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Choosing Medium Size Desk Office with 20 Best Options
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Choosing Medium Size Desk Office with 20 Best Options

|Nov 12, 2021

Are you tight on space and have a small home office that needs a medium-sized desk? Well, you're in luck because today we are going to be showcasing the 20 best options and tell you why choosing a medium-sized computer desk can be beneficial. 

Besides saving space, these types of desks can provide an area to sit down and concentrate when working for long hours. These types of desks generally include drawers or shelves to use as storage from your office essentials. 

Let's learn more about why you may want to choose a medium office desk for your work environment. 

Why Choose a Medium Office Desk?

Choosing a medium office desk can have many advantages if you have a small office or workspace. It can conveniently sit in its corner but still provide a sufficient surface area to get important things done.  

It would help if you chose a desk that doesn’t cramp your style while still blending in with the office environment. Various desk setup ideas online can help you find the perfect approach when designing your new workspace. 

In the section below, we explore 20 of the best medium-sized computer desks to help you find the most suitable fit.

Top 20 Medium Size Desks For Your Workstation

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) medium size desk

Autonomous is a brand known for ergonomic excellence, and that is evident in all its products. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is no exception to this statement, and it is one of the most loved products within the company's range. 

This electric standing desk is medium-sized, and its height can be adjusted via the programmable buttons set on the side of the desk. Its build quality is exceptional, and as with all products that come out of the Autonomous factory, its ergonomic capabilities are on point. 

If you are looking for a white standing desk that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, it could be a great idea to give this one a look. 

2. Christopher Knight Aalto Computer Desk

This desk has a classic design and comes from the Christopher Knight range at Target. It can fit any home office with its contemporary look and classic style. The melamine surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, making it a long-lasting desk. 

It sells for only $70, making this desk perfect for someone who is on a budget but still wants a tremendously sturdy office desk

3. Frama Shelf Natural Desk

Frama Shelf medium size desk

The Frama Shelf Desk is a floating wall-mounted medium-sized computer desk that is held to the wall with steel screws. It sits on oak rails that keep it stable and holds up to 250lbs on the supporting brackets. 

There are two shelves for home décor, plants, or books and a large frame that functions as a worktop. What's great about the desk is that you can order and space the shelves in any way you wish. 

4. Two Tier Folding Desk

This versatile two-tier desk can conveniently be folded and moved anywhere around the home or office. It is small enough to fit in any corner and has a beautiful contemporary cross-leg design accentuating its class. 

The second shelf could be used to store stationery, a small filing tray, or even your computer monitor. It is perfect for someone who likes to rearrange the office regularly and wants an easy-to-move, medium-sized desk.

5. Mid Century Mini Desk

Mid Century medium size desk

Spice up your workspace with this medium-sized computer desk from Mid Century Art with its sleek design and shiny metal legs. It adds sophistication to the office and features a tempered glass top that not only looks great but is also scratch-resistant. 

There is a second storage area under the glass made from oak wood, and this is the perfect place to store any files or folders that might be important to you. 

6. Xochitl Desk

Small, stylish, and simple, this medium-sized computer chair checks all the boxes. Additionally, it has two drawers that are great for storing office supplies and important documents. 

The design is static and held up by four solid wooden legs, which help keep the medium computer table stable and upright. It can fit perfectly into any small office environment and is more suitable for taller individuals because of its height. 

7. Linon Coy Folding Desk

Linon Coy medium size desk

Another folding medium-size desk that made this list is the Linon Coy Folding Desk. This desk is also available at Target, and it can be folded up and stored under a bed or in a closet. 

That makes this an excellent desk for someone who works from home and uses their bedroom as a workspace. Choose this desk if you are limited on space and want an affordable medium computer table to store your stationery and work documents. 

8. Tilden Small Space Desk

This minimalist desk comes from a company called Pottery Barn Teen and is made from solid wood. It is a medium-size desk suitable for all ages and looks fantastic with its dark walnut finish and a substantial single drawer. 

The style is simplistic, and besides the drawers, it does not include additional shelving or storage compartments. That makes this a suitable desk for reading or doing writing work on its large tabletop. 

9. Industrial Mini Desk

Industrial Mini medium size desk

It is time to give your workspace an industrial touch with this bronze medal and wood standing desk from West Elm. The design of this medium-size desk is handcrafted in India and comes in three different colors: raw mango, cerused white, and black. 

Additionally, it gives off a floating effect that suits any modern office or workspace with thin steel legs that keep the medium computer tableop stable. 

10. Drop Leaf Wooden Table

This unique medium-size desk folds up or down, which means its size can be adjusted to suit different working environments. If you need more space, the Drop Leaf desk may be unfolded against a wall. 

The desk would be ideal for someone who lives in a studio apartment and needs to transition from different areas of their apartment to others with frequency. 

