How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard Case
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How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard Case

|Sep 24, 2022

Professional PC users and gamers identify the joy of a customized PC setup with all the best features they need. And as backed by much research, personalizing your work or living space has many benefits as it gives a sense of belonging and comfort. For gamers, a customized setup is a part of their gaming aesthetics; hence, they are searching for new ideas and smart techniques. One of the common customizations that take place for gamers is the mechanical keyboard case.

Mechanical keyboards are very common among gamers, and this is because of the various benefits offered by these types of keyboards over the others. But when it comes to custom mechanical keyboard cases, each person has a different preference. Some prefer only a few keys, while some might prefer to highlight some keys more than others. Despite many colorful options, you can also get a mechanical keyboard transparent case if you love some basic designs and minimalism in your desk setup.

Either way, with tons of options to build your own ergonomic split mechanical keyboard or any mechanical keyboard vs. normal, this article will find all the best mechanical keyboard case ideas with different features suitable for various types of keyboards.

Common Types of Mechanical Keyboard Cases

Keyboard cases are made from different types of material, and each type offers certain benefits over the others. Some common types include plastic, aluminum, wood, and acrylic, where aluminum and plastic are most commonly produced because they are cheaper. However, wood and acrylic go on the expensive side, but they are perfect for those who enjoy a more inclination towards aesthetics in a workplace.

Plastic Keyboard Case

Plastic Keyboard Case - mechanical keyboard case

Plastic is, without a doubt, the most popular material used to construct cases because it is the simplest to produce and the least expensive of all the material choices. Black or grey plastic keyboard cases are the most common, while other colors are also easily created.

Plastic keyboard casings are typically made of ABS plastic, which is reasonably priced, and contain a metal plate to support the case's structure. Plastic's resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impact is another benefit of choosing ABS polymers.

Polycarbonate is a different kind of plastic frequently used to manufacture keyboard casings (PC). PC is similar to ABS but has more toughness, which increases the impact resistance of the plastic.

Aluminum Keyboard Case

Aluminum Keyboard Case - mechanical keyboard case

Aluminum is one of the most common keyboard case materials used in high-efficiency keyboards like ergonomic programming keyboard. They are also commonly found in gaming split mechanical keyboards because aluminum is heavy and sturdy. This supports the keyboard's constant repeated movements and quick friction against the keys.

But one drawback of aluminum keyboard cases is that they are less flexible and more rigid than plastic keyboard cases. This makes them unsuitable for people with aching wrist joints or who constantly need to tap on the keys, such as a typist. Aluminum keyboard casings are frequently more expensive than plastic ones. Higher-end aluminum casings typically feature better machining from the manufacturer, enabling the construction of a more accurate, tidy case. Better aluminum enclosures also frequently weigh more.

Aluminum cases are a terrific option for a keyboard case's material. However, metal cases are more conductive and tend to get colder in the winter, so they could be uncomfortable to hold in chilly weather.

Wooden Keyboard Case

Wooden Keyboard Case

A wooden keyboard case does exist, but you will not find it often in the market. This is because the entire manufacturing process of a wooden keyboard case is tough and very expensive. Moreover, the wooden case has varying quality because it all depends on the type of wood you choose. But when it comes to aesthetics, there is no competition to wood, although some might still prefer acrylic. Though wood has benefits, a wooden keyboard case is a popular choice if you particularly want to match your keyboard to a desk with a keyboard tray.

Acrylic Keyboard Case

Acrylic Keyboard Case

Although officially plastic, acrylic has the physical characteristics of Glass. Transparent acrylic is a robust, hard plastic that holds up well to the test of time. Glass weighs nearly half as much but is far more impact resistant.

Since acrylic cases show off lighting better than other case materials and have a clear, transparent appearance, they are popular because they are perfect for gaming setups. Remember that acrylic is readily scratched and susceptible to breaking if the keyboard is dropped. A case made of acrylic requires a little extra care to prevent damage. Additionally, they have a little more flexibility than their metal counterparts.

Mounting Style

As much as the material of the mechanical keyboard case will impact the mounting style you choose will also define the comfort and workability of your keyboard. There are different mounting styles for the keyboard, such as tray mount, top mount, bottom mount, sandwich mount, and plateless mount. The mount is the highlight of how plates are secured to the case.


The designs that they offer are another characteristic of distinctive keyboard cases. Various businesses and artists have created their designs for keyboard cases to provide keyboard fanatics with a sense of aesthetic individuality. Additionally, there are several odd-looking keyboard cases on the market. 

Keyboard Case Size

Keyboard Case Size

The most frequently used keyboards include Full-sized (100%), TKL (80%), 75%, 65%, 60%, and 40%. While gamers and those who want portability favor the smaller versions, full-size models are more typical and comfier for most of us. On the other side, split keyboards are also available. Split keyboards are essentially two halves of a regular keyboard.

Split keyboards provide superior ergonomics and may make typing simpler. Because you must buy the LH and RH cases separately, buying the case for a split keyboard might be challenging. We advise you to exercise caution while purchasing a split keyboard case because it is simple to order the wrong one.


Your needs and money will significantly impact the ideal keyboard case material. PC and aluminum are excellent choices if you want a high-end keyboard. However, it might be wiser to stay with plastic casings if you're making a low-cost construction. Additionally, wood and acrylic enclosures are excellent for creating a custom design.

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