Cheap Office Chair Buying Guide: 6 Useful Tips
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Cheap Office Chair Buying Guide: 6 Useful Tips

|Feb 22, 2021

Maybe you are looking to invest in a more suitable chair for your computer work, or upgrade your standard office chair to an ergonomic design with more comfort and support for your body. Perhaps you have developed lower back pain, and a chair that can lessen the pain while you work has become high on your list of items to purchase. You haven't even started shopping around because you are convinced the ergonomic office chair cost is beyond your reach at the present moment.

Not to worry, there are several cheap ergonomic office chair options out on the market that are durable, high quality, and cost below $500. This cheap office chair buying guide takes you through useful tips and desk features to look out for when looking to select a reasonably priced and good quality chair.

What to Look for in a Cheap Office Chair


When you are considering how to buy a cheap office chair, the design options available to you are vast. You should be able to find a style that suits your office tone and aesthetic. With a little patience and chair hunting finesse, you should be able to find a cheap, high-quality design. Be sure to check for the product's durability and other tips to ensure you get a high-quality best-buy.

What to Look for in a Cheap Office Chair

Chair Fabric

For many who work in the tech industry, hospitality, marketing, design, finance, customer service, and administrative sectors, sitting at a desk and getting paperwork done, is their core business.  The office chair becomes the go-to place for all things work, with many office workers easily spending over six hours sitting on their office chairs.

The fabric type can is a good point on how to choose an office chair. A winning fabric for your office chair would be a material that requires a low level of maintenance, i.e., easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. Other fabrics like mesh provide good air circulation and ventilation.

If you like the classic and executive look and feel of leather without paying a premium, you can go for good quality faux leather office chairs.

how to buy a cheap office chair

Ergonomic Features

Work that involves repetitive motions and activities that twist the spine, heavy lifting, or jobs that require extended sitting or working at a desk, can strain and stress lower back muscles and tendons, resulting in lower back pain. The best ergonomic office chair designs can help reduce lower back injury or offer lower back pain relief. If you are wondering how to buy a cheap office chair and still get ergonomic support, there are some main features you should look for.

Ergonomic features


Sometimes people associate cheaper products with low quality. This is not always the case. There are some reasonably priced office chairs that are durable, sturdy, and ergonomically sound. Check if the office chair has a warranty and how long it lasts.  Very few sellers would provide a warranty of over one year for a defective and low-quality product knowing they might have to replace it soon after purchase.


Companies that offer you customizability options allow you greater control over the final product spec and price. You may want a chair with lower back support but not necessarily need a headrest. You can therefore get the features you want and reduce your final purchase price by eliminating elements that are not essential for you.


The Brand Name of the Office Chair

An additional tip on what to look for in a cheap office chair is to consider the chair supplier or manufacturer’s reputation. Many reputable companies offer a range of products at different price points. They are usually transparent about what specs the lower-priced products do not have and their capabilities. When it comes to where to buy ergonomic chair options,  a company with a reputation to keep is not likely to manufacture poor quality chairs. Their clarity on production limitations can also help you know what you are actually buying.

The Brand Name of the Office Chair

The Top High Quality, Cheap, and Ergonomic Office Chairs

Here are some of our top picks for high quality ergonomic office chairs based on our cheap office chair buying guide tips.

1. The Autonomous AvoChair

If you are wondering what to look for in a cheap office chair, the AvoChair hits many of the right notes. It has a unique and contemporary waterfall-style, egg-shaped design with a fantastic range of ergonomic features that offer comfort and prop up the lower back, reducing the risk of lower back strain and injury.  The Avochair has shoulder support with its adjustable armrests, easy-to-adjust seat height to fit people of different sizes and builds, back tilt tension adjustment, a lockable 25o backrest position when you need to take it easy at lunch.

Another significant aspect of this office chair is its elastomeric mesh that provides aeration while you sit and spinal support. This affordable desk chair with a 250 lbs. weight capacity comes in a range of colors, with a two-year warranty, 30-day trial, and sturdy aluminum base. Apart from the Avochair not having an adjustable headrest, it has a lot going for it and is the best buy for your back health and comfort. The Avochair chair comes at a price well below our low office chair cutoff price at $250.

The Autonomous AvoChair

2. Autonomous MyoChair Office Chair

The Myochair office is an ideal choice for what to look for in a cheap office chair. It is one of the best cheap ergonomic chair options available with an incredible recline ability offering lower back support and comfort during those long hours at work.

ts feature includes an adjustable headrest, highly adjustable armrests, lumbar support, five-piece castor wheels, seat height adjustment, tilt, and incline.

MyoChair is an affordable chair for all your desk and computer work. It provides good air circulation and is easy to clean. It has an appealing modern and minimalistic nylon frame crafted into a contemporary style. This modern office has a durable foam seat for added comfort and support and can hold up to 250 lbs.

Autonomous MyoChair Office Chair


When it comes to cheap office chairs, there are many good quality finds to be discovered on the market if you know what to look for. This cheap office chair buying guide can help you unlock some useful tips that can make you a bargain hunter pro.

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