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Best Direction & Things to Keep on Study Table
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Best Direction & Things to Keep on Study Table

|Dec 13, 2021

Most parents complain that their child is performing poorly with the change in school, room, or house, but they rarely acknowledge the change in direction that comes with it. Often, a child's performance is determined by the study table direction and ambiance of the room in which he or she studies. Children's concentration and grasping power, not their amount of time spent studying, is what matters. The study room environment and study table direction should be conducive to improving their level of concentration and their learning ability.

Popular Study Table Direction and Layout

Popular Study Table Direction and Layout

  • East or west of the house is always the best direction to have a study room, and north is second-best.
  • In addition, anyone who is rewarded, recognized, or displayed with certificates, trophies, or motivational posters should face east or north while studying. Beams and cabinetry should not be placed above the study table.
  • The door behind the study chair should not be right behind it; you should place a wall behind the chair.
  • There should be an open space in front of the study table, but if this is not possible and the table has to go along the wall, leave a slight gap between the adjacent wall and the study table.
  • Hang motivating posters on the wall so the child does not stare at an empty wall.
  • Clear quartz, which can enhance a child's concentration, should be kept on the study table.
  • Keeping the east and north walls light is important, while the south and west walls can store books in cupboards or shelves. Keep books in a closed filing cabinet rather than stacking them on the study table.
  • It would help if you placed table lamps on the table's left side to enjoy the light easily. It would help if you placed the computer on the south-east or north-west side of the table.
  • Study tables should not have mirrors visible; they cause distraction.
  • In the study room, pastels and subtle colors are best. The eastern room should be painted a pale yellow or off-white, while you should paint the north-east room in violet and a study room in the north be painted pastel green. The best colors for a productive study space are off-white, ivory, and white.

Why the North or East Direction

According to Vastu student ergonomics principles, the north or east of your home is the best direction for a study table. When studying, the study table direction should be positioned so the student faces east or north. Any student's concentration level can be changed dramatically by the right orientation of the table.

Vastu recommends that students place their study table in an appropriate study table setting and direction for improved focus and memory. Your child can also be more interested when seated in an appropriate location and direction. It would help to consider the following Vastu shastra student study table designs as guidelines before purchasing a study table for your study room.

Why a Square or Rectangle-Shaped Table

Why a Square or Rectangle-Shaped in study table direction

Choosing one with a basic student study table design is essential to get the most out of your study table. You can either buy a square or a rectangular study table. When choosing a study table, the latter is the best option, but make sure that it has a ratio of more than 1:2 if you decide on a rectangle. 

You can significantly reduce the room's positivity if the study table is damaged or chipped. To purchase a good study table, choose one that is made from high-quality wood. Study tables should not have irregular shapes. Be sure to avoid buying an oval- or circular-shaped table when you buy a table. Their shapes tend to hinder concentration.

Desk Accessories

A bright lamp should always be on your study table to maintain positivity. This is a Vastu principle for study tables. An organized study helps students to see the world differently and to be more creative. Cluttered study tables can lead to unhealthy results as they generate stress in the mind of the student. Lamps should be positioned near the southeast corner of the table. It would help if you never had a study table cluttered with too many cool desk accessories.



The study chair should be backed by storage of any kind, and nothing should stop the north from seeing the child. In addition, make sure the lamp is always placed on the left side of the desk for students.


Vastu shastra stresses the importance of having something hung on the east and north walls, but you should not hang a mirror. Having a mirror on the wall will distract a child, even when he/she is facing in the best direction. In other words, do not use things that are distracting when designing interiors.

Motivational posters and images on the wall behind the study table can be quite useful. In this way, you can reduce distractions, and students are encouraged to focus on their goals. Periodically changing the images is a good idea.

Best Choice in a Study Room

Best Choice in a Study Room

According to the Vastu Experts, it is always good to have a separate room for studying. Despite being accepted to study in a bedroom or living room, a separate study room is always recommended. It is always best to have the study room face east or west when in the house.

You should build a remote learning space on the north side of a building. As an additional requirement, the child's certificates, trophies, and other awards must be displayed on the north wall of the classroom.  

Vastu experts recommend keeping the study table away from the bathroom area. To avoid, look east of the south-east, south of the southwest, and west of the north-west. When placing the study table, you should avoid the east, north, and west of the north and south.

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