How to Choose Kids Desks: A Complete Buying Guide
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How to Choose Kids Desks: A Complete Buying Guide

|Jun 4, 2021

Every parent wants their kid to become more creative, but for that, they are supposed to provide them with a dedicated, functional corner where kids have all the accessories that are demanded to boost their creativity. This functional study corner mainly comprises an adjustable standing desk kit for better flexibility and comfort for your child, but you will need a comprehensive kid’s desk buying guide to get the best desk.

We know that you must be interested in getting a detailed guide as that can help you have a better idea of what you are required to buy for your little one to ensure he is comfortable in his space. Therefore, we have shared a detailed guide on how to choose a kids' desk here to get you an idea of everything, including the kids' desk height, type, additional features, and even the desk material that you should prefer when you are buying a standing desk for kids.

What is the Perfect Size for a Kid’s Desk?

The selection of the perfect children's study desk is greatly affected by the size that you opt for. This is because children are growing, and every person wants to invest in a desk setup that can stay functional for an extended duration. Another factor that evaluates the kids’ desk height is the space availability. Often, you are short on space, and you have to make the arrangements accordingly. So, choosing the perfect sized desk helps you manage space better.

perfect size

To make it precise, there is no standard size that is fixed for a children's study desk. You have to judge the size as per your requirements and your child’s age. Ideally, a desk with 36 x 24 x 30 inches measurement is ideal for the little ones who are still waiting for their first day of school, and you are preparing them for some basic skills test that is required for their enrollment.

Nevertheless, if your child is older, you will need a proper study desk that is 55 inches wide and has an additional 22 inches for keeping a laptop and writing. Going for the adjustable writing desk for kids is always a better idea as those desks grow with your child. However, you can also design a DIY desk for kids to customize its height and width. The rest of the evaluation for a kid’s desk height is dependent on the chair that you choose. So, make sure you choose the chair that ensures your child's feet rest on the floor, and other ergonomic features are also satisfied.

Which Type of Kids’ Desk Do I Need?

When you are sure of the desk size that will be suitable for your child, the right type of desk is the next important thing that you are required to evaluate. It is an important factor in kids’ desk buying guide. A standard study desk has a flat surface for doing any writing work and a couple of desk drawers attached underneath to manage any accessories like stationaries. If your child wants to place a computer on his desk for studies, his study space will get compromised. So, in such a case, you should go for a desk that is specialized to place a monitor and its periphery accessories in a way that your child’s writing space is not compromised.

Your child might be attracted to doing artwork more, so in such a case, you can think of buying a drafting table that has a tilted desk surface. However, when you are buying such a desk, you have to invest in shelves or a drawer set, as they don’t come with built-in drawers usually.


You can also think of getting a desk that is designed according to modular systems, as they can be aligned in multiple configurations and heights due to the stackable cubes. Apart from this, you can also think of getting a roll-top desk that ensures your kid’s projects are kept safe when they are not around.

If you still don’t find a children’s study desk that could satisfy your demand, the option of designing a DIY desk setup is always open.

What Features Does a Kid’s Desk Need?

A kids’ desk buying guide will be incomplete if we do not discuss the features that are vital for any study desk. These details will help you a lot whether you are planning to construct a DIY study desk or looking for the perfect desk for your child.


So, ideally, a desk should have sliding drawers and compact cabinets that are easier to reach. Another important feature is the hardware of the desk. Since this is a kid's desk, you must ensure that the hardware is such that your children can manipulate it easily. An ideal ergonomic desk for kids meets up the safety standards and is suitable for most age groups.

Wrapping It Up – Which Material & Finish is Best for Kids’ Desk?

The last thing in a kids' desk buying guide that you are required to evaluate in a kid’s desk is the material that is being used in its construction. Mostly, people go for a wooden desk as that is the primary material used for designing most of the study desks. However, you can confidently go for high-quality metal desks, wicker desks, and laminated desks.

wrap up

For laminated desks, we would say that these desks offer you a larger color variety; that’s why it can be the right choice if your child is attracted to vibrant desks. As far as the metal and wicker desks are concerned, these desks offer you durability but are often prone to get worn out with time. Therefore, when buying these desks, you should get a clear plastic cut to cover these tables. Overall, a lead-free finish is always better when buying children's study desks.

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