Buy 16 Corner & L-shaped Desks for a Home Office
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Buy 16 Corner & L-shaped Desks for a Home Office

|Jul 29, 2021

Have you considered purchasing a desk for your home office? Did you have difficulty deciding which desk would fit best? If so, try an L-shaped desk for your home office. 

The L-shaped desk for a home office is the perfect home office corner desk. You must calculate the amount of space you want to use for the desk to fit. Measuring space is not only for the desk, but any furniture you decide to utilize. 

Below is a list of 16 corner and L-shaped desks that can be utilized for any home office. Each desk is carefully crafted and designed to provide the support you need to perform any task. Are you looking for the best home office desk? Below are some corner and L-shaped options. 

Benefits of Using Corner Standing Desks

Benefits of Using Corner Standing Desks

It is easy for anyone to miss the value of investing in corner standing desks if the benefits are not clearly stated. Corner standing desks allow users more space for mobility throughout the room as well as productively. The extra space surrounding this kind of desk can be used for décor placement. One might also enjoy the breathability of the space and prefer to keep it that way. 

The corner standing desk’s ability to adjust to different stages of height help users in productivity because of the freedom to stand and sit at their choosing. A physical benefit here is that there is a decrease in possible backaches and neck pain as well. 

Some examples of home office corner desks are listed below. 

The Perfect L-shaped Desk Setup

The perfect setup for L-shaped desks for home workspace usually has consistency in color schemes. This often leaves home offices looking more professional. There also is not much of any unnecessary items on or around the desk that would otherwise cause it to look busy. The minimalistic theme is a great L-shaped desk setup.

16 Best L-shaped Desks for Home Office

1. Autonomous Desk DIY from Autonomous

Autonomous Desk DIY from Autonomous

You have the option of purchasing the Autonomous Desk DIY regularly or as an L-shaped desk for home office. It is designed to be used in addition to a desk that is already owned and in use. This L-shaped desk for home workspace has an adjustable height feature for which you can use your tabletop and attach it to the motorized frame. 

This desk frame is pretty affordable, probably the most affordable desk there is. It is sure to please those who may have been searching for a budget-friendly desk. Customers can choose from three different desk colors and some of the frame designs. 

2. Autonomous Desk Expanse from Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Expanse from Autonomous

This best home office L-shaped desk comes with a dual-motor system that lifts the tabletop fairly quickly. The Autonomous Desk Expanse is able to hold up to 400lbs of equipment on its tabletop. This adjustable standing desk is segmented to fit according to the user. Like other tables, the Autonomous Desk Expanse has a triple-motor that operates quietly so as not to interrupt work and it offers twice the space of the average standing desk. It is because of this that the deck provides extra space for mobility. Two tables are attachable at an edge. 

This L-shaped standing desk is durable enough to lift more weight than most other desks. Customers are welcome to choose from Autonomous’ limited color supply here. There are only two options. The home office corner desk is also made from medium-density fiberboard, which is a material similar to plywood ensuring the user can use the desk for many years. 

3. Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped Standing Desk

The Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped Standing Desk provides users with a wide berth for work space. It has a high-quality design that makes it stand out from other standing desks as well. It is incredibly durable and users are guaranteed a long use with this L-shaped standing desk. 

4. iMovR Cascade L-shaped Standing Desk

iMovR Cascade L-shaped Standing Desk

The iMoveR Cascade L-shaped Standing Desk is a truly customizable L-shaped desk for home offices. It is not a desk that can be bought in stores or online because it is a made to order kind of desk. There are usually three different height adjustments and a variety of desktops and desk sizes. 

The thickness varies depending on the custom order, and this can ensure the durability of this L-shaped standing desk. Because it is customizable, this desk is not necessarily budget-friendly. 

5. XDesk Custom L Series Corner Standing Computer Desk

The XDesk is a one of a kind best home office L-shaped desk that many potential users can benefit from. It provides up to 250% more work space than most other standing computer desks do. It is motorized and just as quiet when operating. 

The unique aspect of this desk is its digital memory controller. This function allows the desk to be adjusted instantly and in a simpler manner. The XDesk can support up to 470lbs of equipment making it a truly durable option. The downside is that there are limited colors and sizes and this desk is not easy on the pockets. 

6. CubiCubi L-shaped Desk

CubiCubi L-shaped Desk

CubiCubi L-shaped Desks for home offices provide users with plenty of space. It even comes with a two-tier storage compartment on one end of the desk. It is durable enough to support two monitors. The CubiCubi is pretty expensive. It is sturdy, having extra hold support.   

