How to Choose a Wood Office Chair for Nordic-inspired Offices in 2024
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How to Choose a Wood Office Chair for Nordic-inspired Offices in 2024

|Feb 27, 2024

If you are thinking of getting the perfect wood office chair for your workspace, have you considered going for Nordic-inspired furniture designs? 

The Scandinavians are renowned for their unique talents when it comes to building houses and ships, and it seems they also knew a thing or two about how to design a good chair. As such, your office would look so much better with a Nordic-inspired luxury office chair right next to your desk. 

However, there are so many wooden office chairs to choose from that finding the best one for your needs might be tricky. This article will look deeper into Nordic design styles to help you decide whether these Scandinavian types of office chairs are the best fit for you. 

Understanding Nordic Design Aesthetics

When choosing a wood office desk chair, what design styles do you normally look for? Many people usually fall in love with Nordic design aesthetics from the first time they come across it. 

If you are looking for a wooden office chair without wheels, this kind of design may be just what you are looking for. Nordic design is a unique way of creating furniture that has its roots in 20th-century Northern European cultures. It emphasizes simplicity, beauty, and functionality. 

As people who live in extremely cold climates, their design style often makes people feel warm and cozy. It also usually relies on natural materials that were found locally in those northern lands, which is why most of the furniture is made of wood.

Understanding Nordic Design Aesthetics

Characteristics of Nordic Design

If you have ever seen a Nordic vintage wood office chair, one of the first things you may have noticed is its clean lines and minimalistic appearance. The Scandinavians hate clutter, and much of their furniture design is focused on creating wide-open spaces. As such, a Nordic-inspired office is likely to have a wide desk chair rather than a small one. 

Their deep respect for clean lines, longevity, and functionality echoes in their design elements without sacrificing the beauty of their culture. A typical Scandinavian office will often have white or neutral walls and furniture complimented by minimalistic décor.

Characteristics of Nordic Design

How Nordic Design Principles Influence Office Spaces?

When it comes to the office, Nordic design has had a great influence on the décor that is popular these days. It is not surprising to see a Nordic-inspired wood office chair sitting in the middle of the most modern and technologically advanced office. Its timeless style means it can work with just about any kind of décor. 

Nordic office spaces are often wide open with only the most essential pieces of furniture available. This leaves a lot more room for workers to move around, which creates an ergonomic and productive workspace.

How Nordic Design Principles Influence Office Spaces?

How to Choose Wood Office Chair for Nordic Style Office

Unfortunately, there isn't just one type of Nordic-style wood office chair that you can buy. These chairs come in a variety of styles and sizes. As such, you have to know exactly the kind of chair you need so that you pick the right option. 

The following are some of the factors you need to consider as you shop for your perfect Nordic-inspired wood office chair: 

Consider Your Needs

A good wood office desk chair has to be able to cater to all your needs in the office. As such, consider the type of work you will be doing and how long you are likely to be sitting in that chair. 

If you are going to be seated behind your desk all day working on your computer, an adjustable chair with comfortable upholstery is what you need to be looking for. 

In such cases, a  typical wooden office chair without wheels may soon become uncomfortable to use all day. In the worst-case scenario, it may even prove detrimental to your health and posture.

Consider Your Needs

Choose the Right Material

Every type of wood office chair comes with its own unique type of material because not all wood is the same. When choosing your Nordic-inspired office chair, take time to consider the environment before you buy. 

There are many sustainable types of material that you can choose, such as bamboo or ash, that will limit the impact your purchase has on nature. Also, your chair needs to look good and be made of long-lasting types of wood. 

Look at Color Choices

When choosing Nordic-inspired chairs, you need to consider the color very carefully. Some colors do not mix well with this kind of furniture. Ideally, Scandinavian furniture has to come in neutral earth tones, so this is the type of color you need to be looking for. 

The good thing is that such colors normally blend very well with most office designs, so you should not have a difficult time adding a Nordic office chair to your workspace.  

Stay Within Your Budget

A typical, high-quality Nordic-inspired leather and wood office chair is likely to set you back quite a bit in terms of your budget. This is something you will need to consider very carefully while shopping. 

In most cases, you will have to be willing to spend a little extra if you want the best types of Scandinavian office chairs. The cheaper options may not be of the high quality that you need to be aiming for.

Stay Within Your Budget

Get an Ergonomic Option

While Nordic design dates back to the 20th century, that does not mean you cannot find chairs that come with the latest ergonomic features. If you care about your health and posture, you cannot afford to compromise. 

