Create The Proper Ergonomic Desk Setup With These 8 Accessories
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Create The Proper Ergonomic Desk Setup With These 8 Accessories

|Jun 18, 2021

The main part of a home office is that it keeps you at a level where you are more productive. However, you have to make changes so that you feel more at home there. The perfect chair, the right desk, reduced aches and pains, and a clutter-free environment – all these contribute to a more enjoyable workday, no matter how long it may be. With the proper ergonomic desk setup, you can stay focused and work smarter.     

In simple words, an ergonomic work desk setup is arranging the things you use when working. This includes desks, chairs, and tools for a safer and more efficient working habit. Those arrangements may encourage better support, posture, and extra adjustment options, just in case. The Autonomous team picked the best office desk accessories to help you build the ideal ergonomic desk setup. These accessories promote productivity, and comfort at your desk all day.

Ergonomic Desk Setup Accessories

1. Phone charger stand

This is one of the most important tech desk accessories you should have for your best ergonomic desk setup. It would be very nice to have your phone charger with you at your desk all the time. However, it can be very annoying to have a long wire snaking across the desk, making you drop things or even trip. The other issue is that only some of us enjoy the luxury of having a desk that is close to a wall power outlet.    

Phone charger stand

So, think about getting creative with your phone charging options. For example, a wireless charging unit may be a more sensible option for a 2 person desk setup. If you need to have your phone closer to you, even as it charges, then try a charging phone stand. This accessory keeps your phone standing vertically so you can check for incoming notifications without leaving your desk.   

2. A travel-friendly mug

No proper ergonomic desk setup is complete without a mug - not just any mug, but a coffee mug. Even when working from home, we often find ourselves running around to attend unexpected meetings or reply to incoming chats. We are forced to race to the desk with coffee in hand, often spilling some on the desk.

Other times, we don’t drink it right away. The best answer is a travel mug that has a lid on it to prevent those spills. You can easily adjust your height adjustable desk without needing to remove the mug. These are even insulated to keep beverages warmer for a longer time.     

3. A good desk

This is the foundation of an ergonomic office desk setup. You could use any desk, but if it's ergonomics you want, consider a standing desk setup. Quite the opposite of what you do see online, you can work comfortably and even change positions. You can carry on working; whether you’re standing or sitting, only you will have to get a good chair.


Some standing desks are height adjustable and even let you preset certain height limits. All you have to do is tap a button to reach a programmed height. You can find top-quality designs and sizes with a solid build that lasts for years.       

4. A good desk chair

Build the best ergonomic desk set up with the most ergonomic chair that you can find. Some chairs can be very expensive, but if you wish to have back support and full-body comfort, overlook price points. It will be worth the cash when your body is pain-free at the end of the day.


Chairs have a lot of design variations and adjustment features. For example, chairs may have narrow backs, loads of padding and can even adjust to your back’s curve. Other chairs might have a recline and extendable footrest option so you can stretch, and nap when required. Once you’ve got an ergonomic chair, you need to adjust it to your needs. Ensure that you have an extra pillow for your back and seat cushion for your rear.       

5. Mouse and keyboard

Your keyboard and mouse should fit comfortably in your hands, even with hours of use. This will depend a lot on where or how they are placed at your desk. To make them more ergonomic to use, ensure that both are placed at a height that keeps your elbows at a 90° angle. When using the keyboard, try to keep your hands further apart, which is more natural. 

Mouse n keyboard

This could be in front of the monitor or even below it on a keyboard tray. Some desks don’t have keyboard trays. If that’s the case, then leave the keyboard where it is and adjust the chair’s height. A lot of people prefer wireless mouse and keyboards as it gives them greater flexibility to change the placement of these tools.    

6. Lighting

It’s hard to control environment lighting in a proper ergonomic desk setup, so you can control the lamp on your desk. Look for the best task lighting tools you can find. These can be easily placed on a desk corner. They help your eyes focus better and give your workspace more balanced lighting.

Good lighting goes a long way to lower the strain that your eyes feel, and it also prevents you from bending over to get a better look at things. Also, ensure that your room has plenty of natural light and an outdoor view. This lets your eyes relax and refresh from the artificial light that comes from the PC. If you don’t have windows or if the day is cloudy, then consider some overhead lights with the task lighting or LED desk lamp.

7. Destress accessories

You can lower anxiety, stress, and tense muscles by getting the right tools for your proper ergonomic desk setup to help you relax. Include things like a good pair of noise-canceling headphones for more focused concentration. You could even add a nice plant to your desk or an oil diffuser to make your workspace feel calmer.    

Destress accessories

8. Workspace space

Ensure that you have enough free space surrounding the whole desk location in your proper ergonomic desk setup and in your home office. It makes it easier to get up, and sit down whenever you feel like. This way, you can alternate between standing and sitting or have enough space to walk around without moving too far from the desk.  


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