How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

|Apr 28, 2021

With so many people working in an office, it can be hard to forget about details such as keeping a hygienic environment. However, it’s very important.

The present article discusses essential aspects of having an office chair, and the steps you need to follow to clean it. If you need the tips, make sure you don’t miss anything!

Why You Should Have an Office Chair

If you work in an office, spend a lot of time on the computer, or just sit down for long hours, you probably need an office chair. When you don’t get one, your back suffers the consequences.

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

Therefore, if you want to buy an ergonomic chair, you need to find one that fits your needs.

Although you can find many types of chairs, your ergonomic chair has to fulfill all you want because you are going to sit on it for many hours.

Why You Should Clean Your Office Chair Wheels

When you work in an office, you can forget about the fact that some things need constant cleaning. For example, you might not remember that your desk is full of clutter.

However, your chair is something that needs to be crystal clear if you want to be productive. When you clean the wheels, you feel like you have a completely new seat.

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

Therefore, the following steps are going to help you understand how to clean the wheels of a rolling office chair, how to remove hair from chair wheels, and more. Don’t miss a beat – keep reading!

1. Prepare

The first step to clean caster wheels is to prepare for it. Just like athletes prepare for the Olympics, you need to have everything at hand for the cleaning task.

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

Get some water, towels, and a screwdriver. You are probably going to need them all when you start cleaning.

2. Take the Wheels Off

To know specifically how to take apart office chair wheels, you might need to find out if yours are removable. If they are, then you can unscrew them. Tip: put your chair upside down and the process is going to be easier.

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

If your wheels are not removable, then leaving the chair upside down might help make the process easier.

3. Use Your Fingers

Your fingers are your most useful tool when it comes to learning how to clean the wheels of a rolling office chair.

Pick out anything that’s stuck in your wheels before going in with soap and water. That way, you are going to have much better results.

4. Attack the Inside First

Although it may sound disgusting, if you want to remove hair from chair wheels, you need to attack the problem from the inside.

Thankfully, most of the dirt and debris often comes off easily. Thus, inspect your wheels thoroughly and remove everything that shouldn’t be there.

5. Tape is Your Best Friend

When you clean the wheels, some small pieces of debris are going to stay there even if you try to use your fingers to pick them off. That’s where tape comes in.

Grab a piece of tape and start picking off all the dirt that doesn’t come out when you use your fingers. You might be surprised at how much dust a wheel can have. Gross!

6. Clean the Outside

If you already completed the previous steps, then the inside of your wheels is crystal clean. Now, you need to learn how to clean caster wheels from the outside.

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

With a rough scrub brush soaked in soapy water, wash the outside of the wheels so they are shiny and clean.

Lastly, you can throw the wheels in soapy water, so they have a nice bath. Then, you can rest assured that they are going to be clean.

7. Leave the Wheels to Dry

After learning how to take apart office wheels, how to remove hair from chair wheels, and how to properly clean them, you should put them on a towel and take the excess water off. Then, leave them to dry by themselves.

8. Reattach Them

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

The last step of cleaning your office chair wheels in reattaching them. When you do that, you might be surprised at the way your chair feels – it is going to be completely different, all due to your wheels!

Pros and Cons of Cleaning an Office Chair

Office chairs sound incredible, but they can be hard to clean. Sometimes you might need to learn to replace office chair wheels instead of cleaning them. Check out other pros and cons about it:

Cleaning an Office Chair

  • icon checkYour chair is going to feel completely different when you’re done
  • icon checkYou can have a relaxing time
  • icon checkYou can feel like you accomplished something very productive
  • icon timesYou might spend some time doing it
  • icon timesYour wheels might need time drying, so you are not going to be able to use your chair

You know how to clean office chair wheels; thus, you can decide if that is what you want or not. Besides, there are other things you can learn such as understanding how to clean office mesh chair, picking the best ergonomic chair, etc. There is still a long way to go if you want to make sure your office is incredible!

What Happens When You Don’t Have Hygienic Surroundings?

If you don’t make sure that everything around you is clean while you’re working in an office, you are probably going to feel more stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

A life full of clutter and dirt equals a mind that can’t think straight. Therefore, you should think twice before deciding to go watch a TV show instead of spending some minutes cleaning every part of your office chair wheels.

To Wrap Up

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels with 8 Steps

When you work from in an office, you have to worry about cleaning besides getting the job done. Although many people believe that it’s not important, you need to keep hygienic surroundings to be productive.

Thus, keep in mind that cleaning your office chair wheels can help you work better, and feel better!

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