You need to make sure that you get an ergonomic office chair for your workspace. If possible, look for a wood office chair with wheels so that you can improve your productivity too. 

Harmonizing Wood Office Chair Selection With Other Nordic-inspired Elements in the Office

Without a sense of harmony in your office décor, you will not be able to truly capture the essence of Nordic design. That means if you go for a Nordic-inspired wood office chair, the other design elements in your workspace have to have a similar tone. 

In that regard, your chair needs to harmonize well with your desk, lighting, and any other décor items you may have in your office. Consider the following: 


A vintage wood office chair needs to be paired with a vintage office desk, preferably of the same type of material. While Scandinavian styles do not mean you have to forgo all types of modern technology, you may have to tone it down a little so that your desk does not seem out of place in your Nordic office. 

You can still invest in a standing desk to go with your Nordic-inspired high-back chair for office use. Just make sure you choose the right material and color. Wood would be a great choice for a clean vintage look.

Desks with wood office chair


The good thing about Nordic design is that it normally uses white and other neutral colors for its walls and furniture. As such, it is easy to light up a room because of the absence of any dark colors that would drink up the light. If possible, try to include as much natural light as you can by having a lot of large windows in your office. 

Décor Items

Choose your décor items carefully so that they do not clash with your Nordic-inspired wood office desk chair and chair. If you visit Autonomous, you will be able to select a wide range of office accessories that are made of the right kind of material and are of the right colors to go well with your Scandinavian office design.

Décor Items

DIY Ideas for Adding Subtle Personal Touches to Wood Office Chairs

If you have some Nordic-style vintage wood chairs on your hands, you might be trying to come up with ways to give a subtle touch before including them in your office. Here are seven DIY ideas that are easy, quick, and affordable: 

1. Reupholster

One of the best things you can do for a vintage wood office chair is give it a reupholstering. With the right type of material and a bit of skill, you can have your chair looking brand new without sacrificing any of its Nordic-inspired design elements. 

It is not the easiest thing to reupholster furniture, but it is certainly something you can learn if you want to. Once you get the hang of it, you can have a lot of fun spicing up the furniture in your office with upholstery that reflects your taste.

Reupholster wood office chair

2. Add a Dash of Paint

One thing you want to avoid at all costs is having dangerous black mold on wood furniture. If you live in a wet climate, this can be a major problem if you are not careful. With vintage chairs, mold is common, especially if the chairs have been in storage for a while. 

Rather than expose yourself to a hazardous environment, a few licks of paint to solve all your mold issues. These days, you can walk into any hardware and find paint that is designed specifically to kill and prevent mold. Just make sure to choose colors that reflect your Nordic décor.

Add a Dash of Paint

3. Try Varnishing

If your wood office desk chair happens to have some intricate and beautiful designs, it would be a shame to simply paint over it. You can, instead, choose to varnish your wood office chair so that you highlight its designs and have it looking brand new again. 

Using varnish is also a great way to protect the wood from moisture, dust, and molds. Just make sure you clean the chair very well before you apply any varnish so that no dirt is left stuck underneath. 

4. Add a Mesh Back

While having a leather and wood office chair may sound like the perfect choice for a Nordic-inspired office, it is not the most comfortable chair in hot climates. With a leather office chair, you are more likely to sweat through your clothes while working during the day in summer. 

As such, you may want to consider substituting the leather for a mesh back instead. It allows maximum airflow to your skin, which will help to keep you cool all day. 

5. Throw on a Cushion

It is surprising how throwing a cushion onto an ordinary wood office chair can turn it into the best chair for good posture you have ever come across. Not many Nordic-inspired chairs will have the kind of ergonomics that you may need, so a bit of DIY is something you should expect. Make sure the cushion is positioned to provide maximum lumbar support.

Throw on a Cushion

6. Add a Foot Stool

If you already have a wooden office chair with armrest features, all you need is a footstool to turn it into the best ergonomic chair. A footstool is an easy chair accessory to design and make if you know a bit of carpentry. Just remember to choose the same type of material for your stool as on your chair so that it matches. 

7. Install Some Wheels

Although a little more difficult than the other DIY projects, you can consider turning your Nordic chair into a wood office chair with wheels. Having wheels makes it a lot easier to move around the office which will increase your productivity. The wheels are also great for your floors, especially if the floors are made of hardwood that is prone to scratches. 

Final Thought

With a bit of time and effort, you can choose the best Nordic-inspired wood office chair for your workspace. This comfortable and great-looking chair can be the highlight of your entire office. You can even take things a step further by matching your desk and office décor so that you turn the entire room into the ultimate Scandinavian-style work area.

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