Can Workstation Pod Bring Quiet and Productivity to the Open Office?
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Can Workstation Pod Bring Quiet and Productivity to the Open Office?

|Nov 14, 2021

Interruptions, turbulence, and noise harm work productivity. When one's attention is repeatedly disturbed, even an engaging job might become demotivating. However, not everybody is readily diverted by the very same items: one individual may have had no issue writing in a loud café, but the other's line of thought is quickly disrupted by a coworker shifting positions.

Even if the topic is obscure or boring to the individual trying to work, a nearby talk may disrupt it. The noises of people eating, candy wrappers rustling, and furniture shaking are all similarly distracting. In addition, sound flows all around in an open-plan office, easily breaking people's attention. Therefore, workstation pods can bring a lot of serenity to open space. 

What is a Workstation Pod?

What is a Workstation Pod

A workstation pod is a cross between a standard office desk and a booth. An office desk pod allows you a certain degree of privacy without entirely blocking you off, instead of being surrounded by walls as you would be in a booth. That is perfect for those moments when you need to focus and have to be aware of what is going on at work or when you need to cooperate to some level.

It might be tough to find privacy in an open office, but devices like this can assist. Adding an office furniture pod or a soundproof work pod to your open-plan office is a cost-effective way to establish soundproofing and designated meeting places. In addition, employee contentment is improved by quiet areas, as is employee loyalty.

Offering quiet, serene places such as work pods for offices to individuals who require them can improve an open-plan office. Similarly, employee productivity and motivation are increased and maintained in a work environment that focuses on what they're doing.

Do Office Pods Benefit Your Work Performance?

Do Office Pods Benefit Your Work Performance

Employees may find it difficult to work in what could be a stressful and crowded open-plan office atmosphere. Having the alternative of a quiet space might help them feel more at ease and happy. According to data, it is worth noting that happy workers take 66 percent fewer sick days, have greater motivation and confidence, and become less inclined to quit at the first chance.

Privacy work pods don't only promote a distraction-free zone, but they also offer comfort, which eventually benefits your work performance. However, employee engagement isn't solely determined by distraction-free work; flexibility is also a high goal for workers in 2020. Therefore, companies should design a work environment that allows employees to choose where and how they work if companies want to increase employee happiness.

Distractions are reduced through soundproofing, climate-controlling, and comfy work pods for office and silent booths. They additionally give a private location for doing work. Autonomous work pods like the Framery O Booth give private space to work, as well as the far 'cone of stillness' which many open offices lack. They're ideal for jobs that need intense attention. So that once you have a three-hour deadline to give a report, you have a dedicated space to go and get it done.

Benefits of Office Pods for an Open Office

Benefits of Office Pods for an Open Office

Office furniture pods are enclosed workstations with three to four sides and, in certain cases, a roof. In open office design, they provide an enclosed place away from noise and interruptions. It may move about many of them as well. Some have attributes that can filter out ambient sounds. They're an excellent way to provide a concentration area in a huge open office.

How home office pods provide a dedicated working space in your homes. Office pods for an open office can also provide distinct spaces to work while remaining focused. Following are a few workstation pod benefits: 

  • They act as a sound barrier

The fact that office pods filter out noise is perhaps the most obvious benefit. They also keep noise out, especially quiet office pods designed to block sound up to 100%.

  • Increases your privacy

The absence of privacy is one of the primary challenges as experts expect a drop in open-plan working. However, although 95% of workers say they require quiet, private areas, 41% claim they don't have access to them. Therefore, this workstation pod is an excellent approach to meet their needs without breaking the budget or causing any inconvenience.

  • Increasing productivity and focus

As per a Steelcase study, we are diverted every 10 - 15 minutes, while distractions around workspaces account for 25% of wasted time. Therefore, it will be easier to maintain attention and productivity if people have a place to go to avoid visual and acoustic distractions.

  • They aid in the reduction of stress and the improvement of overall well-being

Creating a productive work environment geared to address common work-related challenges is an effective strategy to increase employee service and experience. In addition, it will reduce stress levels, and motivation and workplace happiness will be higher.

Best Workstation Pods Available

Best Workstation Pods Available

The Office Work Pod is an acoustic private work pod that allows employees to hold conference calls, work uninterrupted, or work side by side. Without leaving the room, such Work Hubs provide space, closeness, and privacy. The following are a few options:

1. Autonomous Work Pod

Autonomous Work Pod

An Autonomous work pod is a sound-insulating space where you can work efficiently. 

2. Lohko Box 2 Meeting Pod

The Lohko Box 2 Conference Pod is a one to two-person meeting pod made of glass and wood.

3. HushHybrid Work Pod

The HushHybrid workstation pod is a single-user hybrid work and video-conferencing Pod.

4. Linear Study Pod Oasis

The Oasis Linear Study Pod, with its built-in comfortable seat and work surface, is ideal for uninterrupted calls and work.

5. Zoom Booths for Cell Pods

It is a single-user workstation pod with improved acoustics for Zoom, Meet, or Teams calls.

6. Milli Work Pod (Acoustic)

Milli Acoustic Work Pod is designed for long sessions that require focused secluded, and seated work.

7. Work Pod M in Space

The Space M Work Pod is an enclosed concentration space where you may sit or stand to work or meet.

These standard workstation pods allow you to work in a quiet, distinct environment. Where you can remain focused on your work for prolonged hours regardless of any distractions, you can buy work pods for the office from Amazon or visit a local furniture store.

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