Dancing Ferrofluid Speaker Review from Sovenomund
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Dancing Ferrofluid Speaker Review from Sovenomund

|Feb 12, 2024

The dancing Ferrofluid speaker is one of the best desk gadgets that can instantly lift your mood with its endless entertainment. Although it has a speaker in the name, you won't get any sound from it. Instead, a dancing ferrofluid is what you will get to provide you with an endless stream of entertainment.

Understand the Ferrofluid

The ferrofluid speaker review can't start without its main component – the ferrofluid. Ferrofluid is the special fluid that attracts the poles of the magnet. The composition materials of the fluid include nano iron powder, pure water, and mineral oil. The liquid was first used by NASA in rocket ships, but now it has become the core of entertainment due to its unique properties. The electromagnetic attraction allows the liquid to move with the beats, making it a sight to behold.

The Design

The design of the product is very much inspired by the movie “Venom", which makes it the best ferrofluid in the market. The black ferrofluid in the middle looks as if it is the symbiote dancing on the beats. Once you have the glass bottle in hand, you will instantly feel as if the venom is trapped in your hands inside the jar. The best part is that the glass and the rectangular box used for the construction make the whole view of the ferrofluid much cleaner and more attractive. Unlike other visualizers that have high-quality displays in front, this visualizer will let you jump into a whole different realm of live visuals.

The Design Sovenomund dancing ferrofluid speaker


The size of the ferrofluid speaker is 6.77” by 2.20” by 4.05”, which is ideal for a small desk setup as well. However, the round-shaped glass that has the fluid in the middle does come out a bit from the side, which improves the visuals rather than being distracting. Due to extended glass, you need to make sure that it doesn't break. There is additional plastic at the back to support the round glass, which acts as a layer of security.

Battery Life

The battery life of this amazing device is quite astonishing compared to other desk or office accessories. You can continuously use the LED backlight and mic for 8 hours after charging to 100 percent. The battery can be charged using the port at the back of the device. The fluid will work without any electrical connection, so you can save the battery life by using it only at night.

Battery Life


As far as the material of the ferrofluid speaker is concerned, the high-strength ABS plastic is used for the jar. For additional decoration, a separate crystal diamond is also used at the top left corner of the box. On the other hand, the glass that secures the fluid inside is made of high-transparency glass, which enhances the overall visuals of the fluid. A mic and an LED are also attached for you to take the visual experience to its absolute peak.

Color Options

To make it one of the best cool desk accessories, you need to make sure that the color option you choose matches the overall theme of your desk or setup. There are two color options available for purchase – gray and yellow. The yellow color looks quite similar to regular wood, so it works with almost any theme you have in your room. On the other hand, the gray has some great texture on it, which makes it a good option to use with your gaming desk accessories.

Durability and Warranty

From the durability aspect, the materials are good enough to last for years to come. On top of that, you will get a one-year warranty from the date of purchase, which takes the stress of damaging your device after a few days.

Benefits of Ferrofluid Speaker from Sovenomund

Endless Entertainment and Relaxation

One of the major benefits of a ferrofluid speaker is the relaxation with endless entertainment. Watching the fluid move with the sound will feel like watching stars moving with your voice in the sky. Moreover, one feeling incomparable to any other is watching the fluid change shapes with your finger when you use the pet joy.

The Pet Joy

The pet joy is a small piece of magnet that helps you move the fluid the way you want. It is a great toy for someone who wants to spend their time playing with the fluid inside. You can try different movements and even break the fluid for fun.

Allow You to Feel the Music

When you hear something, you want to feel it to relate to it. What makes it the best ferrofluid speaker is its ability to do just that. The movements are so precise that you can watch the fluid moving with every beat.

Benefits of Ferrofluid Speaker from Sovenomund

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does ferrofluid do in a speaker?

Ferrofluid is a special kind of fluid that is attracted to the poles of a magnet. The movement of the fluid makes it unique and one of its kind, which opens opportunities for creative minds to turn it into a visualizer. The fluid moves with the beats of the speaker to entertain the user with its visuals.

What is special about ferrofluid?

Ferrofluids are quite popular for their strong magnetic properties. They are colloidal suspensions of iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs). The fluid acts like a liquid when no magnet is around but changes its position and shape when brought under a magnetic field.

Is ferrofluid safe to touch?

Like other liquids, ferrofluid is safe to touch but not for ingestion or inhaling. If you put them into your eyes accidentally, an intense irritation will be felt. If you break your ferrofluid speaker, make sure to use protective clothing as a precaution before touching the spoiled fluid.


Sovenomund dancing ferrofluid speaker is undoubtedly one of the coolest devices that you can get. From visuals to design, everything is top notch in terms of quality, making it the best ferrofluid speaker in the market right now. So get one from a reliable seller and enjoy the unique experience.

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