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Curved Vs. Flat Gaming Monitor: Which Is Better For Gaming Experience?
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Curved Vs. Flat Gaming Monitor: Which Is Better For Gaming Experience?

|Jan 4, 2022

When we talk about making the overall gaming experience better, we think of many things at once. Gaming monitors and gaming furniture are essential in making the overall gaming feel better and improvising the whole experience. If you also struggle with inadequate gaming performance and feel your gaming capability is not good, you might need a proper gaming setup.

Though a perfect gaming setup has many components and characteristics, gaming monitors are the pivotal force. It is the screen where your entire virtual world will be displayed, and you can enjoy the experience as you like. In this article, we will cover the two types of gaming monitors, curved vs. flat gaming monitors, and discuss whether curved or flat monitors are better for gaming?

Curved Vs. Flat Monitor for Gaming

When you buy a gaming monitor, there are many features you pay attention to. From learning about the gaming monitor ips to looking for the best 165 Hz monitor (standard value for high gaming experience), screen design and orientation also influence the overall experience.

What is a Curved Monitor?

What is a Curved Monitor?

Though it is pretty clear just by the name, a curved gaming monitor boasts a slight curve in the screen. But for people who still wonder that it is just about looks, they must know that a curved monitor isn't just a curve that delivers changes in design.

The main feature of a curved gaming monitor is the magnitude of bending. While a curved gaming monitor looks classy, it is also about enhancing or providing different graphics compared to a flat-screen monitor.

Another important thing to know about curve monitors is that they are classified with a capital R. Radius is measured in millimeters and is represented by the letter 'R.' Your monitor is more curved if the number is lower. The 1800R, for example, is more curved than the 4000R. For curved monitors, 1800R has become something of a standard specification.

When it comes to curved gaming monitors, there are tons of choices in the market, and these monitors are popular for many reasons. For example, the curved gaming computer monitor 2560x1440 and a typical curved gaming monitor 32 inches will provide a better experience than a flat-screen monitor. Besides that, here are some additional qualities offered by a curved monitor compared to a flat-screen monitor.


You often go to a cinema and find the screen curved; some might feel it too hugging, but soon we realize that the curved screen provides a great viewing angle compared to a simple flat screen. This is why gaming monitors are made with a slight curve. The curve provides a better immersive experience, making the virtual world much more appealing.

Comfort for Eyes

Comfort for Eyes

Eye strain is common amongst gamers, and many gamers suffer from poor eyesight and other eye-related issues. However, this is not likely to stop them from gaming but can seriously affect their eyesight in the longer run. Monitor curved vs. flat gaming provides this advantage because a curved monitor is specifically made according to the natural curvature of the human eye. This provides a more natural and comfortable viewing angle to the user.

Wider View

Here is a significant difference between curved vs. flat gaming monitor. A curved monitor can focus light from all directions onto the viewer's eyes while ensuring viewing comfort. You can see larger with the curved monitor, minimizing eye strain and increasing cinematic immersion.

Better Display

A curved display can save the day for complex graphics and swift movement of colors. The monitors' curve allows you to see every region of the screen from nearly the same angle, eliminating extreme viewing angles. Colors will be more constant throughout the monitor as a result of this. The picture will seem stunning whether you're looking at the edge or in the middle.

What is a Flat Monitor?

What is a Flat Monitor?

Flat monitors are the most common types of the screen you will find in many places. They are the initial types of screens we have seen ever since desktops and laptops came into existence. Though it is likely to opt for a flat screen because of familiarity, they offer some benefits over a curved monitor screen. Below are some advantages of a typical flat gaming monitor 27 inches over a curved monitor.


Most gaming setups are tiny and limited in space. A curved monitor might be no less than a hassle for a person who has a bedside setup or a small gaming setup. Flat monitors occupy much smaller space; hence, they are a favorite amongst many gamers.

Better Gaming Performance

Better Gaming Performance

Flat monitors are typically better for gaming, with faster refresh rates, response times, and color fidelity across the board. While this isn't always the case, finding a curved monitor with similar specs to a flat monitor will always come with a premium price tag.


Curved monitors are large and complex in shape, so they don't offer much versatility and easy adjustability. You can easily manage a flat-screen with the tilt, swivel, and scree adjustability when it comes to a flat screen. Flat screens are also ideal for multi-monitor setups and can be used with monitor arms.

Curved Monitor Vs. Flat Monitor for Gaming

Curved Monitor Vs. Flat Monitor for Gaming

When purchasing a new display, one of the most important considerations is gaming. When it comes to game performance and immersion, picking the wrong one might be disastrous. Hence, is curved or flat monitor better for gaming a common question? Here are some factors that define the final choice you will make.


The price of the gaming monitor might affect your overall decision. Make sure you pick a product that matches your budget needs. While gaming monitors are already expensive, curved monitors are more expensive.

Refresh Rate

A flat-monitor is ideal for one of a kind gaming experience. With a flat gaming monitor, you will get better refresh rates and a quick response time. They have the greatest refresh rate (above 240Hz) and the shortest input lag and reaction time.


Because most curved monitors are widescreen, you'll have more visual space to work with. This will make multi-tasking and creative workflows much more accessible. A huge flat widescreen or dual-monitor configuration is an alternative. Both of these monitors fall short of being a good ultra-wide curved display.

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