How to Boost Creativity Effectively for a Workday
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How to Boost Creativity Effectively for a Workday

|Jul 2, 2021

The workplace is and should be, always evolving, and finding new ways to motivate staff is imperative for a successful business. A creative workplace is a productive workplace, and when staff feels motivated it results in a happy office atmosphere for everyone.

Finding ways to enhance creativity should be a primary focus for management teams. There are lots of ways to do this but finding the right methods for your team is a make or break.

Ideas for a creative workspace come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a guide to some of the best.


Allowing staff to add their own personal touches to their individual work area instantly gives the office a more vibrant and unique feel. Developing creativity on a personal level is an excellent place to start to change the way of thinking as a team.

How to Boost Creativity Effectively for a Workday

Personalization isn’t for everyone, and there are conflicting ideas about what place it has in a professional environment.

Pros of Personalization

Helps staff feel their personalities are seen and valued

Feeling more “at home” in the place you work allows people to focus on creativity and productivity over fitting in and getting comfortable.

When managers are executing their back to work plans, personalization helps bridge the gap between working remotely from home and returning to a traditional office setting.

Makes the workplace look inviting and friendly, which is great for offices that have visiting clients.

Cons of Personalization

Personalization can look unprofessional if not effectively managed.

It opens up room for dispute and discrimination if clear guidelines are not put in place.

Staff who feel a little too at home may end up becoming inconsistent in their work.

Choosing Creative Colors

Picking a good office color for creativity is a sure-fire way of instantly bring life into the workplace. You can boost creativity a lot easier if the atmosphere you create is set up to enhance it. Here are some Good colors for developing creativity:

White is the ultimate blank canvas. Keeping the start point as open as possible allows an optimized platform for creativity to grow.

Yellow is a bright, happy color. Who can say they don’t instantly feel a mood boost when they walk into a subtle yellow room? That air of happiness helps keep moods high and the creative juices flowing.

How to Boost Creativity Effectively for a Workday

Blue is a peaceful color. Often when you think creativity you think of a mish-mash of color and energy and buzz but in reality, a tranquil environment is a breeding ground for creative thinking. A workspace wants to be creative but not overloaded. Blue walls are a great place to start.

Green as the main color for an office is growing in popularity. It carries connotations of an eco-friendly and natural environment, which psychologically makes people feel relaxed. Green is known to relieve stress, and the best creative thinking comes from a mind at ease.

If you opt for a color other than white, it is imperative that you use it subtly and color code effectively. If you go overboard, it can become distracting and have the opposite to the desired effect.

Move Away from Traditional Desk Setup

The age-old desk, drawers are not revolutionary or exciting; two things you want to encourage when trying to build your creativity. Mixing up the norm of what a desk space should look like brings undoubted benefits to the mindset of your employees.

How to Boost Creativity Effectively for a Workday

Using multiple monitor setup can help you increase your productivity. You can combine multiple monitors with the use of a standing desk, which is also a proven way to make you more productive.

  • Standing desks are one of the best additions to any modern office.

Creativity aside, standing desks increase mental health, productivity, workflow, and posture. The gold stars you could award to an office standing desk could cover the entire surface. Being on the move and not feeling tied down to one spot is brilliant and is one of the best ways to enhance creativity.

  • Keep things simple

Everyone knows the phrase "clutters space, cluttered mind" but not everyone appreciates just how true it is. Encourage staff to keep their desk surface as tidy as possible, and the productivity is sure to flow.

  • Plants

Introducing some plants to the desk setup for creativity is a nice touch and is a mood-booster, and a good mood is essential for creativity!

Revamp Your Meeting Space

Creativity is often born from collaboration. Coming together is one of the best ways to unlock ideas, and creating an open environment for sharing is likely to encourage your staff to do so.

How to Boost Creativity Effectively for a Workday

Consider giving your communal area a make-over using creative colors (see above), keeping the space clear and welcoming, and adding some plants.

Good Uses for a Communal Space:

  • Celebrating achievements and special occasions together as a team brings everyone closer together, and closeness is vital to boost creativity.
  • Regular group meetings, when they are efficiently planned, are great for productivity. Setting up a good routine for meetings gets your staff into a steady flow of collaborative creative thinking.
  • Layout agendas for a group meeting in advance to allow employees time to come up with ideas and discussion points.
  • Some offices work really well in a collaborative workspace. Working nearby colleagues is a great way to unlock hidden potential.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to enhance creativity in the workplace. As a manager, your focus should be on inspiring your staff to bring their own personalities and ideas into their daily work and to work together with team members to bring out the best in each other.

How to Boost Creativity Effectively for a Workday

Designing an office layout that enhances the atmosphere of creativity and productivity through color choice, accessories are integral office ware is a great place to start.

Don’t be afraid of personalization but introduce it with clear guidelines as to what is acceptable.

It is easy to boost creativity around the office all you need is a base to start from, some inspiration, and a little imagination.

Creativity is the key to productivity in the modern workplace. Without it, progression is stunted. Doing all you can to make it an integral part of the day-to-day around the office is a one way ticket to success.

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