How to Choose and Use Adjustable Stand-up Desk Properly
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How to Choose and Use Adjustable Stand-up Desk Properly

|Jul 7, 2022

Risking your life for long-term physical health issues and early death are some things we won't do intentionally. But these issues become inevitable for people who sit in front of the screen for more than 8 hours or so. Sitting and not moving for hours at a time, especially for office workers, risks their chances of developing many serious health issues. This is why sitting is considered the new smoking, where people are susceptible to developing serious health problems that affect the quality of life seriously in many ways.

That being said, there are many modern solutions to the problems that arise from unhealthy work practices. From following the ergonomic rules to ergonomic workplace furniture, you can make a few changes in your work routine and attain multiple benefits. An adjustable stand-up desk is also a popular choice to enjoy the benefits of improved health and better work efficiency. But is buying a stand-up adjustable computer desk all you need?

The answer is no. A standing desk won't work unless you know how to make it work. This includes picking out the best modern home office desk for you and learning the rules to make the most of an adjustable stand-up office desk. In this article, you will find the key rules to choose and use a height-adjustable desk properly.

How to Choose the Best Adjustable Stand-up Desk for You?

If you have landed here, you probably are convinced about the numerous benefits of a standing desk for your workplace. You are most definitely convinced to buy one for your home office or a professional setting, but the hundreds of options in the market are overwhelming you. That being said, you will need a helping hand so you can place your finger on the most suitable standing desk for you. Below are some factors that will help you choose the best standing desk for your work setup.


adjustable stand up desk Price

The price of ergonomic furniture like a standing desk becomes the number one deciding factor in most cases because ergonomic furniture does cost a bit too much. Due to its numerous features like height adjustability, electric or manual motors, power control, digital control, and touch control keypad, it is normal to be demanded a huge sum of money.

But still, some retailers keep their products at a realistic price with multiple features. You can also use the employee purchase program some brands offer to help pick out the best product for you at an affordable price.


When it comes to a sit-stand desk, you will come across many types. These include electric standing desks, manual standing desks, and standing desk converters. The electric standing desk is the most versatile option because of its electric motor control. On the other hand, a mechanical desk requires annual force to adjust the height, which gives you the benefit of lower cost but is also very hard to use.

Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity of adjustable stand up desk

The amount of weight the motor can support may not initially appear significant, but if you're used to having a lot of items on your adjustable stand-up desk, you should consider it. Also, remember that the weight the motor will be lifting must include the tabletop.


The size of the adjustable stand-up desk includes the dimension of the desk you are planning to buy. Your desk dimensions should be enough to hold your work setup and spare up some space, so the work setting doesn't look cluttered. You can choose the desk size based on two factors—the stuff you need to place on your desk and the dedicated space for your work setup. A small standing desk will fit perfectly for limited home office space but might not provide a sufficient work area. If you need a large home office desk with minimum square footage, an L-shaped desk is the best choice.


Programmability of adjustable stand up desk

Similar to some vehicle seats, electric workstations frequently feature many memory settings. Therefore, having 2-4 presets will save you time adjusting if you share your desk with family or coworkers. All you have to do is press a button, and the desk will change to the ideal height for you.

How to Use a Standing Desk Properly?

Once you choose the best budget and befitting a standing desk, it is important to learn how to use a standing desk properly to reap the maximum benefits of a standing desk. Here are some guidelines for using a standing desk in the best possible way in your workplace.

Alternate between Sitting and Standing

Alternate between Sitting and Standing

It makes sense that so many individuals have switched to adjustable stand-up desks. It's crucial to remember that standing all day has its own set of issues. Therefore, your best chance when designing an office space that supports your health is a workstation that enables you to alternate between sitting and standing postures with sit-stand ergonomic solutions.

Adjust your Desk Properly

For once, you need to reach the right height with your desk if you wish to work while standing ergonomically. Make sure your adjustable stand-up office desk reaches the elbow height; hence your elbow forms a 90 degrees angle with the floor when you place your arms on the desk.

Secondly, the screen should be placed ideally at a distance of 20 inches to 25 inches from your face to prevent any strain on the eyes. Your screen's top should be at eye level and slightly upward by between 10 and 20 degrees. The concept is that your neck shouldn't ever need to be raised or lowered.

Take Frequent Breaks

Take Frequent Breaks

Even if standing rather than sitting at your desk is preferable, you still need to take regular breaks to get up, walk around, clear your thoughts, and rest your eyes. Some people automatically take those little pauses, while others might require an automated reminder.

Installing reminder software on your PC or downloading a break reminder app to your phone are excellent choices.

Prevent your Feet From Tiring

Since you have not been used to working while standing, it is common for your feet to hurt a lot initially. But this is because the whole body load is dependent on your feet now. Purchasing an anti-fatigue mat is the right approach to achieving a safe and healthy tradition of working while standing. An anti-fatigue mat works like a seat cushion does to your chair. It supports your feet, prevents your lower legs from strain, and also keeps the feet under constant healthy movement, thus keeping them from falling numb.

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