A Complete Triple Monitor Mount Setup for Office Desk
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A Complete Triple Monitor Mount Setup for Office Desk

|Jan 12, 2022

Programmers and coders are more into the virtual world than the real world. And when we talk about the gamers, what even is life without their gaming consoles and those large gaming monitors. Many programmers and gamers will likely suffer from poor posture and neck strain with hours spent in front of the screen. Though avoiding and giving up the screen time altogether is not possible, one could fight the negative impacts of excessive screen time through various practices.

And especially for those who use a triple monitor desk or multiple monitor setup. Hence the triple monitor mount setup. A monitor arms desk mount has many advantages for the user regarding health and workplace efficiency. But how does a desk set up for a triple monitor mount work, and what things should you take care of.

This article will discuss all the important aspects of a monitor arm setup and the right way to create a triple monitor arm setup.

How To Create A 3 Monitor Arm Desk Setup?

Before we get on to the point of desk setup for triple monitor mount, it is essential to know whether a triple monitor setup is worth the hassle or not. This includes all the positive aspects of using a triple monitor setup over a conventional single or dual monitor setup.

Hence, a triple monitor setup has many benefits, such as the improved real estate or landscape upon which you can work. Multi monitors provide a greater work area hence improving productivity. They also lower the time spent switching the tabs, so you don't have to worry about finding the right window before moving on. Triple displays are also known to provide less stressful work environments.

Though triple monitors occupy a much larger space, a triple monitor arm desk mount is likely going to be the only way to work it. There are many benefits of using 3 monitor mounts whenever there are three screens for gaming, programming or even a trading computer setup. But how to choose the right desk for your three monitor mount. Here are some easy ways.


Size triple monitor mount setup

When using multiple screens, the pressure of big size on each screen decreases logically. After all, what's the point of using multiple monitors when you have to buy all of them in large size? Thus the size preference depends on certain factors. For starters, you must decide on your requirement based on the tasks.

Whether the monitors are for gaming or work, what is the nature of work, and the ideal size of your monitor for the work needs to suffice. Secondly, the space on your workstation or the place where you are setting up the table. Even if you use a desk mount, there needs to be sufficient horizontal space above the desk. For common users, the 27 inches screen size is pretty standard when we talk about triple monitor setups.


This means the space on your workstation and over your workstation. Normally you could find yourself in the race of features and specifications when buying a monitor for work. But for triple monitor setup, the size plays a vital role. Another important consideration is the type of screen. Flat screens are ideal and work for multiple monitor setups, whereas a curved screen won't fit well with other screens.

For your workstation to host a triple monitor mount setup, you must choose a wide desk. Minimum width of 50 inches and a depth of 35 inches is the safe limit for an ergonomic workstation.

Desk Weight

Desk Weight

Even the monitors are going to be clamped on a desk mount. Is your desk able to withstand the load? Although you wouldn't think a desk could bear as much load of three screens, it's better to be preventive, so you don't have to bear the cost of heavy machinery exploding when falling on the ground.

An easy way to check this out is to find out the weight capacity of your work desk. Then find out how much each screen weighs. Add the weight together and also consider the other office accessories.

How to Adjust your Monitor Arm Ergonomically

If you are using a monitor arm, you are probably in for space-saving and reducing the strain on the neck. But even for a monitor arm to work, you need to set it ergonomically. Here are a few tips to check whether or not your monitor arm is adjusted ergonomically.

Eye Level

The 1/3 height of the screen should be at your eye level, and that is the standard rule for a monitor to be placed ergonomically. Make sure you look straight at the monitor screen to prevent eye strain.

Center the Screen

Center the Screen triple monitor mount setup

By placing your screen right in the center of your viewing point you can eliminate any type of neck tilt, movements and strain in your triple monitor mount setup due to unwanted neck rotation.


When you starting on your triple monitor mount setup, ensure that the distance between you and the screen is of one arm's length. You can judge this by checking your neck position. If you are not tilting forward and backward, you are aligned for the perfect sitting posture.

Light Source Placement

Light Source Placement

Ensure there isn't a direct light source behind your monitor screen, as this can create eyestrain. Bright light from behind you will reflect on the screen, causing strain. Your monitor must be angled towards the light source and have enough ambient light.

Choose the Right Monitor Mount

When choosing the monitor mount for your screen, ensure you have checked and matched with the VESA standard. This will ensure that you pick a monitor mount right for your screen; hence, you will achieve the perfect ergonomic position.

The Best Ergonomic Monitor Mount

The Best Ergonomic Monitor Mount

Monitor mounts are common, and you can find many options in the market. But for a triple monitor mount setup, there might be limited choices. You need to choose a stable product and withstand the load. It should also evenly distribute the weight on your desk surface. Monitor mounts like Mount-It! triple monitor mounts are made specifically for 3 monitor setups.

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