9 Tips for Designing Stylish Home Office and How to Keep Them That Way
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9 Tips for Designing Stylish Home Office and How to Keep Them That Way

|Sep 2, 2020

Stylish home offices that are organized and personalized can have a positive effect on productivity. Not only does it encourage you to get to work, but it also gives you a reason to maintain the organization. Naturally, home offices collect clutter and unnecessary supplies over time. What is a better excuse to clean up than to give your workspace a fresh new look?

In this guide, you can find strategies to improve the space, inspiration for your design, and ways to keep your newly renovated office clean and organized.

Why should you create a stylish home office?

Designing a stylish home office that is both functional and stylish - for your taste, of course - can create a more inviting atmosphere for you to get work done. According to Monster, keeping an organized workspace can lead to more productivity, better organization in your work, and lower stress levels.

Work while standing

Overall, your office can reflect your work ethic, so having a clean space representing your style can up your game. 

What are the pros and cons of designing a stylish home office?

The pros of building stylish home offices are better organization and a more appealing environment that can motivate you to work. There is no concrete definition for style- it is whatever you want it to be. You can create a stylish space that reflects your personality and your work goals. For this, another pro for designing a home office is that you can make it the way you want it to be. 

A major con for stylish home offices is that renovations can be on the expensive side. When it comes down to it, new furniture, reworking the space, and adding the right office desk accessories can add up. However, if a stylish home office is priority one, then it is worth the price tag. On the plus side, there are ways to create a clean and organized workspace on a budget.

What are the pros and cons of designing a stylish home office?

9 Tips for a DIY home office makeover

When you are working at home, it is easy to point out the flaws in your office. Therefore, designing a home office that works for you is the solution. Except where should you begin? Here are some DIY home office ideas for you to bring your workspace to the next level. 

1. Location

Though finding the right location is not practical for everyone, it is an excellent start to designing a home office. Find a place that is not too cramped and does not have much traffic flow. You want a space that actually has space without too much interference from other people. 

When picking a location, you should also consider the type of work you are going to do. Should there be seating for clients? Do you need a workspace away from the noise?

Finding the right location can inspire your home workspace ideas. Once you know where to set up shop, the rest of the design is easy.

2. Find a view

Often, when designing a home office, people make the mistake of putting their desks up to a blank wall. This is a great way to crush motivation and productivity. Instead, try putting your desk in front of or beside a window. When you are in the middle of a day of work, you can take periodic breaks to look outside.

If there is no window in your work area, try putting an inspiring picture or work of art on the blank wall. 

3. Never sacrifice comfort

Comfort should be a key takeaway for home workspace ideas. As a freelancer or home worker, you spend a lot of time at your desk and chair. Therefore, never sacrifice your comfort for the sake of style or for the sake of saving space. Autonomous provides the ergonomic furniture for desk workers who do not want to sacrifice style, comfort, nor functionality. 

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and Autonomous Chair Ergo give you comfortable options for your desk space. Plus, they look great and have unique features to upgrade your area. 

4. Prioritize functionality

While comfort is a key component for your home workspace ideas, never forget your office's function. Finding the right accessories to personalize the space may seem like a priority, but do not forget the power of storage and organization tools. 

When looking for home workspace ideas, first try to find the items you need and consider personalizing them. For example, shelving is an excellent way to make your office functional. Moreover, when shopping for shelves, consider how you can use them to fit your design style. 

5. Organization is key

Investing in organizational tools frees up space and keeps your mind clear. Adding shelving, drawers, and file folders are just one step to organizational harmony. To take it one step further, label everything to avoid confusion, later on, when you start working. The bottom line is to create a stylish space without clutter. 

6. Cut the cords

Continuing with clutter removal, one of the biggest eyesores in an office and one of the worst pests are wires and cords. They can get in the way and cause unnecessary chaos. Many DIY home office ideas preach the solution of investing in cable management. Keeping all your wiring out of sight and out of mind, cable organizers also free up space so that you have a less cluttered work area. 

Another solution for pesky wires is placing your desk and technology, like computers and phones, near outlets. By keeping all this closer, you can avoid cable organizers' need and have to stretch chargers across the room. 

7. Color and light

Believe it or not, office color schemes and light have a major influence on your productivity. Natural light is said to make significant contributions to your productivity and working experience. According to a study, 43% of workers feel gloomy when there is a lack of light, and 47% feel tired when there is no natural light or a window. 

When picking out a location, consider finding a place with natural light. It can boost your mood and motivate you to be on top of your work. 

