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Best Way to Clean Wood Furniture at Home
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Best Way to Clean Wood Furniture at Home

|Sep 6, 2022

It's surprising how few people know how to correctly clean out wooden home furniture that almost all of us have at home. In truth, there's no right way to wash wood furniture, and the method for washing it depends on the furniture's design. The following are some safety procedures for cleaning hardwood furniture according to its type. There can be a lot of uncertainty when cleaning old wood furniture since we do not know if the solution or ointment will be safe for the furniture or if it will damage it. You can clean your old furniture by following these tips on the best way to clean wood furniture. 

  • Brushes are better than hard, wet clothes for dusting.
  • Make sure to use a spoonful of the cleaning wax or oil.
  • An olive oil denatured alcohol and lemon juice solution can be used instead of wax (which sometimes damages).
  • Use oils and solutions after dusting your furniture instead of rubbing it with dry clothes that may leave scratches.

Wood Furniture Can Be Cleaned Without Damaging its Finish if You Follow These Steps

Wood Furniture Can Be Cleaned Without Damaging its Finish

  • Remove surface dirt from the furniture by dusting it. Now that you've removed the light soiling, it's time to remove the heavy soiling.
  • As you need stronger cleaners, move up to the gentlest ones. Dishwashing soap and water can be mixed to create a weak solution.
  • The solution should be dipped into a soft cloth, wrung out, and wiped over the piece. A damp cloth is what you need, not a wet one.
  • Rinse your cloth often, and do not saturate the wood.
  • Dry the piece thoroughly with a second, clean cloth.

Furnishings with painted finishes

It is also easy to wash most painted furniture in the Autonomous Pod ADU. In some cases, this can be cleaned with a washing machine fluid or by washing with a moist cloth. However, paintings with exceptional properties may not be suitable for such a procedure. 

Furniture that has been varnished

Furniture that has been varnished

Use a damp cloth to clean, but be careful not to use too much water. It is even possible to use bathing. When the surface has been cleaned, use spray gloss or chamois leather to give it a gloss.


This is often a lot of delicate material, so it should be hand washed with care. Wet dust is the only thing that needs to be properly used when unsealed. Do not use a lot of plain water when using a thin sponge. Water and a sterile sponge can be used to clean gently, especially if you have a lot of office accessories on them.


The use of detergent on wax is not recommended. Soap is still available for you to use. You can even get a sterile soapy timber cleaner for this purpose. When it comes to Autonomous WorkPod Versatile furniture of this type, you should avoid getting too soaked.


It is possible to clean old wood furniture naturally that hasn't been sealed with washing machine liquid. Make sure you don't put any fluid into the wood, but rather use softening liquid to soften the dress and wash wooden furniture.

How Can Outdoor Wood Furniture Be Preserved?

How Can Outdoor Wood Furniture Be Preserved?

Store away from direct sunlight and rain exposure to prolong its life and reduce the need to clean wood furniture at home. To protect yourself from the effects of those elements, you must be able to do so. It is possible to maintain the smooth surface of some woods like teak by cleaning and oiling them periodically. Despite being exposed to weather, these are durable. The elements need to be protected from other woods as well. You can best protect the wood table by: 

  • The unfinished wood should be coated with epoxy (which seals the wood against rain exposure)
  • The epoxy wand wood is protected from deterioration by sun exposure by sanding and finishing with two-part polyurethane containing UV inhibitors.

Use a soft cloth to wipe it

Wooden furniture should be cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap. If you wipe it with water, it won't harm it. The best way of how to clean mold off wood furniture is you soak it; it will damage it. You can use an old toothbrush to reach hard-to-reach areas.

Protect the environment from damage

You can ruin your fine wood for a desktop by exposing it to the sun, heat, and other environmental factors. It is not a good idea to place valuable furniture in front of uncovered vents, fireplaces, or windows because the heat and light can fade or damage the wooden furniture.

Freshen up the smell of wood

Freshen up the smell of wood

Especially if the pieces have been stored for a long time, older pieces can develop an unpleasant odor. You can clean wood furniture with vinegar, or a sprinkle of baking soda will refresh the surface, and a pan of charcoal will absorb odors from inside drawers. If it is a warm, dry day, you can leave the piece outdoors in a shaded area to eliminate the malodor and deep clean wood furniture to its original condition.

Make hazy spots disappear with mild abrasives

The white hazy spot or ring left on your table by a hot coffee mug or pizza box can be removed in several ways. Using a mild abrasive such as cooking oil mixed with ashes or non-gel toothpaste mixed with baking soda is the least invasive way to remove it. For large areas, you can rub it with a soft cloth or use your finger to rub it in.

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Wood furniture's durability and long-lasting nature make it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy their furniture for decades to come. Sheesham wood (Indian rosewood) is impossible to compare with any other wood in terms of durability. Wooden chairs and desks are reliable and durable, whether made from hardwoods (blackwood, jarrah, Australian oak) or softwoods (celery top pine, hoop pine, pinus radiata).


Well-built, well-maintained wooden furniture has held its value for years, making it an excellent choice when it comes to value. Besides durability, ease of maintenance is also a guarantee. Oiling, waxing, and polishing a car aren't difficult procedures, but they should only be performed occasionally.

If you want your office furniture to be easy maintenance, look no further than the Autonomous employee purchase program. We offer you the best prices and discounts on premium office furniture that lasts and doesn't require too much care! Today, you can buy all items you like in any shape, texture, and color on our easy purchase model, where you can buy and charge your company.

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