Bulk Office Chairs for Sale in 2024 with Autonomous
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Bulk Office Chairs for Sale in 2024 with Autonomous

|Feb 27, 2022

If you're in the market for office chair supplies, you might be wondering if you should just replace the ones that are broken or outdated, or if you should buy chairs in bulk. The truth is that your company will almost certainly expand, and if you buy chairs in bulk, you'll always have enough chairs for new employees. However, the question is: where do you find bulk office chairs for sale? 

It is a proven fact that purchasing items in bulk can save you money, and wholesale office chairs are no exception. The office chair suppliers want to sell a lot of these products since they designed and produced a lot of them. 

This means that they will likely offer big quantities of these office chair supplies at a cheaper price per piece to make the production and assembly process more profitable. Even though the price of a piece or item sold in bulk is cheaper, the distribution expenses and sheer volume of selling a large number of items eliminate the need to pay for salespeople, storage, and delivery. 

Bulk order chair

Five Tips to Help You Choose

1. Set a Budget

Set a Budget

When we are expected to handle our little pocket money as children, we are taught the notion of budgeting. Essentially, budgeting has significant implications in the business sphere as well. There are different kinds of chairs on the market, from the most expensive to the most affordable. Knowing your budget will assist you in finding the best product. As a result, it should always be the prime concern. This is especially important for large orders because even a minor budget change can jeopardize your entire strategy. 

2. Consider the Design

There are various sorts of office chairs. They all differ in terms of design, structure, quality, and a few other characteristics. Now, what kind of chair are you looking for? There are a few key factors to consider while choosing the right type. Wholesale office chairs with lumbar support are more comfortable and better for employees who suffer from back pain. 

Furthermore, decent chairs offer adjustable features such as height, backrest, and armrest, among others. All these elements should be considered when purchasing office chairs in bulk because their absence might make the chair uncomfortable. 

3. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic office chairs have undergone extensive testing and are well-designed. With adjustable parts, superb headrest, lumbar support, and other features, most ergonomic chairs ensure maximum comfort. Everyone can customize the structure of these seats to suit their needs and body shapes. That is why many employers choose to buy ergonomic chairs. You can also include them in your guide for bulk buying office chairs. 

4. Delivery and Storage

Inquire about customized delivery rates to your door. If you're building up a new office or refurbishing an existing one, for example, you might request that furniture be delivered in small volumes to keep up with the finished product. Furthermore, office chair suppliers can organize 'just-in-time' or 'on-demand procurement' delivery at the time of negotiation, eliminating the need to rent storage space. 

Types of Bulk Office Chairs for Sale 

1. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro bulk office chairs for sale

Autonomous is well-known for manufacturing economical, high-quality motorized standing desks, but very few people are aware of its extensive office product line. 

The ErgoChair Pro’s greatest strength is the extensive list of adjustments available. There is a period of discoverability of all the features of a chair with so many levers and paddles as this one. This ergonomic chair is extremely comfortable for those who work long hours. 

2. ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus bulk office chairs for sale

Normally, an office chair with so many features would be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, Autonomous has found the sweet spot, providing a high-end office chair at an unbeatable price. 

The thick, fabric-padded seat is deemed to be very cushioned and is known to be the most comfortable chair for long hours. Its cotton cushion and mesh back work together to provide back support without suffocating your body. 

Additionally, the distinctive reclining features contribute to the wide appeal: users can lean back without losing head, neck, or lower back support. 

The ErgoChair Plus can also change its shape to suit almost anyone's needs. Its seat depth can be adjusted to make it feel like you're sitting in an adult's chair for those who are vertically inclined. 

An adjustable lumbar support, which is made of the same soft fabric as the seat, will be appreciated by anyone with back difficulties. Finally, the chair angle tilt mechanism allows you to lean forward by changing the seat and backrest to tilt toward your workspace for completing tasks accurately and paying maximum attention to detail. This lets you get closer to the action without the risk of falling over. 

3. ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline bulk office chairs for sale

With prices starting at $179, the ErgoChair Recline (previously known as ErgoChair Core or MyoChair) is Autonomous' cheapest ergonomic office chair. The overall cost, including the headrest and leg rest, is only $239. 

This chair is simple to assemble, and you won't need any more tools because a hex tool with a handle and a screwdriver are included in the box. The entire assembly process only takes about 20 minutes. 

Although this is the most affordable bulk office chair for sale, it offers a unique feature not seen in higher-end chairs. It is possible to add a headrest and leg rest for an additional $60. Many think that $60 for two pieces is a bit pricey, but the unique feature is worth it. 

Because the ErgoChair Recline can accommodate a variety of lengths and heights, the chair's measurements are 28" - 45"L x 28"W x 45" - 49"H. The tilt angle can be increased to 24 degrees for individuals who prefer to be reclined. Armrests and five caster wheels are included with the ErgoChair Recline. 

