Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Differences & Which One Is Better?
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Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Differences & Which One Is Better?

|Oct 22, 2021

In the minds of most people, saving money is paramount. When it’s time to buy new office furniture, you often look to your favorite brands and hope for a deal. Therefore, it’s important to know the best things to buy on Black Friday, such as standing desks and office chairs from Autonomous. 

However, you need to know the difference between Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday to know which is the best for buying office standing desks

Definition of Black Friday

Definition of Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and it’s regarded as the first official day of Christmas shopping. Typically, retailers everywhere offer discounted prices on many things. Therefore, you can effortlessly buy ergonomic office chairs with no issue and save money. 

Most people think that Black Friday is an outdated term because many retailers have started selling goods at a discount on Thanksgiving or even before then. Now, with the pandemic, people are focused more on shopping online instead of in actual stores. That cuts down the risk of being around others and catching COVID-19. 

Ultimately, more and more people are turning to Cyber Monday. Therefore, it’s safe to wonder: Is Black Friday or Cyber Monday better? 

Definition of Cyber Monday

Definition of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the first Monday following Thanksgiving. It comes after Black Friday and focuses solely on online deals. Many online retailers praise it as a day of exceptional bargains. Most advertisements use the FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling as a way to get shoppers on the website and adding things to their carts. 

With the pandemic and COVID-19 being so prevalent throughout the world, many people have turned to Cyber Monday as a way to get holiday presents and goods they need. If you’re someone who was impacted at work and are working from home, this could be the best time to get yourself a Cyber Monday office chair

Is Black Friday Better than Cyber Monday?

In the past, Black Friday was the best time to shop to get better deals. Black Friday or Cyber Monday questions really depend on your preferences. For example, those who like to shop in-store may prefer Black Friday. 

However, if you like buying gifts online, Cyber Monday is probably the best option for you. While some stores do an online Black Friday, most people save those deals for Cyber Monday. 

Is Black Friday or Cyber Monday better? For the most part, both shopping days offer great deals. The issue becomes: do you scour Black Friday deals and risk missing out because you waited until Cyber Monday? 

Many shops, such as Autonomous, only have an online store. Therefore, they may offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Ultimately, you get a great price, regardless of when you shop. 

However, when you research online about Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you learn that Black Friday is often better for buying big-ticket and newer items or shopping in-store. 

Best Early Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Best Early Black Friday or cyber Monday Deals

If you don’t want to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get some great deals from Autonomous, you don’t have to. Many products are already on sale and can save you money. Here are the top options: 

SmartDesk Core x Timotion

SmartDesk Core x Timotion

You can save $110 right now on the SmartDesk Core x Timotion from Autonomous, and it comes with Timotion. This is a sturdy frame with a spacious desktop and features a minimalist aesthetic. The frame comes in three colors, with two for the top. Plus, it features two sizes (Compact or Classic). 

This desk is height-adjustable from 25 to 45 inches. Plus, it features simple keypad controls and offers a two-stage frame. That’s not all, though, because it lifts 270 pounds, which is plenty for most office spaces. 

You’re sure to appreciate the electric dual motor, which brings it up at 1.3 inches per second with a noise level of fewer than 40 decibels. 

On top of everything else, you get a five-year warranty, making this a desk that can stand the test of time effortlessly. Is Black Friday better than Cyber Monday? It doesn’t matter if you get in on the deal now! 

SmartDesk Core x Wistopht

SmartDesk Core x Wistopht

Right now, you can save $80 on the SmartDesk Core x Wistopht from Autonomous from Wistopht. Wistopht has collaborated with Autonomous to bring the best-selling desk into the next millennium. It is a top leading provider for intelligent or smart electronics. 

The SmartDesk Core is your most powerful office tool, and it comes with a spacious desktop and sturdy frame. Though there are only two colors for the top and three for the frame, it looks great in any office or home. Plus, it comes in two sizes. 

You’re sure to appreciate that it is height-adjustable from 27 to 45 inches. Plus, it’s a two-stage frame that lifts 265 pounds effortlessly. On top of that, there’s a dual-motor, which raises your desk 1.3 inches per second, and the noise level is pretty low at less than 50 decibels. 

SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro

Is Black Friday or Cyber Monday better? If you shop Autonomous sales now, you can get the SmartDesk Pro and save $230, so you don’t need either shopping holiday. 

Whether you’ve got the latest technology or a minimal workspace, this office standing desk has everything you need to work from home. You can choose between two or three colors for the top and frame (respectively), and it comes in Compact or Classic sizes. 

You’re sure to appreciate the height range of between 25 and 51 inches. This makes it ideal for tall and short people. Plus, the desk lifts 265 pounds with the dual motors. With that, the max speed is 1.6 inches per second, so you can go from standing to sitting almost instantaneously! 

This desk is designed to be easy to install. Plus, you get a seven-key digital control pad to make life much easier. Press a button and watch it move! 

