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Top Computer Desks with Monitor Shelf and Drawer
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Top Computer Desks with Monitor Shelf and Drawer

|May 15, 2022

A desk with a monitor shelf and drawers provide you a great workstation all in one place because you get storage space to keep your accessories in one place, and the monitor mount allows for ergonomic placement of the screen. There are many benefits of using a desk with an elevated monitor shelf. Most importantly, a monitor shelf can help you get a dual or triple screen setup in a limited space which is otherwise impossible with an ordinary desk.

Thankfully, there are now many options for the best desk with monitor shelf and storage. Most of them are made ergonomic, which means they offer features like height adjustability and storage options to prevent clutter on your desk. This article will cover the top small computer desk with monitor shelf and drawers as well as the benefits of such portable desks in an office space.

Benefits of a Computer Desk with Monitor Shelf and Drawer

Benefits of a Computer Desk with Monitor Shelf and Drawer

While ergonomic desks are an incredible revolution experienced in the workplace with numerous health benefits, a desk without storage or an office setup with no storage space will bring out the worst clutter and give rise to frustration in employees. Thankfully there are ergonomic desks that offer storage options, and here are all the reasons you should buy one.

Gives a Professional Look

A work desk that looks like it has all the important accessories means serious business. And when it comes to office spaces, looks matter a lot. So a desk with storage and organized shelves with all the work essentials will instill motivation and give a professional work vibe.

Prevent Untidiness

Prevent Untidiness

You can set as many rules as you want about keeping things tidy, but if you don't provide adequate storage, a few people will always have messy workstations and too much material on display in the office.

Having a storage space will allow you to store all of their non-essential items, allowing you to maintain their workspace as organized as possible.

Suitable for Hybrid Arrangements

More firms are using hotdesking or part-time shifts to make the most of small office spaces. It's a terrific alternative if you have part-time employees that come to work on different days because you don't have to give a workstation for each of them.

Hot Desking also allows employees to roam around the workplace, meet people from different departments, and collaborate on projects or solve problems with additional people. This is only possible if you have a desk with a monitor shelf and drawers that move around effortlessly.

Top Picks for Computer Desk with Shelves and Monitor Mount

Top Picks for Computer Desk with Shelves and Monitor Mount

If you've ever worked or studied from home, you understand the importance of having a dedicated workspace with a comfy desk and enough storage to ensure that none of your belongings go missing.

Sitting at the kitchen table for eight hours a day can result in back discomfort, exhaustion, other health issues, and a cluttered work environment. Here is our selection of the best desks with storage for tiny areas and tight budgets.

1. FineCrafts Desk Shelf

FineCrafts desk with monitor shelf and drawers

The FineCrafts desk shelf is the safest buy for people who don't want to spend a lot on a monitor mount because they already own a great desk. The desk shelf by fine crafts is simply a platform that can be mounted on the top of any surface, whether your work desk or the kitchen counter and be removed otherwise. Another great feature of this shelf is the natural wooden texture which brings an all-natural vibe to your home office.

2. Mount-It! Laptop Stand

The Mount-It! laptop desk stand and monitor mount is a portable solution to solve the screen level placement. The monitor mount has a type C clamp which means it is suitable for every desk. The weight capacity of the platform allows you to mount up to regular-sized screens, so it might not be the most suitable option for large to extra-large screens. Hence it is a great solution for everyday home office use.

3. Mount-It! Monitor Mount

Mount-It! Monitor Mount

If you don't want a computer desk with a monitor shelf and drawers that occupy some extra space, then this Mount-It! triple monitor mount is an effective solution. The three monitor arms are all mounted on the same platform, and you can control the individual heights easily. The monitor mount has a VESA clamp suitable for all screen types.

4. Rolling Computer Workstation

Rolling Computer Workstation

If you are searching for an effective space-friendly portable desk that also offers storage space, this four-shelved rolling computer workstation by Mount-It! will fit all your needs. The desk has a top platform with a monitor arm for your screen and the second platform is the biggest, where you can keep the keyboard and mouse.

Below that, you have a tiny storage shelf for all your accessories, and the bottom shelf is for heavy storage items such as a printer or a CPU. This desk with monitor shelf and drawers is an all-in-one solution to a work set up anywhere you need.

5. Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk

Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk

Height adjustable desks or standing desks are common, but the limitation is that they are not portable. This height-adjustable rolling stand-up desk from autonomous is both portable and height-adjustable. It offers a height range of 20 inches and comes with a 10-year warranty. The product has a compact desk, and the easy-to-roll wheels can be locked to stay in the same place. The desk has a top platform 40 inches wide which can easily cover up to two large-sized monitor screens.

6. Mobile Cart with Monitor Mount

You can get a maximum height of 70 inches with this mobile cart with a monitor mount which means it is one of the few workstations suitable for an extra taller crowd. The desk with monitor shelf and drawers has a weight capacity of 17 pounds per platform, and you get a screen platform, a keyboard tray, and a tiny compact storage shelf for your CPU or other accessories. It is also very reasonably priced for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on a workstation.

7. Birchwood Monitor Stand

Birchwood Monitor Stand desk with monitor shelf and drawers

When it comes to computer desks made up of natural wood, you will find birch wood classified as one of the most durable types, and the same is the case with this ergonomic Birchwood monitor stand which is both looks and functionality. The monitor stand gives you the option to adjust the height and play with the screen's tilt, angle, and rotation, all at an affordable price.

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