7. iMovR Lander L-Desk

The iMovR Lander L-Desk is probably one of the most advanced corner standing desks. The plus side of purchasing one of these is that there is little assembly for users because it already comes 98% preassembled. The little bit of work that requires users can be accomplished in roughly eight minutes. 

This is saying something, compared to the average 90 minutes of work required to assemble most other corner desks. The iMoveR Lander L-Desk is so advanced in fact, that it is no wonder it is not a budget-friendly L-desk. 

8. Fully Jarvis L-shaped Standing Computer Desk

Fully Jarvis

Though this desk is L-shaped and contributes to added space in any given area, the Jarvis L-shaped standing computer desk lacks stability. It is capable of carrying up to 530lbs of weight, which kind of contradicts the stability portion of its makeup. It is also pretty expensive. One should exercise caution in purchasing one of these. 

Games, Games, and More Games

Games, Games, and More Games

Not only the office workers, but the gamers also need a perfect L-shaped desk for their home office with the career as a gamers or streamers. Who would have thought that there would have been such an up-spike in the gaming industry since the start of the pandemic? Many were left in their homes wondering how to pass the time away since social distancing was being practiced. 

As unfortunate as it was for many of us to feel the effects of COVID, it did allow the perfect opportunity for gaming companies all around. Many companies wondered how they could make a gaming desk that was efficient and ergonomic. Below are just a few of the standing gaming desks that had been created with the gamer in mind. 

9. Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk

The Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk can be purchased at just under $100. This is a huge perk for those who are looking to keep their costs low. It allows for moderate to large gaming setups, supporting up to three monitors on the tabletop. 

This L-shaped gaming desk provides plenty of space for users, and the desk comes with a built-in monitor stand and a hook to place headphones after use. The only downside to purchasing this table is the lack of cable management, ultimately leaving the responsibility to the user. 

10. Bestier LED L-shaped Gaming Desk

Bestier LED L-shaped Gaming Desk

The Bestier LED L-shaped Gaming Desk stands out from other gaming desks because it already comes prepared with built-in LED lights. Though it does not offer as much space as Mr. Ironstone gaming desks, it does allow for cable management. This can be a big deal because of the many cables and cords required to use systems anyway. 

It has a built-in monitor stand, and the tabletop is able to support two or three monitors at a time. The home office corner desk is really ideal for professionals who work from home. It can be used interchangeably for work and for gaming. 

11. GreenForest Corner Desk

The GreenForest Corner Desk is an ideal gaming desk that is designed for space optimization. Gaming desks are commonly designed to support multi-monitor desk setups and this desk definitely takes the cake. This desk is also economically friendly and scratch-resistant. 

12. Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

If you are looking for a luxurious L-shaped desk for home office, the Bush Furniture Cabot Desk is the way to go. This desk offers plenty of space. Users can choose from two colors of finish, harvest cherry and espresso oak. For cable management, there is a 4-port USB hub located on the desk to keep cables organized and tangle-free. 

13. Tribesigns Modern L-shaped Desk

The Tribesigns Modern L-shaped Desk stands apart from many other L-shaped desks for home offices because of its rotation feature. It allows the desk to be mobile and relocated to any designated work area. There is 55” of work space available users can work on. 

The steel frame supports up to 900lbs of equipment and gaming accessories, which is about three times more than other standard L-shaped desks for home offices. There is also a two-tier storage shelf located towards the bottom of the desk for additional storage and a clutter-free work zone. 

14. Multitable L-shaped Best Corner Standing Desk Configuration

This best home office L-shaped desk is relatively low-priced. It is durable enough to support up to 330lbs but no more. 

15. UpLift Curved L-shaped Stand-up Desk

UpLift Curved L-shaped Stand-up Desk

UpLift Curved L-shaped Standup Desks are for the utilization of single piece desktops. It is also durable and the design stands a bit different than most other standup desks. As far as customization goes, this best home office L-shaped desk is available only in one size and users can only choose from four colors. 

16. UpDesk Pro SquaredUp Adjustable Corner Desk


The UpDesk Pro SquaredUp Adjustable Corner Desk is also a single piece desktop. Any adjustments that are made to this desk have to be manual as it does not come with a dual or triple motor like the other desks. This L-shaped desk for home workspace is available in one size and offers users two colors to choose from, namely black and maple. It has a three-legged base that aids in its durability.

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