4. AvoChair

AvoChair bulk office chairs for sale

The AvoChair is for you if you want an affordable ergonomic chair that will improve your workspace. Good back support is one of the benefits that you can expect from this chair. Comfort is enhanced by the breathable elastomeric mesh and generously padded armrests. AvoChair gives any office a green touch without breaking the bank. 

Furthermore, AvoChair is a great option whether you need an office chair for your home office, a normal office, or for your workers. However, looking good is not all there is to it. The chair is truly ergonomic, as well as comfortable. This wholesale office chair is more than what meets the eye. 

The AvoChair has a fantastic design. Another ergonomic office chair in the shape of an egg is difficult to come by. The egg-shaped seat and backrest are also incredibly comfy.

This ergonomic office chair has a very simple design. Because of the simple design, it is easy to put together. The AvoChair has a die-cast aluminum base that is sturdy and long-lasting. You can lock-in the posture once you've adjusted the chair's height and reclining angle to the desired tension. 

In the future, you won't have to deal with the chair height or backrest tilt. You can save a lot of time because you’ll only have to sit and work. 

The armrests are created fashionably. Their pads are tiny and may be adjusted in a variety of ways. They may glide forward and backward, and the armrests' width can be adjusted as well. The armrests' height can be modified to enable you to adopt a comfortable posture. 

There are many bulk office chairs for sale, but we recommend this one as your top choice. 

5. ErgoStool

ErgoStool bulk office chairs for sale

The Autonomous ErgoStool was created to fulfill the demands of today's employees. The idea is that the ergonomics of sitting should not end at the chair. Even if you transfer to a stool, they should continue. 

You can adopt a position that is halfway between standing and sitting by using this stool. Consider it more like giving your body a much-needed stretch after a long day in an office chair. 

There are numerous reasons to purchase this office stool. One of them is that you can work while standing or nearly standing. We've all experienced the negative effects of sitting for long periods. According to studies, these consequences are similar to those of smoking. While an ergonomic office chair is a welcome break, you should still stand, stretch, and walk about from time to time. The Ergo Stool allows you to continue working while standing. 

When you sit on the stool, you can be sure that it will not tumble over because of its anti-slip base. In fact, you can use the stool to achieve a stand-sit posture without falling. 

As you wobble and sway gently on the stool to exercise, the foundation remains stable. This will work out your core muscles and leave you feeling relaxed. Additionally, this slight wobbling is beneficial for your blood circulation. 

Benefits of Buying an Office Chair in Bulk

Benefits of Buying an Office Chair in Bulk

1. Great Discounts

One of the most important advantages to buying chairs in bulk is the possibility to get large discounts. Wholesalers typically buy furniture in huge numbers and sell it to retailers at a significant discount. If you go to your nearest large furniture retailer and look for office chairs, you should be able to find a reasonable offer.

2. Bulk Orders

You also have the option of placing bulk purchases when purchasing office furniture from a wholesale warehouse. This means that a complete office set might be sold in a single day. Larger orders can also be placed over the phone if necessary. Many wholesalers will let you place an order without ever leaving the office. These are some of the most popular services that an office chair supplier might offer to people interested in buying the bulk office chairs for sale. 

3. Lower Pricing

Lower Pricing

When purchasing ergonomic office furniture, it is important to locate the best value for your money. Retailers often include furniture products to be marked up for sale in their stores. This means that customers frequently spend 15% to 25% more than they would on the item just to compensate the business for their services. 

4. Direct Warranties

Customers who buy furniture straight from a wholesale center are more likely to receive a more complete warranty with their purchase. Buying bulk office chairs directly from the producer allows customers to speak with the manufacturer about specific issues that may or may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 

When buying from a wholesaler, they may urge you to contact the manufacturer for warranty information, and they may charge you extra for their warranties, which are significantly less substantial than the manufacturers'.

5. Quality

A wholesale office chair buyer is responsible for ensuring that their items are safe, attractive, and maintain their worth when purchased and sold in this market. This is because they have a factory audit policy in place. When a factory receives an order, they inspect the entire facility, as well as every piece of furniture and its shipping containers to ensure that everything is in working order. 

If a product is proved to be defective, the company will not accept it back. This is why, in most cases, wholesalers will allow you to return your wholesale office chairs if you discover a flaw. 

6. More Variety

More Variety

At a lower cost, a manufacturer can provide a greater selection to meet any theme or décor. This guarantees that your designer can select the ideal size, shape, and color for your office. 

Final Word

Once you've decided to buy furniture from a wholesale center, you're halfway to saving more money and getting better value for your money. The best aspect is that you can acquire a few office essentials that you really need in your office even if you're on a tight budget because the prices are so reasonable. Another benefit of purchasing from a wholesale furniture center is that if you do not like an item, it can be quickly returned without hassle.

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