How to Create Touchdown Space In Your Office
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How to Create Touchdown Space In Your Office

|Aug 31, 2022

An employee of today who works in the era of modern workplaces has much greater expectations from their workplace than one who had a job decades ago. This is particularly because of employee wellness and mental health in workplaces. As employees have realized their legal rights to be taken care of, heard, and recognized as assets of the organization, businesses are now taking the comfort and flexibility of employees seriously.

This doesn't only apply at a mental level where employees are granted peace of mind, but physical changes in the workplace are also seen. After all, these changes govern employees' behavior and wellness to a huge extent. From flexible work hours to comfortable small open office designs, minimizing distraction at work, and opting for ergonomic chairs, each change brought up improves the overall working experience.

Another part of workplace flexibility includes the concept of touch down space and touchdown workstations. But what exactly are touchdown coworking spaces or a touchdown space in an office? Read below all you need to know.

What is a Touchdown Office Space?

What is a Touchdown Office Space?

There is your workstation where you have a proper desk or the entire setup. And then there is your home desk or you working in the bed. But what if you need a place in between where you quickly need to check your emails or work in a relaxed mode? Touchdown spaces are those. Touchdown space is where your laptop is connected to an efficient internet connection, and you can easily complete your tiny tasks.

It can be a separate room or a modular workstation, but other options include standing desks, open lounge spaces, booths, and private corners. These spaces allow employees to sit during a quick call or a meeting without having to set up their proper workstation.

They are ideal for workers who spend most of the day away from their desks and for guests and individuals without a fixed location. Emails and phone calls can be swiftly answered in a touchdown space. Keep in mind that while some team members may work best in an open environment, others may want a quieter, more private setting to concentrate. This is where touchdown spaces are helpful.

The Benefits and Importance of a Touchdown Workspace

Agile work environments are more pleasing to office workers because they feel heard and cared for. This is why diversity in the workplace is a crucial part of a successful organization in this century. A touchdown space is an extension of a hybrid work model, which has to be actively practiced in every office space for the best results. Here are some reasons to opt for a touchdown space in your office.

The Need for Privacy

The Need for Privacy

While cooperation is essential, individuals still require Privacy to focus on their tasks. You may make private zones with adjustable work tables and comfortable task chairs. Even when they are not, your remote and hybrid employees can feel perfectly at home with the correct touchdown places.

Quick Collaborations

Sometimes you need a two-minute brainstorming session with your mate before you can overcome the work hurdle. And waiting for a conference room to be available in such cases will only serve as a bottleneck. A touchdown space can be a wonderful place to chat with team members and work on active strategic planning. You don't have to have a proper meeting scheduled when the conference room is spare, nor do you need to gather around the cubicle and make a distraction for everyone else.

Building the Best Touchdown Spaces

The touchdown area is ideal for fast conversations and idea sharing when you don't want to bother anyone working in the office. It is not intended for lengthy meetings. When nobody else is utilizing it, you might potentially use this space as a backup breakout place. Hence it should be designed to provide and meet all the features above. Below are some easy and practical ideas for designing a touchdown space in an office.

Minimized Break Times

Minimized Break Times

In most cases, employees require a location where they can speak secrets or find Privacy during the working day. Try placing acoustic office furniture throughout your space to ensure they can relax without disturbing you or others. This also ensures they are not leaving the office frequently to attend a personal call as you have provided a dedicated space for it.

Plug and Play

The more convenient a space is to use, the more people will be attracted to your workplace. Make sure you have all the rightful features that your employees or visitors stopping by might desire. The first thing to have is a proper internet connection where their connectivity with the world isn't compromised.

Secondly, your space should have a proper and ample amount of charging ports with charging universally compatible types. Along with ports, it is wise to have a few extra cables. Offer printing, scanning, and copying actions for those who require a physical form of their work documents. And you get a plus point if you serve coffee.



The location of the touchdown space is highly important. If it's all the way to the door and away from the meeting rooms or cubicles? Make sure it is accessible to everyone and is at a Centrepoint in the office or a location where it is hard to achieve the desired level of Privacy.


If your purpose with a touchdown space is to provide Privacy where employees can take a quick call or chat with the client away from the noise, then pods are the simplest solution. Having work pods in the middle of the office or, more precisely, acoustic pods eliminates the need to leave the office to pick up a call. Autonomous pods are a wonderful choice as you can choose from various options, including wooden pods, privacy pods, and soundproof pods.

Standing Workstations

Standing Workstations

Since the stay is temporary, why not make it healthy? This will also create a deeper impression of the value of ergonomics in your workplace. For a touchdown space, an ergonomic standing desk is a suitable idea. You can choose from various adjustable standing desks, corner desks most suitable for larger setups, and a smart desk suitable for a simple laptop and keyboard setup.

Make it Diverse

Not every employee works at their best in the same setting. While some workers enjoy lounges, others prefer more conventional desk arrangements. Some interactions require a private environment, while others want a place where their team may work together comfortably. To build the optimum setup for your teams' needs, consider how they operate during the day.

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