Black Prebuilt PC & Components in 2024
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Black Prebuilt PC & Components in 2024

|Feb 23, 2022

Gaming enthusiasts are seeing the benefits of going for prebuilt PCs as opposed to custom making them. Certainly, it's possible to derive outstanding results from either approach, but you must consider the advantages of each before proceeding. Today is all about black prebuilt PC options. 

First, there is a quick look at the parts that go into this centerpiece of your ultimate gaming setup, to assist you in understanding how the whole puzzle comes together. 

Next, there's an overview of what you should consider when choosing an all black prebuilt PC. Bear in mind that the information presented here is all about the rigs themselves.  

Therefore, if you are trying to contemplate your gaming setup aesthetic with an RGB gaming desk or a black gaming desk, for example, then you are not necessarily going to get a deep dive here. 

If that's the case, you're encouraged to review Autonomous’ expansive catalog of gaming furniture to help you get the fixtures you need to complement your black prebuilt PC case. 

Prebuilt Black PC Parts

black prebuilt pc Parts


The case is the deciding factor of what your rig’s external aesthetic is going to be. While some are elegantly designed, others could use a bit of a touch-up. Additionally, it guides the internal possibilities for component placement and clearance. 

When you are purchasing an all black prebuilt PC, it's a good idea to take a long hard look at the case and think about whether it's going to fit well in your gaming setup or not. Tempered glass panels are always a plus since they reinforce things with a luxurious visual. 

When you can see the internal components and they are beautifully arranged and possibly even contain RGB elements, things only look more appealing. 


black prebuilt pc CPU

This is the brain of your black prebuilt PC, and it's never a good idea to go super cheap and risk not having a proper CPU to meet your needs. Intel-based processors are more popular than their AMD counterparts, and many gamers will tell you that you are probably better off sticking to the tried and tested name. 

For the best results, you may want to opt for an i7 or i9 CPU with overclocking potential. Models that can be overclocked typically have the letter “K” within their suffix, which means you can push their performance. 

If you're a streamer, then having more threads is always a plus. Intel i7 or i9 CPUs tend to have no less than 12 threads, which doubles the six that is traditionally advised for minimal streaming performance. 


The GPU is another big one since it dictates the kind of gaming performance that your rig is going to be able to put out. Every black prebuilt PC game has minimum and recommended specs, and the GPU is often a central point of consideration in these metrics. 

Like Intel with CPUs, NVIDIA is the quintessential trusted name in the GPU market. It's famous for tremendous designs, such as its unbelievably powerful GeForce 1080 Ti that was a trailblazer many years ago. 

Today, you have the greatly improved GeForce 3060 and its compatriots that undoubtedly yield top-tier gaming performance. Assuming the rest of the components in your prebuilt design are also solid, you should be able to run just about any AAA title on the highest possible visual settings. 


Motherboard of black prebuilt pc

While the processor is the brain of the unit, the motherboard has a huge hand in bringing much of the essentials together. Your processor, memory, case buttons, case fans, GPU, and other essentials must be connected to the motherboard for everything to work. 

MSI and Asus are two industry leaders where motherboards are concerned, so you always know that you are in good hands if the one in your prebuilt unit is from any of these companies. Of course, others build solid boards, but these are among the most highly trusted. 

You don't typically have to worry about CPU socket and memory compatibility in prebuilt models since the builders take care of all of that. The only concern would be the make and model. 


The power supply, as the name would imply, provides power to all the parts that may need it. That's why the power cord port is located here. It takes in electricity and distributes it to your internals. 

Power supply rating and wattage are the important pieces of the puzzle here. Typically, you want a gold-rated power supply with wattage that exceeds the total requirement by a respectable amount. 

Every part that requires power has an individual wattage requirement. If your power supply doesn't at least support the total of these individual figures, then you are going to have some serious trouble. 

Typically, that little surplus is factored in just to give some breathing room when building a PC.


RAM of black prebuilt pc

The RAM is where all programs that are currently being used are held. This may not be much if your black prebuilt PC is idle or you're simply browsing the Internet. However, when you start to play demanding AAA titles, then some serious memory consumption can occur. 

Previously, 8 GB was enough to manage most workloads. Today, you need at least 16 GB from a capacity standpoint.

There is also the speed consideration. Once you have at least 3,200 MHz speeds, then you should have absolutely nothing to worry about. If your capacity or speed exceeds the metrics provided here, then that sounds like an even more positive outlook for you. 


HDD/SSD of black prebuilt pc

Secondary storage is next, and it is, of course, not as fast as your RAM is. Even so, developments over the years have led to some seriously quick storage methodologies. Therefore, traditional rotational HDD disks are no longer the standard, at least for main operating system drives. 

