Common Dimensions Every Standing Desk Must Have
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Common Dimensions Every Standing Desk Must Have

|Sep 1, 2021

Your workstation is yours for at least forty hours of work either from your home office or the office.  Today, most folks are spending longer hours at work, especially with the pandemic's result of remote working. With the lines blurred between personal time and office time, the work environment has become demanding, leading you to spend more time at your desk.

Seeing this, it becomes necessary for you to be sure that your desk is there to support you in doing your work. Really? Yes, it's proven by science that incorrect body posture or how you adapt to your desk because of its shape and dimensions can affect your health. More often than not, it can put you at risk for obesity, cardiovascular concerns apart from things like carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive syndrome diseases, or more. Hence, it would help if you watched out for the right standing desk dimensions.

Solutions? Firstly, always look for a standing desk whose height can be adjusted to allow you to sit and work or stand and work, as you require. In either case, you must consider changing body posture to enable the muscles to stay awake and use the blood glucose. If not, the extra blood glucose is deposited as fat in your body, leading to health complications. Secondly, consider the way you sit at a computer workstation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration USA guidelines specify the right postures to make maximum use of your standing desk while staying healthy.

Important Dimensions for a Standing Desk

While office standing desks are available in many shapes and sizes, what is the best standing desk measurement for you?  How do you find that out?  Some folks prefer to use a standing desk height chart.

Here are some noticeable standing desk dimensions and our recommendation of top-line items to be checked before you hit the 'place order' button.



Your standing desk heights are one of the most important standing desk dimensions and crucial to all solutions. Check the range of the desk height that you can achieve at its maximum and its lowest setting. What does this mean? When you are going to use a standing desk, are you comfortable using it? Place your hands on the desktop as if you were operating a computer system. What should you check for?

Ideally,a standing desk frame should give you a desktop height between 26 inches to approximately 49 inches. Most standing desk heights have adjustable settings that can be programmed and saved for your ease. You can also review our blog on standing desk legs that give you an idea of the desk height suitable for you.

1. Position of your forearms

Position of your forearms

Are your shoulders dropping your arms by your side, close to your body? Are your forearms resting on the desktop to type on a keyboard, or are they left hanging? Imagine that you need more space, is there enough space to push your laptop or keyboard behind?

2. Elbows


It also is necessary for an ergonomic elbow position. Your elbows should be comfortable, doing a ninety-degree turn at the desk's height.  They are not hanging in the air (if the desk height is quite low). Similarly, they are not going below the desk height if you are a tall person - this would mean that the desk height is inappropriate, and you need to lower it to have your elbows rested. Remember, your arms and shoulders comprise 12% of body mass, and leaving them hanging without support is going to strain your neck and back muscles. You don't want that, do you?

3. Monitor


When placed, your vision should meet the top of the monitor, recommends Mayo Clinic. Some folks may be seen bending down from their neck when at work. This indicates that they need to raise the monitor's height.  If that isn't possible, consider a minor arm or a computer stand to increase the monitor's height. Many desks have dual desktop levels to manage this height difference. 



Besides height, you also need to make width, an important standing desk dimension, into concern. Ah! The standing desk size is a troublesome one. Some folks call it width, others call it length. Either way, it's the distance from the left of the desk to its right or vice versa. Most prefer to have a narrow desk thinking it looks sleek.

They miss the fact that you are going to be using a laptop and an external mouse. Some folks prefer to use the mouse touchpad. If you are using a standing desk, perhaps other family members may use the desk while studying? Have ample space for a book or two or some notes from the office that you may want to refer to as you work!

A comfortable width/length is 36 inches, giving you space to run cables, place a headphone stand or keep some more standing desk accessories on the desk. 


Even if you are using a laptop, the minimum depth you should consider is 30 inches.  Isn't that too much, some folks may ask? Stand-up desk dimensions are made to accommodate the general audience. What is the best for you is the question!


Folks often miss the minimum 20 inches of space between eyes and the monitor recommended by OSHA guidelines. Why? That doesn't impair your vision drastically.

Keyboard and Wrists

Keyboard and Wrists

As you use a laptop keyboard or choose to add an external keyboard, you will need space to rest your wrists on the desk. Why? Because as you type, you don’t want your wrists physically strained. Wrists need to be placed on a surface to give comfort. Ergonomically speaking, some folks rather use a soft cool gel pad under the wrists to make typing easier.  It also keeps their wrists cool as they work.

Important Dimensions for a Chair

Important Dimensions for a Chair

You get the standing desk dimensions in your hands, now it’s the chair turn. One cannot mention the dimensions you need to consider for a chair with your standing desk.

Don't miss an ergonomic chair that you can adjust for height. If you are an extremely tall person or a short heighted person, you may need to have a lower or higher chair height range. What does that mean? The ergonomic chair you are considering should give you a minimum height so that you can place your elbows comfortably on the desktop of the table. Since ergonomic chairs can be adjusted for height, you should be able to manage this. 

If you are still unsure, here is our blog on a standing desk vs sitting desk.


To wrap up, it is helpful to know your needs and all the standing desk dimensions before you buy a desk and realize that's not what you wanted. Also, be sure to think of your health before you get carried away with all the fancy stuff like aesthetics, design, material, and more.

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