Buying Desk Lamp Online - Things To Consider Before
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Buying Desk Lamp Online - Things To Consider Before

|Feb 12, 2021

Working for long hours with only the light of an overhead bulb for illumination? Continuously shifting to find the perfect lighting? Struggling with the resultant eye strain and distraction? We have been there and know just what you are looking for.

What you need is searching for the best desk lamp. Not just any desk lamp, but one that fits your needs just right. While there is no shortage of desk lamps of all varieties on the market, you need to know exactly what you need it for to find the right fit. 

For that, we have done our research to bring you a complete list of everything you should consider when scouring the sites for buying desk lamp online for yourself. Read on to find out how you can evaluate if a desk lamp is the one you require.

How much lighting do you really need?

Poor, scattered lighting leads to fatigue, eye strain, and headaches in the short-term, along with long-term effects on vision and productivity. Low levels of diffused lighting should be avoided when working for extended periods.

What is ideal for such work requirements is evenly distributed, clear, bright light. How much illumination a lamp provides can be measured in terms of lux, the luminous flux over a unit area. The more lumens a light source spreads, the brighter it is. 

For a reading space with the prolonged use of computers, you ideally need an illuminance of 500 lx. The intensity of lighting you need for your particular work is an important consideration when looking to buy a desk lamp.

buy desk lamp online

How does a desk lamp help?

By fulfilling your specific lighting needs, a desk lamp provides the perfect solution for all your light troubles. 

It can contribute substantially to your reading comfort and productivity if you are a student and want to buy study table lamps online. Buy study lamps online also makes it easier for you to achieve your desired work output without unnecessary fatigue. This makes it a must-have for regular working professionals with high work demands. 

Other than taking care of your illumination needs, it can also provide additional ease by coming with features like a phone holder or attached pencil stand or even a digital clock display and alarm function, in case of the modern, high-tech variations.

How does a desk lamp help? 

How distant is a power socket?

Another thing you might want to consider when narrowing down your search for ideally buy desk lamp online is to see the length of cord you require it to have. 

Lamps come in various cord lengths. Depending on how far the nearest power source is from your desk, you will have to make practical considerations on the length of the cord you require and the spatial placement of the lamp on your office desk. 

You can even customize your desk for the lamp or if you are starting new, create your own desk with DIY frame or an office desk for yourself. Power extension cords can also be useful in case of greater distance from the socket.

Some desk lamps are also battery-powered or USB-charged and thus eliminate the need to have a power socket nearby. This might be a good option if your desk is centrally-placed in a room or you need your lamp to be portable.

How distant is a power socket?

Buy desk lamp online and attributes to consider

1. Desk Lamp Type

Desk lamps are of several types. Based on the kind of bulbs used, they can be differentiated for more accurate utilization. Some of the popular types of desk lamps based on the bulbs they use are:

Halogen Lamps

Ideal for prolonged reading, they offer a bright, natural light that is easy on your eyes. Halogen bulbs have been proven superior to regular bulbs in terms of energy usage and lifespan. 

Buy desk lamp online and attributes to consider

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent bulbs provide an evenly-spread coverage of natural light across your workspace. Lamps with these bulbs come in a wide variety of attractive styles. This makes it a great option if you want a lamp to match your decor.

These bulbs last 11 times longer than a traditional bulb and emit only 30% of its heat, making it a cost-effective investment. 

Incandescent Lamps

These lamps use a bulb that radiates light from the heat produced by the filament. This makes its glow a warm, soothing yellow. 

It is perfect for evening reading but might not be the best for a fast-paced office work environment. These bulbs don’t last as long as regular bulbs and therefore have to be replaced often. 

Incandescent Lamps

Full Spectrum Lamps

Especially useful for those who work with color and designing, like interior decorators, graphic designers, or artists, full-spectrum bulbs bring out the intensity of colors in their light, much like the light of the Sun.

They have been proven to increase productivity because of their brightness and visual clarity.

LED Lamps

LED lamps are distinct for producing a directed, focused beam of light where you need it, instead of scattering it all around. This reduces the glare and protects your eyes from distracting stray light. 

These bulbs produce next to no heat and are remarkably energy efficient. LED desk lamps come in a lot of sleek, smart designs, making them decor-sensitive. Even though these can be a little costly, they last longer than any other type of bulb on this list.

LED Lamps

2. Features

Other than the type of bulb and brightness, when mentioning “buy desk lamp online”, you might want to choose a design that goes with your decor and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. A sleek, modern design may be more adaptable to minimalist decor, while a classic banker desk lamp for a more traditional theme. 

The height and size of the lamp need to be paid attention to as well. The size of the desk lamp needs to be in proportion to the size of the desk. In the case of a small work station, a clip-on lamp might be a smarter alternative. 

Some lamps allow you to adjust their height for different uses and times of the day. Ideally, a lamp should be high enough to not obstruct vision or be directly in the line of sight, but also not too high to effectively illuminate the workspace. 


3. Material and Build

The material the desk lamp is made of determines its utility, durability, and aesthetic value. While the wooden or sleek metal variants are in vogue, a gooseneck lamp with a flexible plastic neck might be better-suited to some needs. 

The light-build kind of lamps would be more amenable to frequent travel and the need for portability, while the ceramic one might go well with the design of your existing office. 

Materials and Build

4. Adjustments

The standard lamp has been around for a while. Lately, there have been a lot of innovations in the area of lamp design and features to make it more suited to individual preferences. This has increased the scope for personalization and custom use.

There are lamps that offer height adjustments, light dimmers, ambient lighting, natural light sensitivity as well as focus variation. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you will buy desk lamp online offering different levels of adjustment and additional features.


Wrapping Up

Buy led desk lamp online to your workspace is sure to make a world of difference to your ability to focus and get work done while easily keeping the strain and fatigue away. 

When it comes to buying a desk lamp online, you can find the perfect one for you by keeping these tips in mind and knowing what you need it for. Get one as soon as you can and notice the change it brings to your work life!

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