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Why Should You Consider a Standing Desk for Your Home Office?

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 27, 2021

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Setting up a home office has become something which attracts everyone nowadays. Studies have shown that almost 70% of full-time full-time workers started working from home during the recent lockdowns. This means it is vital to have a home office setup, isn’t it? Well, the best furniture you could think of using for this purpose would be a durable home office stand up desk.

Your furniture selection matters a lot when setting up a home office because this is the only way you can set your work ergonomics right. As an office worker who is working remotely, a standing office desk for home will get your job done. We understand that you must be worrying about why we are focusing on the use of an office standing desk for your home office. Well, this is because of the benefits that it offers you. 

Benefits of Buying a Standing Desk for Home Office

Benefits of Buying a Standing Desk for Home Office

You are aware that sitting too much while working has some serious health hazards that can even cause muscle soreness and damage with time. So, you need a more dynamic work style which you can achieve by using a standing desk.

These home office stand up desks can minimize the risks of any possible harmful effects of excessive sitting. We have listed some benefits of a standing desk chair for your home office here to give you a better and clearer picture. 

Standing desks lower back pain.

Many office workers have complained about back pain when they work longer hours. The reason behind this is usually excessive sedentary behavior. Luckily, when you are using a home office standing desk, you can control this behavior and see a visible relief in lower back pain.

Standing Desks Boost Productivity.

Standing Desks Boost Productivity.

Since home office adjustable standing desks promote a more dynamic work style, workers are more active while working on them. Consequently, you see a positive change in productivity levels. So, it will not be wrong if we say that a standing desk will make you more productive even if you are a remote worker. 

Standing desks may lower the risks of weight gain.

You usually have intermittent sitting sessions, and your work hours are divided between sit-stand sessions. So, in this case, you spend less time sitting. Since standing more makes you lose calories, a standing desk promotes greater calorie burn. Hence it keeps you fit and healthy.

Standing desks may reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Standing desks are best for maintaining good heart health and having a lower blood sugar level in diabetes type 2. As a result, a home office stand up desk negates some of the biggest health hazards. 

We know that these benefits have caught your interest and you wish to buy a standing desk for your home office now. However, what you might not know is that a home standing desk can be of certain types. Knowing these types’ details will help you judge what sort of standing desk would be ideal for your home office. 

Types of Standing Desks

Types of Standing Desks

When you go shopping at any home office sit-stand desk, you will notice that there are certain specific ones that are available. The one that goes well with your needs is basically the best one. We have shared the details regarding the most common types that go well with home offices here for you. 

Standard Adjustment Standing Desk

Electric standing desks are the ones that come with an electrically operated height adjustment feature. Autonomous SmartDesk Core and SmartDesk Pro are good examples in this regard. The desks that come under this category have a hassle-free application where you can adjust the height by pushing a button only.

If you think about why you should go for these desks, you should think of the ease of functionality that it offers. Along with that, the large space that it provides is spacious enough to keep all your accessories in place. 

Corner Standing Desk

Corner Standing Desk

Corner standing desks or the L-shaped desks are more spacious than the standard desks that have a single flat surface. Unlike those desks, these desks are L-shaped. You can think of going for these desks if you have a dual monitor or multiple monitor setup. Therefore, these desks are good enough for heavy-duty tasks that you would have to do from your home office. As far as their functionality is concerned, you can find them with built-in electrical motors that provide you a convenient operation. 

Manual Standing Desk

Manual Standing Desk

Both the standard and corner home office stand up desks are available in manual versions, so these manual versions come under the category of manual standing desks. These desks’ height can be adjusted using a lever, so you can understand how much physical work should be done to adjust the desk’s height. 

Upon knowing all these desk types, we know that you must be thinking about which desk would be the best one for you. So, here you go! 

Autonomous SmartDesk – The Best Standing Desk You Can Get

Autonomous SmartDesk

Upon refined research on the features that every desk offers, we can guarantee you that the best home office stand up desk solution would be Autonomous SmartDesk. You may think of either going for the Pro or Core versions, as both would do the job right.

These desks have a well-designed built-in motor that functions quietly and pretty smoothly, unlike several variants that are available in the market. To ensure that this desk addresses a larger height range, the makers have increased its height adjustment range. Overall, the desk is a great option for your home office.

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