Brightech Swoop Floor Lamp Review
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Brightech Swoop Floor Lamp Review

|Nov 24, 2021

The ample amount of lighting in work or study places is crucial as it governs the worker's overall efficiency and seriously impacts productivity. Many types of research and studies back the importance of choosing the right office lighting ideas and investing in lighting setups that are both closest to the natural light and safe for eye sensitivity.

This means you are to opt for lighting options that are versatile and keep the eyes at the safest strain level. Thankfully there are tons of options for that, and you need to choose the one that fits your various needs at once. The market is saturated with multiple types of lamps and lighting options, and products that can fit you in one way or another.

In this article, the Swoop floor lamp review will be given special attention, and the Swoop floor lamp from Brightech is evaluated as to whether or not the best floor lamp for your multiple needs.

Swoop Floor Lamp – Brightech Floor Lamp Reviews

There are many industrial floor lamps, metal floor lamps, and modern floor lamps when it comes to floor lamps. The most significant benefit of floor lights is that they generate the illusion of increased space, which opens up the space. The brightness provided by wall-mounted and ceiling lights is balanced by the brightness provided by floor lamps, which illuminate the area at eye level. Though all the lamps look the same in one way or another, the price value is an important concern.

This is why many people turn to the LED floor lamp reviews and customer experiences to rule out a product or to buy it. The common question of what is the best reading floor lamp can be answered in many ways, but there is nothing that speaks better than the user's personal experience. Here is a detailed Swoop floor lamp review you might need if you plan to purchase this product from Brightech.


Design in Swoop floor lamp review

When it comes to the Swoop floor lamp's design, there is a lot to say about this product. Rated as an industrial floor lamp, this rustic and modern floor lamp follows a modern trend and depicts an antique look. The lamp's design exudes expensiveness, and you will get a whole lot of retro vibe when placing this product in your room. It is ideal for the bedroom, for some bedtime reading, works great for a kid's study place, and is also a good pick for your home office setup.

People also love the Swoop floor lamp because of its vintage look, which is good enough to complement any living room and make it pop in the long run. Due to its stylish and unique look, the lamp is classified as a timeless design.


Industrial lamps are usually on the higher side of the budget. The lamp goes towards a pricier design with a sleek look, a bucket top, and a sturdy base. Similar products from other sellers are usually on the higher side, and the best thing about this Swoop floor lamp is that you will get this at a fraction of the price. Keep loving the comments on your exquisite and expensive taste when only you know this lamp is nothing but a light treat for your pocket.


Life in Swoop floor lamp review

A 20-year-life warm white LED bulb is included in this Brightech lamp, which draws 9.5 watts and produces 800 lumens. That's equivalent to a 60W incandescent. Therefore you'll save 85% on your electric bill compared to an incandescent.

The bulb lasts 20,000 hours, which translates to a 20 year lifespan when used regularly (approximately 3 hours each day) - you'll never need to replace it. You won't get burned if you touch the LED because it doesn't get hot. The warm white color temperature is 3000K.


Other than just looking great, this lamp is a piece of functionality in many ways. For starters, the biggest feature is that it is height adjustable. So if you need to get sketchy while sitting on the floor, lower the height, or if your reading chair is tall enough, the height also reaches a safe, high level.



The smart design makes it easy to fit behind a couch or right beside a bed. The adjustable lampshade directs light where it's needed. For reading or working, angle the lampshade downward. To create a torchiere-style room illumination and a tranquil environment, turn the shade toward the ceiling.

Moreover, the lampshade can be adjusted to a complete 180 degrees, and the light is concentrated to give the cleanest look possible. Rather than just scattered light beams, you will get a concentrated view when reading or doing sensitive jobs such as sewing or knitting.

But in no way, the concentrated light is uncomfortable for the user, and the warm white glow is soft for the eyes yet creates a stress-free ambiance for reading and whatever task you need to perform. Although there is a catch, the bulb cannot be dimmed if you want to.


The Brightech Swoop may be turned on and off using Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple Home kit (Siri). (A smart plug is required, which is available separately.) This lamp will not trip over due to its substantial base, even if children or pets push it over. You can direct the light where you need it with the changeable lampshade!


Here is another part in the Swoop floor lamp review you should pay attention to. Just like their other products, Brightech offers a 3-year warranty for all of its products. Even if there is a slight defect or the product stops performing as promised in the first three years of purchase, you can bring it back to the store and complain about the inefficiency.



Many times we get a hard time turning off the lamp. Who needs to get up from their bed, travel behind the board to get the switch, and turn it off? The Swoop floor lamp from Brightech is pretty considerate in this regard too, which is why it is made with a special footswitch.

On the lamp's base, you will get a touch switch that can be operated from your foot easily. You can also turn it off from reaching right from your bed and get it done. The footswitch is also a lifesaver when you don't want to leave your couch to turn it on/off.

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