of constructed possibilities to create personal relationships and gain trust among coworkers. This can lead to disengagement, which can then contribute to poor employee productivity.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Building a good team is an essential component of any successful company or organization. While organizations may not always be able to devote entire days to getaways or training, there are other methods to incorporate team-building activities into daily operations. It doesn't have to be difficult to come up with some team-building icebreakers. The best online meeting tools and apps make it easy to connect with co-workers and friends.

Most Jobs allow individuals to work from home as it cuts the costs to the company, however, other jobs may be more practical, physical, and hands-on therefore most companies choose to keep these employees at work. Here is a list of jobs that can be done remotely.

For remote teams and employees, here is a brief selection of the best virtual team-building activities for work.

1. Online Office Games with

Facilitating remote team-building activities online has its own set of issues, so you may need assistance. TeamBuilding, provides virtual team-building exercises as a platform.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

2. Tea vs Coffee: Live Coffee and Tea Tasting Class

Tea vs Coffee allows you to have a real-life coffee and tea tasting experience. Your staff may review a blend of four exotic teas, coffees, and infusions in the mailbox around a week before your function. To keep the great mystery for the function, each packet is labeled "do not open."

On the day of the tasting, your team joins a virtual video-café, where a welcoming barista can talk openly, perform virtual team-building games, and conduct a tasting event. The event is entertaining, informative, and global.

3. War of the Wizards

One of the most unusual and interesting team-building activities for remote teams in the world is War of the Wizards. The game is a 90-minute live stream supervised session that features RPG gaming concepts, escape rooms, puzzle-solving, narration, and world creation.

In essence, a group of wizards has been at battle for millennia, and none of them can recall why. Sharing tales, solving puzzles, and clearing obstacles to earn "sparkle points," casting spells, and doing whatever it takes to bring a peaceful resolution to the battle, you and your coworkers become the wizards' soldiers. This game is fast, engaging, and unique, making it ideal for a remote team-building activity.

4. Name That Throwback

Make a collection of music that was famous ten or more years ago before the start of your video conference. If you don't have the skills to construct your own, there are plenty of retro playlists available on the internet.

Put the songs on your video conferencing platform and invite folks to "pop in" via text chat. To prove who popped in first, they can just put in an "x" and send it.

If you want to make it more exciting, you can assign points! Your employees can thump their feet to the beat, giggle, and converse about the classic songs while engaging in some friendly competition.

5. Baby Photos

Remember how the greatest feature of the yearbook was figuring out whose baby photos were whose in high school? This icebreaker is based on an age-old custom. While some planning is required, it is well worth the effort!

Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Email out a request for baby photos to everyone in your organization before the event. Make sure they don't hit the "reply-all" button.

After you've gathered your images, number them and upload them to your screen sharing tool. Putting every photo into a presentation or a pdf is a fantastic method to do this.

The rules are simple after this is done. Players must determine which image belongs to which employee by typing a name next to the matching number, typing out the answers via email or online chat, or whatever method they prefer.

6. Remote Team Dinner

Going into an office provides a social channel by allowing you to be in areas with other individuals. For example, you may greet each other in the morning when you walk past or meet for drinks or dinner after work.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Even if you're thousands of miles apart on a daily basis, remote teams can reap some of these social benefits. You might just have to put in a bit more effort.

Create any meal with your team, then join for a virtual call while you eat and talk. To keep communication flowing, you can propose icebreakers or games. This type of low-key connection time is a great way to unwind and interact without putting too much emphasis on business or team building.

7. Who Is It?

This exercise is suitable for both beginner and experienced groups. Before the meeting, have each member send you an interesting fact about themselves that no one else knows about. Read them aloud to the participants during the event to ensure that the answers remain anonymous.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

The group must then guess which interesting fact belongs to whom. They can either cast votes and see if they were correct at the end, or they can comment as you go. Whichever option you believe is best for your group!

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