A Comprehensive Stationery Items List for Students in 2024
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A Comprehensive Stationery Items List for Students in 2024

|Oct 18, 2021

Remote learning has been a challenge for most children. The educational sector has also been the greatest area to be affected by the pandemic. And students suffered from a lot of trouble when it came to making their home study setup productive and motivating. While there is an upsurge in study room ideas for home, kids also suffer a lot of hindrances in achieving the best study desk setup.

The best dorm room desk ideas don't have to be expensive or filled with many items, but there needs to be a proper stationery items list for students that can deliver the desired results. Here, we have enlisted the best stationery items for students for a productive study session and to make their standing desks a place filled with organized thoughts and ideas.

Stationery Items for School Students

The best thing about buying student stationery items is that many things can work, both as office accessories and stationery items for college students. Thanks to technology, when everyone uses computers or desktops to learn and attend lectures online, you can purchase multiple accessories that will help you and your children. Besides, with multiple uses, things will also be light on your pocket. Hence, here is a carefully filtered stationery items list for students.

Desk Organizer

Desk Pad stationery items list for students

Organization in work or study places is the key to efficiency. An organized workstation will keep your mind healthy and creative. This desk organizer from autonomous is your all-in-one solution as it is spacious enough to hold multiple accessories. The magnetic quality sticks it to your work desk.

Desk Pad

desk pad stationery items list for students

If you don't find your work surface smooth or clean enough to work, then a desk pad is the ultimate solution you need. Desk pads are an important accessory to use in combination with the work desks as these desk pads can be rolled and placed as per the requirement. They keep your gadget safe and protected from dirt or spillages. Desk pads are also great at preventing strain or wrist injury.

Privacy Panel

If you and your sibling share a table, then chances are you might be crossing each other's boundaries. Sharing a work desk can be havoc, especially if one of you is messy or tends to scatter their things at the end of the day. A privacy panel will separate a workstation into two without needing to purchase a separate one.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise is a common distraction for people working or studying from home. Noise can seriously impact your productivity. Though you cannot turn off every coming noise, you can control it with the noise-canceling headphones, a great (must have) accessory for study or the workplace.

A Note Pad

note pad stationery items list for students

You will need this item for your study desk setup. Online classes can be recorded or usually are pre-recorded lectures, but to retain knowledge, it is important to have proper notes. A note pad, in this instance, is essential as you can write anything you like or might want to remember.

Sticky Notes

Without sticky notes, a thing or two is bound to slip out of your mind. Sticky notes are a common accessory or stationery item for a study place. They keep the place tidy and things organized. Sticky notes can also add a cool vibe to your boring study place.

Paper Clips

Paper Clips stationery items list for students

If you play with lots of papers and files while preparing for exams, then you are bound to meet a mess of papers. Paper clips are tiny but very workable accessories in the workplace. You can arrange the documents and files and even keep the relevant ones close to each other.

Pencil Case

You cannot miss this in your stationery items list for students. We all love fancy pencil cases. So how about buying one and setting up that mood for study?

Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet stationery items list for students

A filing cabinet keeps all of your accessories organized through its spacious drawers. This filing cabinet from Autonomous could be your savior as it is tiny enough to be placed under the desk and large enough to hold a semester's worth of documents or papers.


Remember the pain of losing erasers in school? Well, that's one thing that hasn't changed in college too. Don't forget to pack some extra erasers so you will have something to work with.

Colorful Pens

While making notes, a little fun or play of colors can be good. There is much evidence that proves how color psychology plays a vital role in transforming your study place or workplace for the better. If you write with colorful pens, you will feel the interest level increasing. And you can also highlight the important points.


For college students, math (no matter how hated) comes our way. Get a calculator, so you don't have to worry about making a silly mistake in class.

Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm stationery items list for students

For people who have neck cramps or pain in the shoulders, the screen level needs a check. With a monitor arm, you can easily lower or elevate the screen to reach eye level and give that neck a rest.

Seat Cushion

Long hours of online classes can be a pain and hence hurt your back. Thus it would help if you had a seat cushion to prevent the back muscles from straining. A seat cushion can be your alternative (for the time being) for an ergonomic chair.

LED Desk Lamp

LED desk lamp is a must-have accessory for your workstation. LED desk lamps keep the brightness level to a safe intensity, so the eyes aren't under stress or extra strain from staring at the screen.

Flow Board

Flow Board

If you use a standing desk, your back must suffer from pain, and the lower body also feels tired. Standing desks are great, but when combined with the right accessories can make things even better. A flow board encourages micro-movements hence keeps the user moving.

BallPoint Pen

A simple thing in the stationery items list for students, but one can forget. The right ball pen is comfortable and light on your fingers. It doesn't release ink, so the sheets are as clean as they can be.



It's good to have a backup to paper clips. Staplers are easy and keep your paper organized. You also don't have to worry about the papers slipping away, which could be common when it comes to paper clips.

Glitter Pens

A little out there but glitter pens can make your mood happy while studying. They are, after all, one of our favorite stationery products from childhood.

School Set

Or more commonly known as stationery sets in the stationery items list for students, they are a common combination of essential stationery items to study properly.

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