Corporate Office Design: Create a Professional and Productive Workspace!
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Corporate Office Design: Create a Professional and Productive Workspace!

|Jun 28, 2023

Corporate office design ideas do much more than just entice clients and make meetings more enjoyable. The right interior design for a corporate office can have a huge impact on the productivity of office employees and can play a positive role in encouraging efficiency at work.

Since research states that an average employee spends around 2000 hours in a workplace annually, wouldn't the office setup ideas, the theme, and aesthetics impact the employee's mind to a huge extent? This statistic has made many employers think about working on the best corporate office design.

If your company is also looking for an office redo or tips on how to decorate a corporate office for maximum productivity, below are some ideas to increase employee efficiency by modifying the workplace design.


For the execution of any plan successfully, planning is the first step you must go through. Before designing an office space, consider the factors you would like to incorporate into your office, whether it's new ergonomic office chairs, adjustable desks, some plants, new paintings, or anything lacking now.

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Know What Employees Need

Happy employees are productive employees, and knowing and working on what your employees need can help them become happier and more energetic at work. Start by surveying your workforce and ask about the changes they want to see in the workplace. Would they prefer more lightning or a better cooling system? Should the windows be open during the day or maybe they need new chairs as the old ones are uncomfortable. An increase in break time is also acceptable, as taking frequent breaks can also help improve energy in the workplace.

Ergonomic Furniture

A modern workplace can only stand and grow with the implementation of ergonomics. And this begins with the ergonomic furniture mainly. Opt for office chairs wholesale and wholesale office desks from an ergonomic bulk furniture seller such as Autonomous. This has two fold benefits. The bulk furniture costs you less and brings uniformity to the office. Secondly, the ergonomic furniture is adjustable for everyone to conform to their comfort level.

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Opt for Various Work Styles

Some people think well in quiet spaces while others are more productive in groups. It would help if you create a work environment with a balance of both. Consider offering meeting spaces with whiteboards and windows for natural light and hiding places for people who need to be alone. Utilize both private and open workspaces for the employee benefit.

Provide Organizational Tools

If you find employees stocking up the work papers and documents on the desk, there is the biggest culprit of lazy work hours. Clutter in the workplace is a serious productivity killer and can even drain employees' energy levels. A tidy and clean workspace improves creative energy and makes everyone think clearly.

Provide organizational tools such as filing cabinets and desks with drawers so the clutter on the desk is minimal. Ensure your employee has a proper locker system to keep their documents safe without worrying about privacy. A filing cabinet under every desk can also offer an ergonomic storage solution.

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Ban on Personal Gadgets

Though this seems harsh, smartphones and personal tablets can slow down work productivity by several folds. Employees indulge in personal calls, text messages, and reels all day, wasting hours without even realizing it. So a work policy should be to restrict the use of social media and cell phones for personal use during the day. Employees can attend important calls, but endless social media use during peak productivity hours can drain productive energy for no good.

Encourage Movement with Office Layout

Consider where everything is positioned and how item placement influences how employees move throughout the day when establishing a workstation.

Also, the careful arrangement of resources in corporate office design does not require that everything be so easy that workers never have to leave their workstations. To lower stress and increase productivity, your workspace should be designed to encourage employees to walk about during the day.

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Use Lighting to your Advantage

If we were to rate the factors affecting productivity in the workplace, lighting would make it to the top 3. Lighting is one of the most important elements in establishing the ideal workplace design. Lighting has an impact on a variety of workplace factors which include safety of the eyes and productivity as well as mental wellness.

Knowing what sort of lighting to use in a location may make a huge difference. Natural light has a huge impact on elevating our mood and increasing Vitamin D levels. All these factors can improve work productivity and reduce the downtime employees spend being lazy.

Use Lighting to your Advantage

Mobile Workstations

Mobile workstations are the most effective way to keep your employees on their toes and interested in work throughout the day. There are many ways to work on mobile workstations, including building different office zones, from quiet to chatty zones and standing desks to normal desks. On the other hand, mobile workstations also mean treadmill desks where employees spend their day working and walking simultaneously. Treadmills or cycle desks are the new trends to promote health and activity in the workplace.

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Focus on Comfort

Breaks should be incorporated into staff members' screen time so they may sometimes gaze away from the mesmerizing light of their devices. Consider purchasing a few plush sofas or armchairs and encourage personnel to use them when reading reports or paperwork. This will enable them to adjust their posture and take a break from staring at a device.

Create Team Zones

If your office has several teams working on different projects, you might face a long queue for the conference room. While conference rooms are perfect meeting and brainstorming spots, how about keeping them free for clients while the team meetings move to a more productive space?

This is simple to execute by setting up team workspaces into "pods"; providing each team its area to collaborate would greatly increase output. Pods can be placed even in the middle of a busy workplace, offering quiet and privacy for work chats and private meetings. Similarly, establishing a common space with a cozy sofa and a coffee bar where teams can connect would also enable fluid working throughout the organization.

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