Like light, color also influences your work experience. When looking for DIY home office ideas, also consider the color you fill the space with. Some studies focus on color and its effects on productivity. Interestingly, specific colors motivate certain tasks. Introducing color to your workspace is a simple and effective change for the better.

Desk setup with bright color

8. Accessorize for inspiration

No one knows you better than you. When browsing DIY home office ideas, you may come across inspiration, but that does not mean that you must follow it strictly. Identify what keeps you motivated and accessorize to match that. 

Does your family inspire you to work hard? Include photos of them around your desk. Do you find that specific words or lyrics keep you moving? Frame and hang them within eyesight. Are you working for the trip of a lifetime? Have a picture nearby of the destination. No matter what works for you, keep little reminders for inspiration. This can make workdays more manageable and more productive. 

9. Design inspiration for your stylish home office

After going through some DIY home office ideas, find more inspiration in stylish home offices that other workers have created. You can find proper home workspace ideas for your work environment without starting from scratch.

One of the most popular home workspace ideas is setting up a minimalist space. In this design aspect, there is a focus on little decoration and simple color. When creating a minimalist office, people focus mainly on the essentials- only what they need for work. The accessories tend to be more natural. Think flowers, books, and simple decorations. 

Green & open home office

Another contender for DIY home office ideas is a focus on a clean and natural space. Much like minimalism, people find inspiration in utilizing natural light, keeping a light color scheme, and keeping accessories to a minimum. Given the effectiveness of natural light, this is a great way to emphasize productivity with a clean work area. 

If minimal colors are not your style, try also thinking about a pop of color. Pick your favorite color or find the one that scientifically corresponds with your task, as some research shows productivity when surrounded by specific colors. Just be sure to avoid clutter. When adding color, people try to find more items that follow the theme. Instead, find larger pieces, such as a chair or shelf, that stays on the color scheme.  

FAQs for designing a stylish home office

1. Can I design a home office on a low budget?

Yes, stylish home offices can be achieved on a budget. The financial restrictions mean that you have the do a bit more planning. 

To go about designing a home office on a budget, first, make a floor plan. Then, identify your priorities. I a new desk a necessity, or can I get away with the old one? Up-scaling older furniture is also a fun way to save money.

2. What are some simple upgrades I can do without redoing the entire space?

Redoing an entire workspace is difficult and expensive. Luckily, there are simple tricks that transform plain old workspaces into stylish home offices. 

Consider painting the room a lighter color. Making simple color changes can change your perspective for the better. You can also add light by emphasizing your window, moving your desk closer to the window, or getting sheer curtains. 

Purchase or restore organizational tools to keep clutter off your desk. Freeing up space can make it feel entirely new. Plus, you can personalize the shelves, drawers, or file folders to your liking. One of the most popular DIY home office ideas is adding photos.

Inspiring desk setup for home office

Create a little board you can hang up featuring favorable memories and inspiring words. Not only is this a great way to build stylish home offices, but it can also keep you motivated throughout the day. 

3. What are some ways to make my small office appear bigger?

To make your workspace feel bigger, emphasize light. Paint the walls a light color and keep a simple color scheme. Too much going on at once creates an overwhelming atmosphere that does not work for office spaces. 

Of course, try to keep clutter to a minimum - or invisible, if possible. It is easy to add stylish furniture or art, but these accessories can stack up, taking away valuable space. Limiting furniture and wall art can make your space feel better. 

Home office with green trees & dual screen

Matching storage spaces also work wonders. This makes the furniture to appear more as one. Mismatching furniture, although stylish, makes space appear a bit chaotic. It also creates space to feel smaller. However, if possible, try to find furniture or storage spaces that go together. 

4. How can I keep my newly designed office clean and organized?

Once people construct their stylish home offices, it gets hard to keep it that way. Work always makes its impact on organization and stress, leaving office upkeep a back thought. However, there are simple ways that allow you to keep the office neat and clean, even during the most stressful workweeks. 

Keep a trash can close to your desk. When you are in the middle of a stressful day, throw the unnecessary clutter away without leaving your seat. In the long run, this can keep your desk clean. 

Modern & clean home office When you finish the day, clean off your workspace. Make simple adjustments to your desk that get it ready for tomorrow. Remove trash and clean up spills so that you stay on top of it all. 

A major tool for keeping your space clean is to organize your drawers. You may be able to make a case for one junk drawer, but, for the most part, your drawers are your friends. Organize them in a way that serves you. 

While this may be a long stretch, try to avoid eating at your desk. Crumbs, wrappers, and waste can accumulate over time and ruin your stylish design. Separate your work area from your eating area to keep it clean.


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