Customize Your Office with These 15 Cubicle Accessories
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Customize Your Office with These 15 Cubicle Accessories

|Aug 16, 2021

A workplace is incomplete without the right tools and accessories. Workplace tools or cubicle accessories add to the comfort and usability of the employees, making an office more productive. It is an important part of office ergonomics to provide employees with the comfort they deserve, and the must-have desk accessories are a part of it.

However, the problem arises when a person does not know what to buy and what to skip. Since there are hundreds of office cubicle accessories that you would find on the internet, spending your money on each of them doesn't seem like a fair choice. Therefore, this article will cover the must-have cubicle accessories and a detailed guide to get the best tech desk accessories.

Must-Have Work Cube Accessories

Having a sudden change in the workplace has made most of us frustrated and anxious. From having a fully equipped cubicle to checking emails in bed, we all feel a little sad about missing our workplace. However, for people who need a proper work chair and a perfect work desk to focus on, there are a lot more deprival effects of being restricted to remote working.

And spending on home office setup is no joke. Of course, there are many things you should have, but to pick them wisely is where the skill lies. So here are some must-have cubicle accessories that will help you have a better working experience.

1. Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm

Monitor arms help maintain the posture and also relax the neck. Rather than looking too high or peeking too down, you can adjust the monitor arm's length to reach the safe eye level. These cubicle desk accessories is especially important for office ergonomics since neck training can lead to muscle injury. Moreover, a monitor arm will also help your work desk to have extra space.

2. Desk Lamp

A desk lamp should be an important part of a workplace no matter what type of work. It is also the best part of the cubicle accessories. Especially if you are fond of working late at night, you must not depend on the light in your room.

Since our homes are made with dim and relaxing lights, a workplace demands a light that doesn't tire your eyes. An LED desk lamp from autonomous will help you keep the whole desk bright and enjoy working with maximum focus.

3. Cable Tray

Cable Tray

A messy workplace gives rise to messy work. You don't want to find yourself spending hours each day on finding the right cable port. With the help of a cable tray, all of the cables will remain tangle-free and organized.

Not only does this make the work desk tidy, but it also ensures the longevity of appliances as there is no strain on the wires and cables. If your work desk doesn't have built-in cable grommets, a cable tray is a must-have part of cubicle desk accessories.

4. Desk Organizer

desk organizer

If you own a bamboo desk, you should have different types of bamboo desk accessories. A desk organizer provides you with a spot to keep all of the items you need to work on without having to look away.

It can complement the style of your desk and make it appear more professional. You may use the desk organizer to keep your pen, pencil, or even your phone if you work with them. This device also makes it easy to gather all of the items you'll need for work and have them ready when you need them.

5. Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

Get a filing cabinet, one of the best cubicle accessories, to keep those important documents safe. The filing cabinet from autonomous is tiny so that it can slide easily under the desk yet is spacious to offer a lot of space.

6. Desk Pad

Desk pads keep your laptop cool and also prevent the desk surface from any damage. Using a desk pad is also important as this will prevent your laptop and other accessories from getting damaged due to dirt or even the spilled coffee.

7. Anti-fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue Mat

Staying on your feet for lengthy periods puts undue strain on your lower limbs, and persistent ignorance can lead to nerve discomfort that lasts a lifetime. This is one of the most important cubicle accessories.

Micro-movements are created by using an anti-fatigue mat, which prevents the feet from falling asleep. A standing desk foot mat is a must-have item for anyone suffering from lower back discomfort.

8. Flow Board

flow board makes standing not only easier but also more fun. If you want to have a product workspace, don’t dismiss this cubicle accessory. With the help of a flow board, you can encourage micro-movements and constant blood flow in the legs. In addition, a flow board will make working with a standing desk easier.

9. Keyboard Cover


A silicone keyboard cover muffles the sound of clacking keys, thus making working from home easier where your family members aren’t disturbed. It is one of the best cubicle accessories. It also guards against spills and food crumbs. So, no more cleaning the keyboard every other day.

10. A Plant

Doesn't it seem like an important cubicle accessory? Well, there is no way you should work without a plant. Scientifically proven, plants have a great impact on mood and make you feel more productive. They will also add a fresh touch to your home office.

11. Clamp Power Outlet

Clamp Power Outlet

Rather than bending down to put a cable into the socket, get a clamp power outlet. This will save time as well as prevent the clutter of wires. It is one of the necessary cubicle accessories.

12. Comfortable Shoes

Working with a standing desk has its perks but few challenges too. Working with comfortable shoes will help you spend hours working without feeling any pressure. Choose shoes with soft soles and comfortable heels so your feet are not susceptible to extra pain.

13. Privacy Panel


Suppose you and your partner share a work desk at home; then, a little privacy is a must-have cubicle accessory. Rather than spending on an extra table, use a privacy panel to make the work easier for you and them.

14. Seat Cushion

If you don’t own a perfectly cushioned ergonomic chair , which you should, then opting for a seat cushion is the best alternative. There is no way your back should be against an uncomfortable chair. In addition, using a seat cushion can be a great help for people with lower back pain.

15. Water bottle

Staying hydrated is the key to remaining active. While we are so engrossed in work, we often find it hard to keep track of the time, and frankly, tough reports make us forget about appetite too. Since it is normal to procrastinate getting up from the table for a glass of water, a water bottle could be a great help in such cases.

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