What Computer Desk Organizers Suit Your Needs
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What Computer Desk Organizers Suit Your Needs

|Nov 28, 2021

Organization in the workplace is a key driver of productivity, and many types of research back the importance of a clean and tidy workplace. Desk organization also helps improve workplace performance, and it also makes the scheduling and fulfillment of tasks easier to a better degree. But what kind of computer desk organization ideas fit your needs?

Depending on the work level and the type of office setting you have, various office desk organizers and accessories can facilitate the organization in your workplace. In this article, we will discuss some of the best office accessories organization ideas and under computer desk organizer ideas for cables and documents.

Computer Desk Organization Ideas For Your Workstation

Automating the Tasks

You can be in charge of refilling office supplies, arranging meetings, or checking in guests if you work as an office manager. These activities are taken off your plate by automating them. This way, you are likely to complete and assort tasks based on priority. Automating the tasks will also instill a positive impression as your employees will learn the value of organizing tasks and designing them timely.

Classify the Items

Classify the Items computer desk organizers

This computer desk organizers idea should be the first approach when organizing stationery on your work desk. Thus start by sorting out the items on your desk. Your computer and phone must remain, but do you need a binder clip tray and a cup filled with thirty pens? Sort your desk materials into two piles: those to retain and items to toss away or give away. Consider storing supplies that aren't used daily in a desk drawer. The top of your desk should be set aside for your everyday necessities.

Managing the Cable Clutter

This has to be our best of all the work desk organization ideas. The number of cables in front of us can rapidly become overwhelming with the monitors, multiple screens, mouse, laptops, phones, and chargers that cover the usual office workstation.

Because hiding all of these tangled wires helps to alleviate tension, it's crucial. If you don't have a slot on your desk to hide them, use binder clips to group them and get them out of the way.

Get a Cabinet

Get a Cabinet as computer desk organizers

Stocking up your documents at the corner of the table seems like a likely approach, but getting a filing cabinet is a very effective solution if you don't want to lose any important files. A filing cabinet also helps in tidying up a workplace, and you can sort out documents in an appropriate manner. This filing cabinet from autonomous has two wide spacious drawers so you can keep the files properly.

Adding a Personal Touch

Adding a touch of personal space to your home office can do a lot of good for your mental health and work motivation level. Even if the room is limited, make sure to save a spot for a cherished family photo or a sentimental object. Personal touches can help you relax after a long day at work and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, you know what kicks you, so opting for a personalized desk setup gives you a sense of belonging.

Desk Drawer

Desk Drawer as computer desk organizers

Most office desks come with a desk drawer, which is ideal for storing your pens, highlighters, pens, and staplers. But unfortunately, some decks don't have a drawer; hence your workplace could be untidy, and you might be losing those tiny things. A swivel desk drawer is a removable desk drawer that can bear up to 6 pounds of weight.

Invest on Lighting

The lighting in your office has an impact on your mood and well-being. Poor lighting can induce eye strain, stress, and exhaustion, whether dark illumination or bright lighting from overhead fluorescent lights. Natural light, on the other hand, is the best type of light for an office.

Plant Pots

It may seem stupid, but having a plant or two at your office can help you be more productive and happy. Indoor plants have been found to reduce weariness during attention-demanding tasks, according to scientists. Even merely looking out the window at living vegetation can be calming and focus-inducing. According to psychologists at a University, if you can't see a plant from your desk, you're missing out on a 15% productivity gain.

A Desk Organizer

A Desk Organizer

Here is one of the computer desk organizers you should have in your workspace. A desk organizer like this Oasis desk organizer from autonomous is a great tool to control clutter. This modern and functional desk organizer has multiple assortments to hold different stationery items. You can store your pens, scale, staplers, notepad, cellphone and many other tiny items. A great feature of this desk organizer is its magnetic ability so that you can stick it to any working surface.

Pen Holder and Organizer

If you are fond of taking notes during the meetings, which you should, then it isn't very pleasant to lose a pen each time you need to note down a detail. And stationery like pen or pencil is one of the most missing items. A pen holder or pen organizer, in this case, can be a great accessory to be mounted on your desk.

This city pen cup by Lexon and city pen on base by Lexon is an effective way to keep all your pens and supplies at a place so you can reach them easily.

Color Code your Files or Tasks

Color Code your Files or Tasks

You can go one step further and use colored file holders, file organizers, or sorters to divide your work files into multiple areas. Apply the same level of color harmony to your files, and you'll find it much easier to find a document when you need it quickly. It's also a good idea to use different colors to customize lists so that you can visually connect similar jobs and easily grasp Task Statuses or Priorities.

Cleaning Up Regularly

Clearing your workspace before leaving is a good computer desk organizers idea and practice to get into.

Nobody is flawless, and things will go wrong in the heat of battle that is the regular workday. Here's a stray piece of paper. There's a pencil cup that has been tipped over.

Tidy up every day so you can start fresh the next day. Every week or month, declutter the entire workstation or home office.

Make sure to clear up your notifications in your Inbox before checking out on your virtual desk space. In this manner, every day is a new beginning!

Invest on Comfort

At work, everyone has their interpretation of the term "comfort." In general, though, you should:

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