Buy Black & White L-Shaped Desk (2024 Review)
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Buy Black & White L-Shaped Desk (2024 Review)

|Apr 6, 2022

L-shaped desks are a great solution if you're running a multi-monitor setup since they offer plenty of room to accommodate the monitor and still leave enough room for other items like a laptop, tablet, and printer. Also, since they can fit into corners, a black and white L-shaped desk is often more efficient in using space in your home or office.

Additionally, many of the best black and white corner desk models have plenty of storage space with drawers or cupboards where you can store papers and files or where devices can be stowed when they're not being used, so you can keep your workspace tidy and free from clutter.

It's a good thing you came here if you've already researched white l shaped black desk frames and are on the lookout for the best black and white desk of your dreams. You should find a desk to suit your aesthetic and your needs in our roundup, which includes various styles and materials.

We've compiled a list of the best white L-shaped standing desks you can buy right now in the guide below. All of them are strong, sturdy options, but we've chosen desks with various looks and prices so everyone can find the one they like best.

List of Black and White L-shaped Desk

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner black and white l shaped desk

With its black L-shaped standing desk design, the SmartDesk Corner large walnut standing desk is ideal for various body types. In addition to the height-adjustability, it includes four storage drawers. This wood-standing desk is sure to help you succeed. Thanks to its energy-efficient dual motors and structural steel construction, the white gaming setup moves at a maximum speed of 1.1 inches per second. You can also customize a large corner desk to fit your needs in terms of color and texture. UL, BIFMA, and EMC tested the product for strength and safety. This product also have white L-shaped desk with black frame version.


  • Whisper-quiet operation of triple motor
  • It can support 400 pounds of weight
  • Metal frame made from solid steel
  • You can adjust the height between 29.4 inches and 48 inches
  • Modular segments ensure the perfect fit

2. Vista Corner Desk from SHW

Vista Corner Desk from SHW

Although it looks like a regular L-shaped desk, the SHW Vista Corner Desk opens into three sections, making it easy to assemble your gaming setup accessories in a small space. The L-shaped desk is great for people who work in apartments and do not want to move a large piece of furniture up the stairs.

Even a foot rest bar makes sitting more comfortable, and its smoked tempered glass top is beautiful. Screwing the sections together will take a number of hours, but the aesthetic gaming setup result is worth the effort. The minimal gaming setup desk looks fantastic and won't take up a lot of space.


  • Easily transportable
  • Glass with a smoked appearance
  • Assembles easily
  • Lower desktop height

3. Bestar 110887

Bestar 110887 black and white l shaped desk

In addition to deep gray and black, the 110887 is also available in white and deep gray. This product comes with a 1" thick, durable, commercial melamine finish that can resist stains and scratches. It is a great addition to any commercial or residential space. It is completely reversible as long as you decide the configuration once you receive the Pro Concept Plus.

Storage options are available on the Pro-Concept Plus. The drawers are operated smoothly through ball bearing slides in the box/box/file pedestal file. A single lock locks two drawers on the bottom. They are meant for storing legal and letter documents.

Second, there are three separate storage areas in the cabinet on top. There are two smaller storage areas on either side and one large storage area in the center. Binders can be positioned in either of the storage areas. Besides, the upper cabinet of this black and white L-shaped desk has an upscale look with its frosted glass doors and wire management.


  • Assembles easily
  • Durable melamine finish
  • Reversible setup
  • Separate storage options

4. IKEA's Linnmon

IKEA's Linnmon black and white l shaped desk

In addition to the Linnmon desk, IKEA offers Alex drawers underneath it: either one or two units. The black and white L-shaped desk may be fitted with two drawer units at either end if you wish to maximize storage.

A total of six drawers, three large drawers, and two small drawers each gives you ten drawers - six large drawers plus four small drawers. With so much space, you'll be able to organize your bits and pieces, paperwork, and folders. The desktop is also quite spacious at 150cm long and 75cm deep (a smaller version is available at 120cm by 60cm).


  • Sturdy Build
  • Good quality units and lots of drawers
  • The overall value is impressive

5. L Computer Desk from Cubiker

L Computer Desk from Cubiker

A desk like this one, available at Cubiker, is high quality and built with a modern, minimalist design. There are two drawers and plenty of storage underneath. At 59.1" x 47.3" x 29.5", this desk is large enough to accommodate four computer monitors.

Laminated wood is used for the desktop. Also, there are six different colors available. The options include walnut, black, maple, and more! All colors range from around to below $150, depending on the color.

Your productivity will soar with this black and white L-shaped desk! This desk can fit anywhere in the house. Most people keep their keyboard and mouse in a sliding keyboard tray so that they can save space on their desktops.


  • There are two small drawers
  • You can choose from six different colors
  • 29.5" x 47.3" x 59.1"

6. 60W Glass Top Anthropology L Desk from Bush Furniture

60W Glass Top Anthropology L Desk from Bush Furniture

Elegant, functional, and complete with a glass finish, this 60W x 24D desk is perfect for any home office. An elevated glass surface creates space below the desk for storing paperwork and office supplies. It features a modern and minimalist outlook.

Thanks to the sturdy metal frame, this ergonomic office desk is structurally strong and stylish, with a modern industrial look. It is made from high-quality materials and has a weight capacity of 150 pounds.


  • Stunning design aesthetics
  • Smooth glass finish
  • Durable and elegant
  • On the primary desk, it can support up to 150 pounds
  • The return desk can support up to 75 pounds
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