Buy Black Bedroom Desk: 5 Options (with Reviews)
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Buy Black Bedroom Desk: 5 Options (with Reviews)

|Jan 1, 2022

Having the right type of work desk is very important for your health. Why is that? Well, if you are tuned to sitting for long hours at your work desk, chances are you are risking your health. How? As you sit for long hours, your body muscles do not consume the blood glucose, as they are in a state of rest. As a result, this blood glucose accumulates and puts your health at risk for cardiovascular diseases and more.

What is the solution? Get yourself a standing electric desk that offers you a choice of lowering or raising the height to sit or stand and work. 

As you ponder which color to go for, remember that black is the best! Why? Well, the color black goes with the décor in most bedrooms. It absorbs the extra white or neutral color giving you the perfect balance and blend of colors. Black is an executive color and highlights stature when at work. It doesn't get dirty that easily too and is easy to maintain. So, pick a black standing desk, and you can never go wrong.

While you have various choices, here are our recommendations for some of the best black bedroom desks.

The Best Black Desks for Your Bedroom

Explore one of the best black desk for bedroom from our choices and feel free to choose the one you like.

1. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core black bedroom desk

Are you looking for a balance between quality and price? Need the best black desk for yourself? Take a look at the SmartDesk Core by Autonomous, and you will never be able to take your eyes off it. Now you have a perfect blend of work function and form. This desk has a height range of 48 to 29.4 inches so that you may stand or sit and work. Choose between four different programmable settings, and pronto your desk height is manageable with the press of a button. No need to adjust manually or crank any levers. Save these settings for the future!

You may say, while that's fine, how do I lower or raise the desktop height of this bedroom office desk? Now, don’t you worry as the dual electric motors work noiselessly at 40dB, as you draw on your grey cells at work!

Yes, you can now use this standing desk for some heavy work too! How? The solid steel black-colored frame lifts weights upto 265 lbs. So what are you waiting for?

2. Autonomous x Timotion small standing desk

 Autonomous x Timotion black bedroom desk

This is one of the best black work desks for your bedroom. Why? This compact standing black office desk for the bedroom is specially designed for small spaces. You get a desktop workspace of 47"(L) x 28" (W). You will explore that this desk has one of the most spacious depths to allow you to place your computer screen at a distance. This will help you protect your eyes. Designed ergonomically, this desk offers you a range height between 25” inches to 45” inches.

This Autonomous x Timotion small standing desk deploys a solid steel frame that takes up to 270 lbs. So have no more worries, as you set your system, office files or more to make your work easier. The best part of this black bedroom desk is the solid steel frame that operates in two stages. Using the keypad with simple and easy-to-use controls makes you go for it from day one.

Let the dual electric motors do heavy weight lifting as you stay preoccupied with the office. They work smoothly and give you a climb rate of 1.3” per second, one of the best most desks have!

So what are you waiting for? Explore our blog and decide where to put a desk in the bedroom.

3. JHMYHO Laptop Desks

JHMYHO black bedroom desk

Offered by JHMYHO, this is one of your choices amongst small black desks for bedrooms. This desk is spaced at 31.5" width for working. It is the portable and right size for any home office operations. You can even take it to your couch as you sit and work. This is possible due to the unique C-shaped design built for comfort and economizing on floor space. 

The best part is the castors which help you with mobility. When not in motion, it is best to lock the castors to prevent sliding. While many folks pull the laptop desk into their living room or more, with the laptop on it, we do not recommend this. Should there be an iota of a chance of an accident, you may damage your system. Always lift any fragile items before you roll a laptop desk. 

This black bedroom desk is made from high-density fiberboard and has a metal frame. The desktop is waterproof and quite durable. You will love the triple-layered shelves built for your convenience.

Remember the height settings are manually adjusted for this bedroom office desk. This is not an electric standing desk!

4. SHW Electric Standing Desk

SHW black bedroom desk

Finally, another electric standing desk that is easily available on some e-commerce platforms may be worth exploring. This black desk for small spaces offers you great dimensions 24" D x 40" W x 28" H. You also can go for some bigger width sizes if you have the space.

Operated with an electric motor, this black desk for bedroom has two hanging hooks for your needs. It even has a drawer so that you get some more storage space. The four lockable castors make moving this desk easy to any part of your home. You can even create a gaming bedroom with this black bedroom desk.

Save the height settings using the four-memory preset buttons available for your convenience. Moving the desktop between sitting or standing was never this easy. You get a height range between 46 inches to 28 inches. This desk offers a high-quality industrial steel frame for all your weight lifting needs at work. Don't moss that it has grommets at the top to help you manage your cables.

5. JOISCOPE’s Small Office Desk

JOISCOPE’s Small Office Desk

This small office desk is not an electric standing desk. A regular work desk that makes your working easier is Joiscope's office desk with a width of forty inches. It is also available in 47-, 55- and 60-inches desk widths, if you have the space or the need. It is constructed from premium steel and chipboard and offers you sturdiness as you work.

This black bedroom desk has two-layered shelves for your storage and working needs. You can even remove the first shelf if you decide to keep a CPU or other heights that require some height.

Explore more about the desk in bedroom ideas before you decide.


Looking for a blackwork desk for your bedroom is easy with our top choices. Remember that an electric standing desk gives you the comfort of a lifetime. There are no more hassles about backaches and stiff body postures as you adapt your working between standing and sitting. Black is an executive and elegant color that you simply cannot ignore!

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