11. Mid Century Mini Secretary

Mid Century Mini Secretary medium size desk

Mid-Century’s Mini Secretary desk is a modern medium-size desk with a drop-down door that looks like it came straight from the Mad Men movie set. It is manufactured from solid eucalyptus wood and has touches of bronze metal, which gives it an antique look and feel. 

There are three areas to store all your office supplies, and they are conveniently shaped to make organizing your stuff easier. This desk can also be used as a storage cabinet for drinks, and it also fits stylishly in any home or office. 

12. ODK Corner Computer Desk with Drawer

If you don't have a lot of room in the office, a corner medium-size desk can be the perfect solution for you. It takes up basically no space and still has enough space so you can complete your daily tasks. 

The ODK Corner desk comes in various colors, including white, black, and vintage brown, which leave buyers spoilt for choice when matching with interior décor. 

It is small yet functional, and it can liven up any office with its surprisingly minimalistic design.  

13. Bilateral Corner Desk including Hutch

Another corner medium-size desk on the list is the Buylateral Corner Desk. These desks can turn any corner in the home into a workspace. What's great about this desk is the included hutch and lower ledge shelf. 

That's a whole lot of storage space for such a small desk. Its convenient size makes it one of the best medium-sized computer desks for people who have limited space. 

14. Black Compact Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk

Bilateral Corner medium size desk

If you are looking for a height-adjustable desk, you don't want something clunky or large. It would help if you had something that could operate smoothly and fit into your medium-sized office without cramping your style. 

This table is ideal for someone who wants to add a well-priced, modern, black adjustable desk to the office that offers plenty of space to work.  

The desk can be adjusted at the press of a button, and it effortlessly rises to 47 inches. Changing the height is easy, and as you could have guessed, the adjustment is handled pneumatically. 

15. Threshold Falkland Wood Desk

This medium-size desk is styled like a ladder and incorporates a sturdy and durable solid wood frame, which aids in keeping it upright and stable. It does a perfect job at being a writing table and a bookshelf, which would suit an author who lives in a small department or has a limited workspace. 

If you don't want to add books, there is also the option to store your stationery or photos of loved ones. The height is 72 inches, which is considerably high since the width is only 35 inches, making this desk a great space saver for people who need ample storage 

16. Ladder Shelf Desk

Ladder Shelf medium size desk

This ladder medium-size desk has a compact footprint and can fit into any space. It only is 28 inches in width, but it still provides a worktop and two shelves for that space. There are two neutral colors to choose from, but we think the oak model looks terrific.  

It attaches to the wall via the medium size desk unit, which helps to keep everything stable and secure. If you have a small apartment and need a convenient desk for work, looking at this one might be a good idea. 

17. Bekant Left Sit Stand Corner Desk

A desk for left-handed people can’t go unnoticed, and that is why we have included the Bekant Left Standing Corner Desk for you. It is neat and saves plenty of space as it can be tucked away in any office corner. 

Height adjustment is handled electronically through its programmable button, which is conveniently located on the table's side. It has a contemporary look that is clean and refreshing, bringing a vibrant feel to the office. 

This medium-size desk is perfect for left-handed people who want the option of sitting or standing while at work. 

18. Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Now, you might be wondering why we included a coffee table on this list. Well, that's because this special coffee table can transform into a unique, medium office desk with optimal storage and work area. 

The desktop can reach a height of up to 27 inches, making it perfect for shorter people who have limited space in the home office. It comes in two colors: brown and black, but we must admit the brown one has our heart.  

19. Mendenhall Moreno Coffee Table

Are you surprised again? Please don't be, as this is another great coffee table and desk combo. It is made from solid mango wood and has two storage compartments to house all your magazines or office supplies. 

The desktop of this medium size desk can be raised by gently tapping on it and letting the pneumatic lift system do its work. It rises at a slow speed so that there are no spills or risk of dropping critical office equipment like your laptop. 

There are hairpin legs that hold this coffee table up, and it can support up to 250 lbs. It is an excellent desk for people who live in a studio apartment since it has style and functionality in the same package. 

20. Livingston Writing Desk

Livingston Writing Desk

Livingston makes quality office furniture, and there is no exception with this writing desk. It has a sophisticated design that includes a bookcase and plenty of shelves for storage. 

The convenient size means that you can put it anywhere in the home and have optimal space to do your writing work. It comes in multiple colors, including gray wash, Montauk white, brown wash, and dusty charcoal, making it easy to blend into any work environment. 


Most people need a desk that provides optimal workspace and enough storage for all their essential work items. The desks included on this list are some of the best medium office desks on the market. 

Each one comes with its unique features, which make it stand out from the crowd. If you are someone with limited office space, it might be time you invest in an office desk to suit your criteria.

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