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Broken Office Chair? Should You Repair it or Buy a New One?

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 13, 2021

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Thousands of people feel bad because they have a broken office chair. However, you should remember that there are many common issues your sitting spot may have, and you might be able to fix them. Read on to find out more.

Your Chair Sinks

chair sinks

If you're looking for how to repair an office chair, it might be because yours is sinking. It's a very common issue, and it could be due to certain reasons.

A very common cause is to have a chair that doesn't support your weight. Maybe the sitting spot is not the right one for you, and it's time to get a better one.

Your sitting spot may also have something simple: a broken piston. Pistons are what controls their height, so if one of them doesn’t work, the chair might sink. 

To fix a broken chair, you could use a horse clamp or take one of the decorative collars off the sitting spot and use it to measure the base of your seat. Then, you have to cut a PVC pipe or some similar material and put it between your marks, sliding the tube back to its base.

Lastly, your sitting spot might simply be too old by now. If you're looking to fix a broken chair and there seems to be no other possible explanation for your problem, then it may be time to find a new site to buy ergonomic chairs online.

Wobbly Chair

wobbly chair

Having a wobbly chair is also a common issue. To fix it, the first thing you need to do is to determine what's causing the problem, and that could either be the base of the chair or the control mechanism.

If there's a problem with the base of your chair, you could make some replacements to make sure the sitting spot is steadier. However, if you have a faulty mechanism, you need to replace it with one that works.

Squeaks Each Time You Move

squeaks each time you move

Squeaky chairs are extremely annoying, and they often originate from having dirt or other stuff stuck between the wheels.

If your ergonomic office chair squeaks a lot, turn it upside down and start examining the wheels. Then, get a rag with some isopropyl alcohol and use it to thoroughly clean the wheels. 

Having clean wheels is essential to ensure the chair moves properly and without any issues. Squeaky wheels can make you lose focus each time you sit down to work, so don't underestimate the problem.

Dragging Wheels

dragging wheels

In many cases, you might want a tall office chair such as the ErgoChair Pro to work at ease and without suffering from any back or neck pain. However, if your chair drags, mobility might be difficult, especially if you need to move it around your office.

To avoid a dragging chair, you should make sure there are no obstacles in the way each time you try to move. Many people recommend putting your chair on top of a rug, which helps have a smoother movement.

Likewise, you should make sure your chair's wheels are always clean. If they have dirt in-between, they might not be able to function properly, causing your chair to drag.

The Seat Is Stuck

the seat is stuck

People with a broken office chair often look for help to fix a stuck seat. It's another one of the most common issues you may have.

If your chair for lower back pain has a very comfortable seat, and it suddenly seems to be stuck, all you need to do is to replace the gas cylinder.

A stuck seat means that the gas has escaped the mechanism, or that the mechanism itself is faulty. Thus, replacing it might be enough to help you fix it. 

The Gas Lever Doesn't Work

gas lever doesn't work

Even though chair leg repair seems like a common problem, it's not. A more frequent reason to look for “how to repair an office chair” is to have a faulty gas lever.

Suppose you're trying to use the chair's lever, but nothing's happening. In that case, either the gas completely escaped, or the cylinder's seals are faulty.

To fix it, you need to find the cylinder and replace it. Although it sounds a bit complicated, it's a simple process, and you don't need to get a new chair.

When You Should Get a New Chair

Even though fixing a broken chair is possible, there are certain instances in which you might need to get a replacement for your sitting spot.

If you try to change the cylinders or any other specific part and the chair keeps having issues, then you could try asking for professional advice. However, if you've had your chair for many years, they might recommend getting a new one.

Having a sinking chair is the most common indicator that you may need to get a replacement, especially if your sitting spot has been around for a long. 

Pros and Cons of Buying a New Chair

Buying a new sitting spot sounds fun, but for many people, it can be a very challenging process. They might prefer finding ways to fix a broken chair. Take a look at all the pros and cons:


  • You don't have to worry about having a broken office chair anymore
  • When you sit down to work, your productivity might improve
  • If you choose a high-quality model, it can last for years


  • You have to spend money on your purchase
  • Many high-quality chairs are expensive
  • You have to spend time evaluating all your options to ensure you buy the best model

There are different issues you might be able to manage at home, such as a chair leg repair, a stuck seat, and the rest of the mentioned problems. Thus, having to fix a broken chair is not the end of the world – give it a try before you buy a new one!

Keynote Takeaways

A good chair is essential if you want to boost your productivity, improve your mood, and work properly. However, your sitting spot might have some issues. If that's your case, try to identify and fix broken office chair as well as problem, or start looking for new models to buy!

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