Instead, you want to opt for an NVME M.2 SSD drive for the best results. Considering the demanding nature of games and the fact that you may want to keep your favorite ones on your fastest drive, ensure your SSD is no less than 1 TB. 

Having backup SSDs or HDD drives is a plus, as they bolster the total storage available to you. 


Next, there's the matter of your CPU cooler. While your GPU has built-in cooling, your CPU, which can run very hot, does not. Therefore, you need to provide an adequate mechanism to keep it from reaching temperatures that run sky-high. 

The options here fall under air or liquid cooling umbrellas. Most of the more luxurious and professional builds make use of liquid cooling options from trusted brands, such as Corsair. 

However, that's not to say that a more traditional air cooling system with a heatsink cannot also adequately keep your temperatures low. Liquid cooling does require a bit more experience though, as its tubing means that its requirement goes beyond plug and play. 

What to Consider When Choosing

What to Consider When Choosing black prebuilt pc


For many gamers, it's not just about the way a black prebuilt PC can help them to display their games beautifully at high resolutions. Instead, there is a whole concern about what the rig itself looks like. 

It's not uncommon for you to see people turning their noses up at very space-efficient cases, simply because they don't please the eyes so much. Nothing is necessarily wrong with this practice, especially since it leads to some of the best-looking gaming setups you can find. 

This is especially true when you are trying to coordinate the look of your PC with everything else. For example, you may have an RGB keyboard and mouse, so you're looking for your system unit to bring a similar layer of color to the workspace. 

If that's the situation, then you may not necessarily be a fan of a case with internal components that feature no RGB lighting. 

You can't go wrong with designs that feature tempered glass, as once the cable management and internal layout are neat, they bring an exquisite feel to the room. 



This is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle for anyone who has an interest in a black prebuilt PC. Even those who are not necessarily looking to purchase things from the prebuilt side of the fence know that the goal is to get the best possible performance. 

There are two steps that you can take to ensure that your prebuilt rig is going to meet your performance expectations. First, find out what are some of the most demanding PC games on the market.

Some websites store minimum and required spec information for all these games. If you can comfortably run the most demanding of the bunch, then the others should not be much of a big deal for you. 

The next step is to try to find some pictures of the PC that allow you to see what the inside of it looks like. Typically, when things are not neat and there appears to be no space for adequate airflow, you find that some components don't perform as well as they could otherwise. 

Inside is supposed to look just as sleek as outside does. Knowing the parts that are put together is one thing. Seeing that they were put together optimally is another. 


Size of black prebuilt pc

This one goes hand in hand with the aesthetic consideration. Your gaming area consists of your gaming computer desk, chair, etc. Apart from ensuring that the unit fits well enough into your color scheme, you also want to have it be effectively sized.

Cases come in different form factors that cater to different spatial needs. If this doesn't matter to you, then going for an ATX tower should be perfect. However, if you find yourself more constrained, then you may not be able to accommodate anything larger than a mini ITX design.  

Of course, smaller cases may have trouble fitting some of the more modern and more powerful graphics cards on the market, such as the NVIDIA GeForce 3060. 

Continued Relevance

Continued Relevance

This one cannot be stressed enough. Several years ago, it would be hard to imagine games requiring a storage capacity of anything beyond 60 GB. The Call of Duty series is one of the biggest offenders were incredibly large file sizes are concerned. Now, some games require between 100 and 200 GB. 

Additionally, as gaming continues to push the boundaries of graphical reality, you can expect there to be greater demands from graphics cards and faster secondary storage options to keep load times to a minimum. 

The point being made here is that the gaming industry of tomorrow does not necessarily look like the one of today. So, you don't want to have a black prebuilt PC that is only built to handle today's demands. 

It's always good to ensure that your specs leave you some breathing room, so when the Call of Duty franchise starts requiring even more resources, for example, your rig can rise to the occasion. 

Final Remarks

When you started reading through, you may not have even realized how much could potentially go into selecting a black prebuilt gaming PC. Now, how do you feel after reading everything you have? 

Certainly, you are in a better position to make the right choice based on the right insights. The Artesian Builds gaming PC is a beast for professional gamers, hardcore gamers, and streamers. This is a black prebuilt PC that features a combination of standout components, which stand up to the requirements of the considerations laid out above. 

If you are looking for something on the more casual end of the spectrum, then you can consider the Rookie gaming PC by Artesian. It's still a quality design from the same company, but it caters to the budget and functional requirements of those who may not be so deep into the gaming world.

The final nugget of information that may help you is that your setup requires adequate speakers to cement your gaming experience. Monitors and peripherals are often talked about at length, but speakers are often forgotten, though audio can make or break your experience. Consider the Gravastar Mars Pro speakers if you truly want top-tier sound quality.

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