Gravastar Speaker Review: 2024 Cool Sci Fi Bluetooth Speakers
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Gravastar Speaker Review: 2024 Cool Sci Fi Bluetooth Speakers

|Jan 22, 2022

Gravastar speakers are one of a kind, and they really know how to overdue their public's expectations by always delivering the best high-tech desk accessories for men you can find on the market. 

This legendary brand was founded in 2019 by a group of creative visionaries that wanted to combine design and technology to create audio-engineering art that would provide an immersive experience to their users. The groundbreaking steampunk design of these products makes them stand out over their competence, which has paved a path in the tech industry for them. 

Gravastar was built on three main foundations: high-quality, creativity, and commitment, which are imprinted in all of this brand's products. In the following review, we are going to be looking into their best Gravastar speakers and everything you need to know before buying them. Keep reading to find out. 

Gravastar Mars Bluetooth Speakers

Gravastar Mars Bluetooth Speakers 1

The Gravastar Mars Bluetooth Speakers presentation is very well designed. Inside the box, you can find a guide that explains how to use the Gravastar Bluetooth speaker, a USB Type-C charging cable, and an auxiliary audio cable. 

This device shows you all the quality it has since you first started using it. Its construction looks very elaborate and denotes materials of a great grade. Furthermore, its exterior is made of a very resistant zinc alloy that you can find in various colors, which allows the sound waves to resonate within its space. 

You realize that you are facing a very premium product with just one glance. Its sophisticated design looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Moreover, it features three tripod-shaped metal legs that ensure the perfect stability for the Gravastar Bluetooth speaker. In addition, they are easy to fold if you want to transport them to another place. 

The design allows the Gravastar Bluetooth speakers to be tilted by folding either one or two legs depending on the desired position. Each of the legs is padded to protect the surface. Additionally, it measures 7.4 inches high when completely unfolded and weighs almost 30 pounds.

gravastar speaker Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speakers

In its lower part, between its legs, you can find a USB type C port for charging and a 3.5 mm jack input that can be useful at certain times. When turned on, a bright green LED light emanates from its inside, making it look almost apocalyptic and mysterious while creating a sci-fi movie atmosphere.

The illumination is also present on its sides, on the speaker's back, and each of its legs. On the other hand, a detail that has delighted us is that it has a touch-sensitive volume control at the top. You can swipe your finger to choose the desired volume, and the control lights up, giving this Mars Bluetooth speaker a futuristic touch. 

On the back of the top area, there are three buttons. These allow us to turn the Gravastar Bluetooth speaker on and off, pause and resume playback, activate Bluetooth and TWS pairing and turn the ambient light on and off. 

In terms of sound quality, the front has a full-range driver that reproduces mid and high frequencies in a balanced and smooth manner. There is a passive radiator in its rear part that offers powerful and deep bass. Moreover, it should be noted that this device has excellent power at maximum volume, thanks to its 20w RMS.

Overall, it presents a richly nuanced sound with punchy bass. When the volume is turned up to its maximum, there is no distortion of any kind.

Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speakers 2

The Gravastar Mars has Bluetooth 5.0 and a Qualcomm chip that minimizes latency and power consumption. The low latency allows you to use the Mars Bluetooth speaker to watch a movie or play a game. 

This Gravastar Bluetooth speaker has an autonomy of up to 20 hours of playback. Therefore, you can go to the Moon or Alpha Centauri without any problem of it running out of battery. If you want to charge the speaker, you can fast charge it with its USB type C cable. 

TWS technology lets you pair several speakers wirelessly to get a surround sound with perfect synchronization. It is very easy to pair; just press a button and enjoy your music. 

Moreover, it also has IPX5 certification, which makes it resistant to water splashes or light rain. We would be lying if we didn't say we were fascinated by this Mars Bluetooth speaker. Who wouldn't want something as unique and different?

In summary, it is a speaker with the most spectacular and extravagant design combined with excellent finishes and great sound quality. Plus, in addition to offering a good listening experience, it looks stunning as a decorative item. 

Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speakers

Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speakers

This fantastic Bluetooth speaker is the Gravastar Venus, a speaker with a robotic and futuristic design. Gravastar is a theoretical term proposed by P. Mazur and E. Mottola to define "A gravitational vacuum star." 

"Inside a gravastar, space-time would be completely stopped, producing an outward force," and this is just what this impressive loudspeaker does, thanks to its bass from another dimension. 

Undoubtedly, the name of the brand and the product are as well thought out as the design. This Venus Bluetooth speaker has a peculiar and exclusive design. Its body is based on a sphere-shaped exterior with a futuristic and extraterrestrial look, made of a very consistent zinc alloy that perfectly withstands any turbulence. 

On each side of the exterior, you can find two speakers of about four centimeters and 10W, which simultaneously emit the sound. Honestly, it is impressive to see these speakers' strengths, considering how small they are. 

Inside, it has a mobile diaphragm responsible for expelling a good amount of air to the outside and enhancing the bass exceptionally. On the other hand, there are three very resistant supports as a tripod at its base, with rubber shock absorbers that hold the body perfectly. 

