Complete Distance Learning Guidelines for College Students
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Complete Distance Learning Guidelines for College Students

|Nov 4, 2020

Online classes are a delight when it involves convenience. Usually, these sorts of courses are flexible, allowing students to work and study at their own leisure. While some students thrive under these circumstances, some types of students cannot excel without proper preparation. As a result, some college pupils need distance learning guidelines designed for simplicity's sake. If a person struggles with time management or working on several projects at once, then this online learning guide for students should prove to be highly beneficial!

One of the most important things to note is that online courses tend to be self-paced. Due to this fact, time management is one of the most crucial skills an aspiring student can learn. As an online learning guide for students, a person should learn these skills alongside some equipment, making their life more convenient. Remember, convenience bestows better productivity!

Time Management

Time management is all about productivity. First, a person must figure out what are the best distance learning guidelines suitable for their needs! This statement includes how productive they currently are. By identifying one's own productivity, they can figure out how to improve it. Some tips for improving productivity is to:

  Stretch from time to time

  Eat healthy meals

  Sit with proper posture

  Get the right amount of sleep beforehand

  Gradually incorporate more skills into bettering your work

Improving one's time management skills is tied to their current workload. If a person parties too much, they need to cut it back to better focus on their distance learning guidelines. Distance learning guidelines are all about efficiency. There's a time for play and a time for work.

Time management

On a similar note, it may be essential to work in addition to studying. Working can allow a student to earn money, which allows them to spend it on ergonomic devices designed to promote productivity. Fortunately, Autonomous.Ai already wrote an article for students seeking to make money while studying.


Focus is related to a student's time management skills. If a person doesn't care about their education, it is going to be challenging trying to motivate them to study hard. Distance learning instruction guidelines may differ from college to college (some may be a party school, for instance). Still, generally, a person needs to care enough about their education to succeed.

This online learning guide for students focuses on how they should aspire to improve their motivation. Step one: think of the future. If a person slacks off now, they may never be able to get the career they want in the future. Step two: eliminate any distraction. This step can include:

  Not going to any party

  Avoiding socialization

  Handling work and private matters beforehand


It can seem arduous for a student to give up so much fun, but they need to remember there's a time and place for both fun and work. There's always socialization to be had in the future, so don't procrastinate in the present! Procrastination heavily dampers a person's potential, causing their assignments to be lackluster and often rushed. Of course, a person's mind in relation to procrastination is a fascinating thing to consider.

More Distance Learning Guidelines

The main benefit of taking information from this online learning guide for students is that online courses can be significantly more efficient than in-person classrooms. Think about it: no need to walk, drive, or run to the school and back to your dorm. No need to hear the professor get distracted. There's no need to wait for all paperwork to be handed out. Learning online is significantly more efficient, giving you more time to enjoy life as a college student.

More distance learning guidlines

One tip to consider is your cybersecurity. As everything is online, you need only to send data you're comfortable with sending. Don't send sensitive photos. Also, don't use the same password on your college campus as you do with more important accounts. Data leaks can happen at any time, so don't let your college password be the bane of your bank account in the future.

Remember to send emails to your professors whenever you're in doubt. As it's an online class, your professors are expected to answer questions via emails more likely than their in-person counterparts.

Equipment You Need

By now, you should have a general idea regarding efficiency and time management. All the same, your teacher should be following their own guides for improving online learning. Now, you need to know about some equipment designed to improve a person's productivity. As a student, you should have a general idea of the equipment you need. A computer, mouse, keyboard, and other computer peripherals are apparent enough. However, a person's chair and desk can play a monumental role in their education.

Equipment you need

1. SmartDesk 4

Autonomous.Ai's latest smart desk, the SmartDesk 4, is a revolutionary desk designed with productivity in mind. As an ergonomic desk, the SmartDesk 4 features several options for both raising its height and lowering it. This factor is one of the many keys to its success, as students of different builds can successfully use it comfortably. In addition to its adjustability is the option to use its app alongside your work. This app can set daily reminders for work and studying, along with other time intervals you might need to get back on track.

SmartDesk 4

The SmartDesk 4 can either be used as a regular desk with a chair or as a standing desk. A standing desk is one of the many modern trends that office workers follow to increase blood flow (which allows them to think more clearly, thus improving productivity). In the same vein, a college student can use a standing desk while taking an online course to understand their course material better and submit their various assignments when necessary.

2. ErgoChair 2

The ErgoChair 2 is a classic, ergonomic chair full of all the features a student can use to study harder and smarter! Like the SmartDesk 4, its adjustability is pretty nifty! Whether it's adjusting the head tilt, backseat tension, or armrest height, there is an abundance of features the ErgoChair 2 offers to you for the sake of convenience.

ErgoChair 2

The ErgoChair 2 is all about convenience. This factor allows you to focus more on your assignments, projects, and tests without worrying about how uncomfortable you are. One distance learning instruction to take to heart includes that you should prioritize a seat that makes you feel like you're at home. The ErgoChair 2 is both comfortable and productive, which can significantly enable your study sessions to be better than before!

Pros & Cons of these Guidelines


  • icon checkUseful knowledge outside of school
  • icon checkCan use the SmartDesk 4 and ErgoChair 2 for pleasure and hobbies
  • icon checkGreatly saves you time in the long run (which can be used for other activities)
  • icon checkCan help you learn more and ace more tests
  • icon checkAssists you in tutoring others
  • icon checkCan be applied at any time
  • icon checkMore motivation and a better self-pace can make you feel happier
  • icon timesAdditional equipment may cost extra
  • icon timesRequires you to adjust your social life (less fun)
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