How to Build the Best Triple Monitor Gaming Setup?
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How to Build the Best Triple Monitor Gaming Setup?

|Apr 13, 2024

Extreme immersion is paramount in the gaming world, and you can't do better than a triple-monitor gaming setup to achieve this. For many gamers, the ideal setup includes three monitors, which provide a bird' s-eye view and put you right in the middle of the action. Intense firefights and vast landscapes—the best triple-monitor setup for gamers has it all.

Today, we'll cover everything you need to know to put together a top-tier triple-monitor gaming setup that will blow your mind with every game.

Triple Monitor Gaming Setup: Factors to Consider

1. Common Layouts

Side by Side (Horizontal) Setup

Due to its simplicity and adaptability, a horizontal layout is the best setup option, particularly when using two or three monitors. With it, you can monitor numerous tabs at once without squinting.

Stacked Monitor Setup

For a four-monitor configuration, stacking displays is the way to go. They do a great job of clearing up desk space, although you’ll have to stoop down to see the other two displays.

On the other hand, this configuration works well with the 3-monitor desk setup as well. One or two displays can be mounted while the main monitor remains at your standing desk. Since it is difficult to place them side by side, most people find that a single ultra-wide monitor, in addition to supplementary monitors for a triple monitor streaming setup, makes this much easier.

Vertical setup

For some tasks, like programming, a stand that allows you to rotate your screen to a full 180 degrees might be really helpful. Reading and writing code is made much easier with this additional vertical view. This can be the optimal triple-screen gaming setup for you if your needs are primarily vertical rather than horizontal.

Common Layouts - Triple monitor gaming setup

2. Connectivity

Be sure to check your computer’s or laptop’s accessible ports before you purchase more displays. If you intend to purchase more than one display, check that your motherboard has enough display output ports (HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB Type-C with Display Support).

To discover the number of display output ports on your motherboard, laptop, or graphics card, you can visit the technical specifications page.


3. Monitor Size and Curvature

When thinking about multi-monitor installations, it is crucial to get the right monitor size. Not only will you require a lot of room, but using numerous large displays can be a real pain.

The maximum allowable height for a horizontally oriented gaming configuration with two monitors is 32 inches, and for a vertically oriented system with three monitors, it is 27 inches. Reading and glancing at the top of a vertical display larger than 32 inches will become uncomfortable, so don't get one of those.

Monitor Size and Curvature

4. Bezel Sizes

The bezels of a monitor are the thin, typically black edges that separate the screen from the plastic or metal casing. To prevent harm to the LCD panel and other components, every monitor has “some” bezel.

On the other hand, larger bezels might be a major eyesore in a 3-screen gaming setup. For the most uninterrupted viewing experience, check that the monitors you're considering have narrow bezels.

5. Mount & adjustability

Multiple-monitor setup ideas require more leeway than single-monitor setups when it comes to placement, angle, and position.

You should look for monitors that come with tilt and rotation stands if you're planning to use a triple-screen gaming setup. This will ensure that you can get a vertical display if needed. If they aren't, check that they are VESA-compatible so you may use a monitor arm to add flexibility.

Mount & adjustability

4 Easy Steps to Build Triple Monitor Setup for Gaming

Step 1: Check Your Graphics Card

Make sure your graphics card can handle three displays at once and has adequate video outputs to support a triple-monitor gaming setup. These days, you can easily find graphics cards that can handle three displays.

Check Your Graphics Card

Step 2: Get Compatible Monitors

Secondly, you need to acquire a second and third display. Connect your computer to an electrical outlet and then connect all three displays.

Be sure to look for a monitor with a compatible connector when you shop for additional screens. For example, an HDMI cable is used by some displays while others use a VGA cable. If your PC is only equipped with an HDMI connector, it might be wise to look for a monitor that uses that port. If your PC does not come with a VGA connector, you may want to reconsider purchasing a VGA monitor. Still, if your connectors aren't compatible, you can usually purchase cable adapters to fix the problem.

Step 3: Adjust Your Display Setting

When you connect numerous displays, one will be named "Display 1," and the others will be named "Display 2," "Display 3," etc. The taskbar will be on the main monitor, or Display 1.

Your computer occasionally makes an informed estimate as to which monitor is in which location, but this estimate can be inaccurate. If everything is set up properly, you should have no trouble moving the mouse cursor from one screen to another. If that's not the case, you'll need to adjust your display settings.

To change display settings:

  • Hit the Start button
  • Click Settings
  • Click System
  • Click on the Display tab

You can rearrange the symbols representing your monitors to fit the layout of your workstation. When you click the Identify button, labels will appear on each display to help you identify the icons.

To make sure your 3 screen gaming desk setup runs well while you play, you can also change the size, direction, and resolution of each screen.

Adjust Your Display Setting

Step 4: Adjust Game Settings

Once everything is ready, start up your preferred games and adjust the in-game settings to use three monitors. Many new games support this feature, so you can customize your gaming experience by adjusting the aspect ratio and field of view with multiple monitors.

If you own a gaming monitor, you can take your gaming experience to the next level by following these instructions to build an aesthetic gaming setup.


Having three screens isn’t the only benefit of a triple monitor gaming setup; the real benefit is the ability to create an immersive gaming experience that goes beyond the norm. If you take your time choosing the perfect monitors, graphics card, and gaming setup accessories, you can assemble a gaming rig that is visually stunning and provides unmatched performance and experience.

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