Creative Office Organization Ideas for a Better Workflow
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Creative Office Organization Ideas for a Better Workflow

|Oct 23, 2021

Keeping track of your productivity and your colleagues is essential for becoming an employer or office manager. In the most challenging times, when the office manager is faced with multiple fires at once, this can be quite a challenge. Through using a few easy office organization ideas and techniques, those days will become less and less frequent, allowing you to take a breath between assignments. To keep everything under control, use the following office management tips:

List of Office Organization Ideas

1. Start with storage baskets

storage baskets office organization ideas

Putting your home office to maximum use can be difficult without these office organization ideas. How can you maximize your storage space? If you cannot seem to find a place for the larger items on your shelves, adding storage baskets to your shelves is our office organizing idea. You can get these storage baskets in various sizes, colors, and shapes, and they are perfect for extra storage.

2. Draw divider trays

It's horrible when you find yourself unable to get your hands on the one thing you need? What's more frustrating is opening your drawers and finding everything scrambled. An easy desk organization idea is to create separate compartments in your drawers by adding acrylic dividers or plastic trays. Consider investing in a set of plastic organizers that can be used for multiple purposes. Plastic organizers are affordable and durable home office organization ideas.

3. Hiding wires

Hiding wires office organization ideas

It is surely one of the best work desk organization ideas. Typical office desks are adorned with computer towers, monitors, laptops, phones, mice, and chargers, which leave us with an overwhelming figure of wires. Hide the messy wires so that visual clutter can be reduced and stress can be reduced. Instead of placing them in a slot on your desk, simply group or organize wires behind the desk together with binder clips or a cable tray

4. Go paperless

One of our next office desk organization ideas is to go paperless to get rid of all the unwanted papers, messy notebooks, and errant post-it notes littering our desks. Many applications let you take notes on the cloud, like Evernote, Google Keep, Bear, etc.

5. Adding labels

Adding labels office organization ideas

You should use your label maker if you expect easier organizing your desk for productivity. Experiencing fewer interruptions during the workday can be attributed to simple steps such as labeling cabinets.

Make use of your computer files to be more productive. Don't impede at your desk; dig more into your files. Archive draft as well as final editions of deliverables and sort your files by project into a plastic desk organizer.

6. Use cord labels

Here is one of the interesting small office organization ideas on the list. There are instances when the PC screen goes blank unpredictably when working on a crucial project? When you first receive that notification, you experience fear. You think your computer is broken and all your work has been lost to you.  However, all it was unplugged from the power source.

When you move slowly under the desk in search of the loose plug, you find what could best be characterized as a cable forest. Labels (DIY) for your important cables are clever office desk organization ideas; you will save yourself a lot of time. If you're worried about your monitor being confused with your neighbor's space heater, try using colored tape.

7. Plastic lid boxes

Plastic lid boxes office organization ideas

Put your larger items in large transparent plastic containers to keep your shelves tidy and neat. These containers are also excellent places to store papers and other important documents. It is one of the popular office organization ideas in any office.

We really like the fact that everything is transparent, so one knows what exactly is going on! Sort out your office supplies and keep all similar items together by storing them in large plastic storage containers. 

Because we worry about forgetting where we put things, we subconsciously put things away. If you put away your blue notebook, how many times have you failed to find it before an important meeting because you put it away? Organize items in transparent containers at all times to prevent your desk from becoming cluttered. This will also keep things visually accessible.

8. Pegboard

Pegboards are the simplest and most effective way to maximize storage space in your home office. The white pegboard looks remarkably chic and modern when mounted to the wall. Consider getting a pegboard that features a sleek design for your home office like the one shown here. Despite your best efforts, a short coat of spray paint can easily revamp the color scheme!

9. Deep declutter

Deep declutter office organization ideas

Here is one of the office organization ideas for you. Declutter everything you intend to organize before starting any organizing initiative. Avoid wasting time by organizing things you won't use. Also, you will be sure only the things you truly need will be organized since that will make the system as effective as possible.

Particular attention should be paid to items with duplicate functions. It would be wasteful to discard items that might prove useful. Do not clutter your workspace with functional items. Consider donating them or swapping them out.

If you just can't part with something, consider putting it in a box and storing it completely out of sight. In this way, your workspace will remain uncluttered, and you will not have to worry about losing things you can't bring yourself to part with.

10. Remove unnecessary desk accessories

In addition to our computers and other devices, our desks are often filled with various files, stationery, and even mugs. It can hinder your workflow from having a crowded desk, as it is your main workstation. It doesn't sound ideal.

Organize your desk so that everything is in the location you need when you need it right now while getting rid of anything you won't use as much while working. Small organizers take up little space and can help you sort essentials such as papers, pens, and binder clips.

11. Keep the wastebasket nearby

Near the workstations in the office, used paper is frequently strewn in a mess on the floor - an annoying sight. Clean-up of an unattractive area not only wastes our time and money but also makes it unattractive. The convenience of keeping a wastebasket near your desk makes it easy to dispose of any unwanted items. An organized office space allows you to be more productive.

12. Keyboard Trays

Keyboard Trays

Here is the office organization idea on the list. In addition to working on our laptops the majority of the time, there will be times when you need to be away from the computer. It might be difficult to fit everything on your desk if it is small. Be sure to go through files and sort out documents.

Whenever this is the case, a DIY keyboard tray underneath your desk can prove invaluable. Put your electronic devices here or place the file you don't need right now so that your desk isn't overcrowded. Of course, you can buy one from the store too, but DIY is a great option because it's relatively inexpensive, and you can use whatever office supplies you have on hand.

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