Should You Have A Bluetooth Gaming Mouse? Pros and Cons
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Should You Have A Bluetooth Gaming Mouse? Pros and Cons

|Jul 22, 2022

Gamers love having the best gaming setup accessories to design the gaming station of their dreams. Previously, people complained about how the lingering wires of the gaming peripherals crowded their gaming stations. However, the introduction of wireless gaming accessories has changed the way gaming stations look. The Bluetooth gaming mouse is one such accessory, and gamers are curious to learn how good it is for them to have this mouse as a gaming peripheral.

Bluetooth technology is one of the biggest innovations in the tech world if you talk about wireless equipment. It has removed all sorts of cord clutter from your gaming space, making it easier for you to create an aesthetic, minimal gaming desk setup. A wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse is something that every gamer would wish to have. But are Bluetooth gaming mouse good for gaming?

Bluetooth technology comes with its pros and cons, and so does a wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse. Therefore, we think you should be aware of both sides of the coin to make the best judgment on your own.

In this article, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse to help you best. So, let’s have a look. 

Pros of Having a Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

Here are the details of the pros you can expect from a wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse. 

Removes Clutter

Bluetooth gaming mouse Removes Clutter

The biggest advantage of getting Bluetooth headphones is that it removes cord clutter from your desk. If you take a look at the dream gaming setups, you'll notice that they all have an entirely wireless setup. The reason behind that is that cord clutter creates a mess on a gaming desk that no gamer would like to have.

Imagine your desk covered with tangled wires everywhere; it sounds stressful, right? So, going cordless is the first way to remove stress from your life and improve your gaming experience. Doing that also impacts your productivity because once you remove cord clutter, you have a clearer mind and better focus. 

Provides More Free Ports

If you are playing a game on your laptop and have a wired mouse, your mouse will take a port that you could have used to plug in your phone or some other peripheral. Many gamers often find this situation worse and think of getting a wireless mouse instead. Having a wireless mouse means you will have more free ports, and more free ports will make it easier for you to plug-in computer peripherals. 

Adds to the Aesthetics

Bluetooth gaming mouse Adds to the Aesthetics

We discussed that clutter is bad for your productivity. In addition to that, it does not have a positive impact on workplace aesthetics. Every gamer wishes to have a sleek and aesthetically pleasing gaming station that makes them feel motivated. The Bluetooth gaming mouse makes that possible for you.

If you search the market, you will find various stylish wireless gaming mouse models that will add to your gaming station’s aesthetics. So, investing in them is never a bad idea if you are someone who keeps aesthetics above everything. 

Cons of Having a Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

As you now know the pros of having a wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse, you should have a look at its cons too. 

Heavy Weight

Wireless mouse models do not require long wires or cords to run. But most of them need a couple of batteries to function. The batteries add to the weight, so they make the mouse heavier. No gamer would like to have a heavier mouse that hinders their game progress. 

More Battery Used

More Battery Used

If you have a wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse, you will have to keep your laptop's Bluetooth on to keep the mouse connected. Constant usage of Bluetooth connectivity increases the burden on your laptop's battery and consumes it more. Hence, it eats up your laptop's battery life, and you won't be able to play longer without charging your laptop. 


If you think whether a Bluetooth gaming mouse is good for gaming in terms of its responsiveness, we will say you should go for the traditional models. The reason behind that is its connectivity issues.

Often people experience a problem with Bluetooth connectivity. If the Bluetooth signal gets disrupted or lost, your mouse will become unresponsive. Such a situation can be problematic if you are in the middle of a game and no gamer would like to experience that. 

Pricey Choice Usually

Pricey Choice Usually

If you have a tight budget, we will not recommend a wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse to you because of its cost. Since the Bluetooth gaming mouse looks aesthetically pleasing, it is high in demand. However, its increased demand makes it a pricey choice. So, every gamer cannot afford it. 

Wrapping It Up

epp for gamers

Coming towards the end, you would have realized how far a Bluetooth mouse is good for gaming. The model comes with its pros and cons, but its aesthetics make people love it, especially when you place it on a vegan leather desk mat. Nevertheless, you will need other gaming furniture to make your experience worthwhile. Unfortunately, you will find most of the online stores selling them with a big price tag.

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