This Bluetooth Gravastar speaker weighs 410 g. Its small size makes it very portable, as it fits perfectly in a purse or backpack. Therefore, you can take it wherever you want and enjoy this wonderful product anywhere, whether that's in the park, at the pool, at the beach, etc. 

The Gravastar Venus Bluetooth speaker is splashproof and its USB Type-C charging port is too. However, it's not a good idea to submerge it, but you aren't going to have any problem if a few drops fall on it.

The Gravastar Venus Bluetooth speaker

In addition, the Gravastar Venus features RGB lights, which give a striking touch to its armor, making it look even more futuristic. You can find this model in several colors: dawn white, red flame, green aurora, and black shadow. 

Moreover, you can pair the Gravastar Venus with any Bluetooth device and enjoy a perfect wireless connection up to a distance of approximately 15m. Therefore, you don't have to constantly carry it around with your cell phone to maintain a good connection. 

Another detail to highlight is its low latency in games. The delay is so minimal that it is imperceptible, which allows you to enjoy 100% of the game without the hassle of latency between image and sound. 

This great Bluetooth speaker is meant to accompany you for 10 hours of intergalactic travel. 10 hours in which you aren't going to have to worry at all about the battery. 

If you're a fan of extraterrestrial, technology, space, and its galaxies, this speaker is ideal for you. It is beautiful, well built, compact, and different. Undoubtedly, an incredible gift idea. In addition to enjoying its sound quality and bass, the Gravastar Venus also makes for a great decoration. 

Gravastar War Zone Speakers

Gravastar War Zone Speakers

Meet the Gravastar War Zone Speakers. This device is one step above the original Mars Gravastar speakers. Its three-legged robotic structure looks like it is ready to engage in a mission to provide you with the best sound quality of your life. 

The main shell is made out of zinc alloy, which gives the unit a rugged feel, protecting it from external damage if you happen to drop it. Moreover, this material also allows the sound to resonate within the body, resulting in fewer vibrations when placing the speaker on a surface. 

It comes with some office accessories to attach to the body and make it look even cooler. However, its weight is over seven pounds, which is on the heavier side for its size. You could make it lighter if you decide to eliminate all the accessories, but that would take away the fun factor of this product. 

The build quality of this Gravastar speaker is amazing. It can handle the passing of time and most accidents. However, the gaming desk accessories that are made of plastic might damage over time. Its three legs are used to support the main structure and can be adjusted to your desired height. Moreover, it is very easy to manipulate, and you can come up with some interesting poses. 

Overall, you're going to be blown away by the attention to detail of the design of this Gravastar speaker—everything from the red accents to the damaging marks on the shield. It does a great job of resembling the Star Wars aesthetic. 

The volume controls are located at the top of the shell, and they're touch-sensitive. It's integrated really well, as all you have to do is tap and slide your finger up and down to adjust the volume. There are LED indicators to guide you through the process, which is a nice touch.

gravastar speaker war zone

Another bling to spice up the Gravastar speaker is the inclusion of RGB lighting. The front-facing speaker has these light strips shaped aggressively along with ambient lighting behind the Gravastar speaker. Its legs also have a touch of lighting, and the diffusion across these light bars is absolutely gorgeous. This is one of those products that manage to look even better in person than on their website. 

You can actually control the lightning through the dedicated button located at the top right beside the volume control. There's no app or remote control to customize these speakers, so all you have to do is long-press to enable or disable the lighting system. Single pressing essentially cycles between different colors, and if you double press, it switches between breathing and color-shift mode. 

Right next to the lighting button is the power button, along with the play and pause feature when you single press it. Next to that is the Bluetooth option, which may let you pair the Gravastar speaker with any device. Keep in mind that you can only pair up to one device at a time. 

Interestingly, this Gravastar speaker comes with TWS support. This allows the user to pair another device to create a stereo setup, and that's a nice feature to have if you plan on expanding your sound stage within your space. If you want to have two War Zone Speakers in your gaming desk setup, you could control them by using a single device.

gravastar speaker war zone 1

There's only one USB-C port at the bottom, which is used to charge the Gravastar speaker while also functioning as an aux port. It includes a type C to type A and a type C to 3.5 mm cables. However, you're most likely going to use this with Bluetooth mode. Keep in mind that it doesn't include a power adapter, so you are going to have to get that separately, and it is recommended a power supply of five bolts and two amps. 

You can purchase a charging base that looks even cooler than just charging it with a cable. It is an all-plastic base with some RGB lighting, and it really completes this unique gaming room setup. However, the built-in battery is supposed to last for about 15 hours, even with the RGB lights turned on. There's an indicator at the back that strobes when the battery status is low, and after 10 minutes, the Gravastar speaker may turn itself off. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you found handy this review of the Gravastar Sci Fi speakers, and now you know everything you need if you want to add these fantastic and decorative devices to your aesthetic desk setup.

If you're interested in finding any other gaming accessory for your office, don't hesitate to check out our catalog in our store.

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