SmartDesk Core Frame by Timotion or Wistopht

SmartDesk Core Frame by Timotion or Wistopht

Do you already have a desktop you like and plan to use? If so, you can turn it into a standing desk by getting the SmartDesk Core Frame by Timotion and save $150. Likewise, you can get the SmartDesk Core Frame by Wistopht and still save $100! 

Both of these frames are two-stage and come with a height range of between 27 and 45 inches. You also get two motors, a glossy finish, and low noise levels. Plus, they hold 270 pounds and lift at a rate of 1.3 inches per second. 

You also get a digital display, and there is some simple wire management included. Along with that, there’s a five-year warranty on the parts, so you can stand and sit throughout your workday for many years to come. 

SmartDesk Pro Frame by Wistopht and Autonomous

SmartDesk Pro Frame by Wistopht and Autonomous

Do you get better deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Though people might disagree on the timing options, Autonomous has a great deal on the SmartDesk Pro Frame by Wistopht right now. You can save $250! 

If you already have a desktop, you can put it on this frame and enjoy the benefits of standing while working. With this frame, you get a height range of between 25 and 51 inches. Plus, it features dual motors for a maximum speed of 1.6 inches per second. 

You’re sure to appreciate the glossy finish, and it supports 265 pounds. This includes the desktop and whatever equipment you put on it. However, most people have a laptop or all-in-one computer with a second monitor and a keyboard. Therefore, it can support all that effortlessly. 

You’re sure to appreciate the digital display because you can easily press a button and stand while working. On top of that, it’s easy to install and features wire management options. That way, you can keep everything looking its best while you work. 

Single Monitor Arm

Single Monitor Arm

Autonomous understands that your screen might not be in the right position while you’re standing. Therefore, you can get its Single Monitor Arm and save $20 right now. There’s no need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get this deal! 

It comes in two colors and fits 14- to 32-inch VESA monitors. With it, you get a 90-degree screen swivel and a 360-degree screen rotation. That means you can be almost anywhere in your office and still see what you need. 

With that, you get a large range for screen tilting from +90 degrees to -50 degrees. On top of that, this monitor arm holds up to 19.8 pounds, which is suitable for most screens. 

Standard Filing Cabinet by Autonomous

Standard Filing Cabinet by Autonomous

Don’t wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get storage options. Autonomous is offering its Standard Filing Cabinet with a savings of $50. This is a modern, simple, and contemporary companion for the office. Plus, you can use it as a footrest because it has a high weight capacity. 

You can keep your office organized effortlessly with these double-layer drawers. Plus, there’s a large interior space, and you get customizable dividers to make it your own. It’s easy to move because of the wheels, and it’s possible to lock the drawers for added privacy and protection. 

If that weren’t enough, this filing cabinet features a space-saving design and is multi-purpose. With that, it’s easy to install and comes with a one-year warranty! 


Is Black Friday Cheaper than Cyber Monday?

Many people wonder about the difference between Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday. Typically, the hype you hear is true, and Black Friday is worth the hype. Almost everything goes on sale, though the discounts you see might not be 50 percent off. 

Still, Black Friday office furniture is a great bargain, especially when you factor in the brands you love. For example, Autonomous produces the same great products, regardless of the time of year. Then, you can save a lot of money on the office chairs and standing desks you already want and need. 

However, you are waiting until the holidays to get your new items. That means making do with what you currently have for home office equipment. Still, if you’re able to do so, you can save money. 

Just remember that you must also wait for the items to be shipped to you. Since it’s around the holiday season, the shipping companies might be a little behind schedule. Regardless, you save money on office furniture you need! 

Should You Wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to Get Autonomous Products?

Black Friday or Cyber Monday to Get Autonomous Products

You don’t have to necessarily wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to buy Autonomous products. In fact, you can shop online right now to get the items you want. 

However, when you wait for better deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can save a lot of money on the things you already need and want for your home office. With that, companies can also upgrade their offices to include standing desks and ergonomic office chairs and save money. 

It’s a win-win situation for everyone, but you’ve got to be patient enough to wait until the end of the year when these two dates occur (after Thanksgiving). 

What’s the Average Discount on Black Friday?

Generally speaking, the average discount on Black Friday is roughly 23 percent. However, some brands go far beyond that, up to 50 percent. It just depends on the supply and demand and many other factors. 

Companies like Autonomous tend to have steeper discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to meet sales quotas for the end of the year. This means more savings for you! 


Many people have asked: Is Black Friday better than Cyber Monday? The answer is: It depends on what you want to buy. Typically, Black Friday is better for in-store shopping, and many people are avoiding that right now. Therefore, Cyber Monday might be a better option because the deals are solely online. 

Regardless, Autonomous is an online-only store, so you can shop throughout the holiday season without fear. Likewise, in the Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday debate, there’s less of an issue. Shop both days to get the best deals possible and enjoy your new smart office furniture knowing that you paid less for it!

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