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Creative Old File Cabinet Ideas: What We Should Do?
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Creative Old File Cabinet Ideas: What We Should Do?

|Aug 21, 2022

A filing cabinet is often rusty and old since they are built for longevity, often far outliving its purpose. A growing inclination in the DIY market is upcycling old filing cabinets, and crafty designers have magnified their reusing hobbies into small businesses.

Upcycled filing cabinets attract those shoppers looking for purposeful storage that complements home designs. In addition to giving their homes a makeover, filing cabinets can also be repurposed into other forms of functionality and design using these old file cabinet ideas.

Coffee Table

Want to know what to do with old file cabinets? By simply flipping metal filing cabinets on their side, old filing cabinets can be repurposed in a variety of ways. Using this idea, a metal filing cabinet can easily transform into a coffee table. It can work wonders when repurposing metal file cabinets with a fresh coat of paint before it is repurposed as furniture.

Budget End Table

Budget End Table

It's not just possible to organize and store papers in an old metal cabinet. You can create a fashionable end table along with storage by transforming a filing cabinet (metal) into a chic end table accompanied by office accessories storage. You can repurpose office furniture for a good profit, particularly when you are familiar with where to vend upcycled projects.


Perhaps you didn't consider a dresser as an alternative to a filing cabinet because you didn't envision any types of dressers. However, consider this. Isn't that an interesting solution for a repurposed filing cabinet? A desk dresser with additional drawers can be converted into file storage space if it has any free space.

In addition to being convenient and practical, it can be recycled to use existing storage spaces in the home. It is also possible to create hanging files if you have drawers with enough depth. The downside is that this method does not work if you have a lot of files to manage. If you want to replace an entire cabinet, this is not the dream setup solution. Head over to our employee purchase program if you want more dream setup solutions.

Cabinet Bar

Cabinet Bar - old file cabinet ideas

It is not only paperwork that can be stored in filing cabinets. Convert the repurposed metal filing cupboard to store other household items to give the structure an artistic twist. The following ergonomic desk stool example illustrates how a metallic file cabinet can be transformed into bar storage that is both stylish and convenient. 

Pretty with Paint

Adding some new paint to a filing cabinet isn't the only way to upcycle it. By covering drawers with colored wrapping paper, an old file cabinet can be transformed into a beautiful work of art. It will make a unique design that is certain to be a best-seller using just craft supplies.


Decals - old file cabinet ideas

You can quickly update your slim file cabinet by applying whimsical wall decals over its surface if it's in good condition. Select from floral, animal, natural, or geometric shapes for an all-over custom motif. Prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning and drying it and placing the decals in a deliberate or random pattern. Changing the decor or mood of your room is as easy as removing the old ones and applying new ones. There are a variety of smooth surfaces on which wall decals can be applied, including metal surfaces.


It is okay if you are frightened by the idea of papering a 2-drawer file cabinet, don't be. No matter how inexperienced you are at wallpapering, this project will be a breeze. Make sure your stress level is checked by papering the drawer fronts rather than covering the entire cabinet.

Get rid of those dull beige or gruesome gray metallic paints. Choosing wallpaper that complements your cabinet color is important. The paper should be adhered to drawer surfaces with decoupage glue and sealed with decoupage glue.

Garage Toolbox

Garage Toolbox

This is one of the interesting old file cabinet ideas. If you've ever had a messy garage, you know how easy it is to clean it up by repurposing and transforming a timeworn file cabinet. There's no need to have one lying around; ask your friends if they have any that aren't being used or go to the junkyard to get one for a good price. One of our favorite garage storage ideas is this one. Using pegboards as storage hooks, this old file cabinet has been turned upside down, its drawers removed, and its drawers replaced with pegboards.  


Now, flowers and herbs grow in the place where bills and memos once grew. When painted in bold colors, a repurposed file cabinet looks just like a store-bought planter at a fraction of the cost.

DIY Desk

DIY Desk

You can make a frugal yet functional desk by setting a few file cabinets beneath your chosen tabletop, such as plywood, an old door, or a cut-to-size window. This classic DIY approach has long been a favorite among homeowners because it allows them to customize their workspaces easily.

Art and Crafts Station

It is possible to make a two-drawer file cabinet on wheels into the indispensable kitchen aid you've always wanted with a few modifications. Make sure your file cabinet matches your kitchen cabinets by painting or staining it. On top of the countertop or butcher block, attach the countertop. Complete your island by adding a towel rack.

Pet Food Station

The ultimate pet feeding station can be created from old file cabinets with creativity! File cabinets with single drawers are ideal for this project. Paint the cupboard in the colors of your choice and cut two holes in the top large enough for food and water bowls. A large plastic tote can be used as a liner inside the drawer, a scoop, and pet food. You now have a feeding station for your pet.

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