Curved Vs. Rectangle Computer Desk: What Are The Differences?
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Curved Vs. Rectangle Computer Desk: What Are The Differences?

|Feb 3, 2022

Office desks are the major definer of your productivity when you are working. The wrong choice of a desk can make you suffer in terms of cost, reduced efficiency, and frustration in the workplace.

Hence, it would help if you decided to get a desk that matches your work dedication and type. This article will cover how different shapes of desks affect the vibe in the workplace and the difference between rectangle computer desks and curved work desks.

How to Choose the Right Desk for You?

How to Choose the Right Desk for You?

A common question that pops up when designing the right type of home office setup for you is a type of desk. From a rectangle computer office desk to an L-shaped standing desk, an office standing desk to a wood home standing desk, an adjustable desk or a curved desk, many choices can confuse an individual.

While one might not think that the shape of the desk is a defining factor of productivity or might impact performance, the truth is farther from that. And it is also true that each type has its pros and cons over others; hence you must dive in and research well before buying any office desk. Usually, the choice of desk depends on two major factors, and these are:

  • The type of office space and setting you are going to work in
  • The space available for you to place your desk, so the room doesn't look suffocated or empty
  • Consider the type of laptop and monitor setup you need
  • And the sense of comfort you feel with a certain type of desk over the other

Knowing this, one would say that a wooden desk is much better than a metal desk frame and desktop as some people like the kick of aesthetics to feel productive while working.

Similarly, a curved desk is found more appealing and comforting than a rectangular computer table because it does not have any sharp edges or leading corners that can cut the room. The principle of Feng Shui also proves this. On the other hand, when we talk about rectangle desks, they are versatile and more user-friendly because of their common nature.

But just like when it concerns choosing curved vs. flat workstations for programmers, gamers, and everybody else, it's worth remembering that a desk that's too big is a waste, while a desk that's too small won't match your demands and will appear odd.

In this post, we'll look at the benefits and drawbacks of both desk styles, so you can decide what kind of desk will fit your needs.

Rectangular Computer Desk Vs. Curved Computer Desks

Rectangular Computer Desk Vs. Curved Computer Desks

The nature and type of your workspace will have a say on the type of desk you choose. Though we can put a definite answer to that as the person who is setting up their workstation is aware of the space, office plan, and layout design, below are some other factors that can help you choose the right type of desk for you.


A rectangle desk, often known as a straight desk, has dimensions matching that of a rectangle shape. These desks are most common in the workplace since they have been up and running since day one.  A rectangle computer desk also looks more versatile and pleasing to look at than a curved-shaped desk.

Especially for someone who is a fan of minimalism and keeps a close eye on aesthetics, a rectangular computer office desk offers professionalism to a greater extent.



On the other hand, if you are up to saving some space in the home office or you already have limited space to set up your workstation, then you must, by all means, go for a curved desk.

This also means that with a rectangle computer desk, you get a greater work area and especially if you are using a multi-monitor setup, a rectangle computer desk can be more helpful in keeping the screen side by side.

The fact that curved desks come closer to the other edge at the center is a recurrent complaint. While it isn't enough to make a difference, there is a psychological factor at work, informing us that you have less room right in front of you when you're seated.

But if we talk about square footage. Curved desks make the most of the corners by precisely encircling the chair. Curved workstations, especially those with modesty panels, can assist employees in keeping a safe distance from one another in today's workplace. They also tend to provide more privacy to employees, resulting in enhanced silence and concentration.



The importance of health and safety in the modern workplace cannot be overstated. The optimal reach zone is to consider while deciding which desk to purchase. It has been proven that having goods within easy reach reduces office injuries. Thus a well-designed workstation is essential.

Curved desks feature bigger ideal reach zones, making them a better choice for someone who needs to have many things close at hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist strain injuries can be reduced using a suitable curved desk.

On the other hand, you can place a rectangle computer desk in places other than just the corner (case with a curved desk). This means you can also place your rectangle desk right under the window. This is extremely beneficial because a rectangular desk in front of the window will allow you to take in both the factors for improved work efficiency, the natural light and fresh air to breathe.


Since rectangle computer desks are found in every other home and are being sold for decades, you must realize these desks won't be as heavy on your budget as a curved desk would be. Curved decks are a rather more complex piece of technology, so one will often find themselves paying more for it.



You will see many workplaces have curved desks for the reception area. This is a common practice taking place for years and will be practiced in the future. Though there is no harm in picking a product that you might find suitable to your taste, a curved desk might look odd for a place other than reception in a professional space.

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