Good Ways to Get Clean Air in Home without Chemicals
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Good Ways to Get Clean Air in Home without Chemicals

|Nov 14, 2021

Even though air purifiers are a wonderful technology to provide clean air in the home, some of us are still skeptical about choosing this product. Air purifiers are used in large to medium-sized gatherings where there is a substantial crowd hence the chances of air becoming contaminated and stale also increases. An air purifier can also be a great way to create a clean office space.

home air purifier, by all means, can help people who suffer from seasonal allergies and other negative reactions to pollutants in the air. In addition, regions with high pollution and intoxicants can even use a small room air purifier to help people fight and prevent asthmatic attacks efficiently.

An air purifier works by either ionizing the air or filtering the air to remove pollutants. Various studies are proving the positive impact of air purifiers to clean and improve indoor air quality. But if you yet cannot afford or are not willing to give an air purifier a try, here are some ways on how to purify air in a home without an air purifier.

How to Clean Air in Home without an Air Chemicals

The need for clean air in our homes is greater than ever, especially ever since the pandemic took a hit and people are concerned about keeping their home environment safe. Moreover, with the work from home routine, it is important to create safe office space, so we don't fall sick or get ill because of the poor air quality in our homes.

Sure, air purifiers are a big investment, and they do cost a lot more than you would like to spend on something to purify the air you breathe, but we have gathered some of the natural or less expensive ways to clean up the surrounding air for you.

Let the Fresh Air In

Let the Fresh Air In to clean air in home

Opening the windows is the natural air purifier for your home, and this simple idea does not require anything extra for you to do. But provided that you live in an area that is clean and has access to fresh air, opening the windows can allow the fresh air in, get rid of the stale odors in your home, and also invite the sunlight, a natural way to fight off the deadly smells and germs sitting on your couch.

Moreover, there are many health benefits of allowing natural light to enter your home and help to clean air in the home.

Set up your Home Office

Remote work has made us all search for a safe and efficient corner in our home to dedicate the workstation. But, unfortunately, this also means you must be paying attention to home office organization lately. Hence, creating a working setup that allows you to feel healthy is most important.

It is imperative to choose a location where maximum natural light and fresh air are available. Both of these factors combined can improve work efficiency by various degrees.

Get Some Plants

Get Some Plants to clean air in home

Here is another  way to clean air in the home. House plants are natural purifiers of air that work without asking for much in return. Just water them and keep them alive; they will be thanking you by providing fresh, clean air to breathe every single day. Moreover, many special plants are known to purify the air effectively.

Plants also have the natural ability to filter out harmful chemical components such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and nitrogen dioxide. 

Salt Crystal Lamp

You might have seen those advertisements through the television but are crystal lamps worth the hype? Yes, many studies prove the benefits of salt crystal lamps in the home. Himalayan pink salt is a natural air cleaner that attracts and neutralizes pollutants in the atmosphere. In reality, by removing water vapor from the air, all salt crystal products minimize airborne irritants, allergies, and infections.

All you need to do is place a Himalayan Pink salt lamp in your room or keep one on your office desk. Because of the salt crystals in them, they work even when turned off, even though their effect is greater when they are switched on.

Avoid Smoking Indoors

Avoid Smoking Indoors to clean air in home

If you are habitual of smoking, this could be the major reason the air surrounding you never feels fresh or clean. In addition, smoking indoors can cause the indoor air to trap smoke and other harmful toxins coming out of the smoke. By mixing with the air, these particles go into the respiratory tract of every person in the home, thus putting everyone at risk.

Avoid Gas or Fuel Burning Indoors

Indoor combustion of gas or other fuels can result in hazardous indoor air pollution and lethal carbon monoxide.

In enclosed locations, such as garages, harmful gases and emissions from multiple gardening accessories or even cars left running can be hazardous to your health. It would help if you only used gas stoves and heaters that exhaust straight to the outside at this stage. When indoors, never use a charcoal barbecue.

Oil Diffusers

After air purifiers, or other than air purifiers, oil diffusers also work great to perform to clean air in the home. By keeping an oil diffuser in your home, you can create a clean environment and instill freshness. Use some essential oils as they have antibacterial properties and also smell great.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles

All candles have a relaxing effect, and it's much better if you can find one that also helps reduce pollution. If you enjoy fragrant candles, steer clear of paraffin candles made from petroleum and emit toxins such as benzene, toluene, and smoke into the air. Instead of these, you can light a few beeswax candles every day to help purify the air.

Take off the Shoes

No matter how new or expensive your shoes are, they need to stay out of the door if they have been out. Get a shoe rack right outside your main door and leave all the shoes when coming in to clean indoor air. We never know what dirt or germs accompanied us on our way back.

Focus on your Pet’s Hygiene

Focus on your Pet’s Hygiene

If you have a pet, they aren’t going to demand a shower themselves, but you should be taking care of it on your own. Pet dander - the skin cells of your pets — can be found almost everywhere in a home with pets.

Much more than pet fur, dander can produce asthma-like symptoms or exacerbate asthma if you already have it. So if you have a pet, keep dander to a minimum by cleaning them frequently, brushing them outside if possible, and regularly vacuuming floors and furnishings using a HEPA filter.

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