10 Must-Know Things Before Buying a Height Adjustable Standing Desk
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10 Must-Know Things Before Buying a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

|Aug 31, 2021

Health is the new age mantra that has been doing the rounds especially post the pandemic. Embracing change, people have realized that sitting inside the house for the pandemic has harmed mental and physical health.  Combine this with the sitting involved at work, and there is a potential risk of falling unwell.

Medical research highlights the need to stretch yourself if you have been sitting for too long. However, such stretches cannot be at the end of a long day. They have to be consistent and gradual throughout the workday, every day. Risk? If you do not take breaks to stretch your muscles, they go to sleep. Thus they do not require blood sugar, which leads to the build-up of glucose in your body.  Such chemical changes put you at the risk of various health concerns. These can range from obesity, cardiovascular issues, cervical sprains and aches, and more.

Another factor that possibly adds to your woes is incorrect body postures. Unaware of it, most folks use incorrect sitting or standing positions that could lead to aches and pains of the neck, back, and spine, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Syndrome Injuries, and more.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s guidelines highlight the correct sitting posture while working at a computer workstation.

Solution? A height adjustable standing desk can be raised or lowered for you to sit or stand to work. As you change positions, your muscles are used and the body posture changes, engaging your body muscles.

10 Top Things to Know Before You Buy a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

1. Electric or Manual Standing Desk

Electric or Manual Standing Desk

An electric height adjustable desk is quicker to set up when changing height as an electric motor operates it. The manual ones have to be adjusted, or at times they have to be cranked up. You gain time and less effort with the electric standing desk, especially when tight against time. With the manual ones, your desk may land-up being tilted, throwing things off the desk. We recommend electric standing desks – the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) would be our number one choice.

2. Material & Durability

There are many options available for office standing desks. These range from wooden, metallic, and fibreboard. Wooden desktops are the best as they bring you closer to nature. The fibreboard desktops are expensive but surely last you longer though you will not see many of them around. Of course, you could always consider a DIY adjustable standing desk too.

3. Height Range

Height Range

Depending upon your height, you may want to choose a motor standing desk that helps you correct your body posture while seated. Remember that your knees should be at a 90 degrees angle to the ground. Your feet should not be hanging in the air or be on the ground if your seat is too low.

While most companies consider ranges between 24-26 to 30-34 inches, if you are tall or short, you may want to be sure of your requirements before you start exploring standing desks.

4. Desk Depth

Most folks don't consider the depth of a height adjustable standing desk while buying. Depth is the distance between the front of the desk to the back of the desk. Even if you are using a laptop instead of a computer screen and system (CPU), it's best advised to have a distance of twenty inches between your eyes and the computer screen. Considering this, you will need a minimum of 30 inches of space on your desk. If you are using an additional keyboard, you will need to add a few more inches for your use. 

5. Speed


You don't have all day to wait for a height adjustable standing desk to be raised or lowered. Instead, check for the climb rate or the speed with which the desk is raised/lowered.  Choose motor standing desks that offer lower noise levels when operated.

6. Noise

When using an electric standing desk, you must watch for the noise levels when the motor is operated. For manual ones, check the noise as it is cranked up or manually adjusted for height. The noise levels could disturb other employees at work or in a client meeting. It could not be very pleasant.

7. Weight & Balance

Weight & Balance

Check the height adjustable standing desk frames for the amount of weight they can take up. Many desks claim a much higher number than they can actually accommodate. It may be helpful to look for desk frames with interconnecting support between the back legs or between two legs on either side of the desk.  This helps the desk to remain sturdy.

8. Budget

Do you need a standing desk at all? Or could you manage with a standing desk converter?  Many folks are keen to buy new things. They don't stop to ponder and give a thought if they require a standing desk at all? On the other hand, if you are only at your desk for an hour or two, and most of your time is spent standing in the factory or outdoors in the yard, you may not require a sit-stand desk.

While the height adjustable standing desks are available in a wide range, be sure of the budget span you are working with. Do you really need all the fancy buttons and features that are being offered? What is the basic amount of things that you need?

9. Programmable Desks

Programmable Desks

Most electric height adjustable desks will have a programmable panel for different height settings. This is helpful if the desk is operated by a single person as they can set their more often used height settings. However, if this desk is used in a meeting room or an employee catch-up area, you will find the programmable panel being 'under maintenance' most times. Why? These desks are not meant for duty usage in high traffic areas.

10. Space availability

Be sure of the space available for a height adjustable standing desk. You may need to put it in a corner for space considerations leading you to get yourself an L-shaped desk or a corner standing desk.

Don’t miss various standing desk accessories that could be of utmost importance. 


While you have many options, be sure of what your needs are. With our list above, you would be potentially aware of the top few things you may need to consider as you buy an electric height adjustable desk.

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