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DIY a Sit-Stand Desk for your Kids

Autonomous Autonomous | Mar 25, 2019

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Working all day without rest can sap the energy out of you. That is why many people prefer sitting down while typing away at the computer. This may seem a good idea but it should not be a constant practice. Note that the traditional office chair is quite low. Despite the adjustable feature, you may find it discomforting to sit for a stretch of hours without changing positions.

How can you swap positions in the office without getting bored? Construct a sit-stand desk. The first construction was that of kids and adults are now taking a cue from it. You may wonder why kids need such a desk. It is important to construct this to enhance their body structure. Sitting on a chair that is low may have adverse effects on the body, especially the backbone. When you make a Do It Yourself (DIY) desk for your kids, it will be easier for them to study with ease.

In this article, you’ll learn the steps of constructing DIY Kids Desks from the comfort of your home. It is important to note this method of construction may cost more than available ones in the market. Nevertheless, you can throw in some personalization while mastering the art of making DIY Kids Desks

A guide to DIY desks kids

Why are DIY Kids Desks important?

Kids who are in the early stages of growth need all the help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is a fact that many within this age bracket are of school age and spend most of their time there. From assignments to practical works, kids have to sit down to carve out the best answers/solutions to the given task. This boils down to the fact that sitting for long hours may not be good for kids’ health. That is why DIY Kids Desks are a necessity not just in the school, but also in the home. Below is the importance of the desk.

Switch Positions with Ease

Every human sits an average of 10 hours per day. For kids, the sitting duration can even be longer. From the breakfast table to the minutes spent on the bus to school, there is never an end to sitting around all day. The trend even gets worse when the child gets to school.

When you look around you, it is clear that everyone is literally sitting. While this may be a comfortable position when compared to standing and walking, it is important to maximize and reduce the friction(s) that comes with it.

Sitting is a habit in society, which is hard to break. Therefore, there is a need for DIY Sit-Stand-Desk for Kids. With this, your child can comfortably alternate different positions at school and at home. Now, kids can sit and stand when need be.

Why are DIY Kids Desks important?

A Boost for the Backbone

The long hours of a kid’s day are spent sitting. With the construction of DIY Kids Desks, there will be a change in the sitting culture. Kids can now sit and stand at will. Note that the long hours of working may have an adverse effect on the backbone. Thus, swapping positions will not only enhance this but will offer kids a better way to complete tasks without getting in harm’s way.

Swift Movement

DIY Kids Desks allows for swift movements. It will no longer be a hard task to lift items off the ground to the desk. It is important because kids may have a need for external materials. All they have to do is stretch their hands and pick the item from the bag.

What to look for

Do you now see the need to construct a DIY Sit-Stand-Desk for Kids? Even though you’re making one yourself, there are some factors to consider. These will positively influence and help you pull off a nice looking DIY Kids Desks at the end.


These desks are in much demand in study environments. Consider the height of the kids when constructing one. Let’s assume you are making a DIY Sit-Stand-Desk for Kids in Grade 3. At that stage, kids within the school age have a small stature. It is pertinent to integrate a feature that allows them switch the desks to a sitting and standing position. While at it, take time to figure out their height in a few years. Certainly, they won’t be in Grade 3 forever. Thus, the desk should have a height that allows kids to adjust it as they grow taller.


Because you’re making it yourself, it is important to consider the number of persons that will make use of the DIY Kids Desks. If the scope is the school, you may have to extend the length to contain 2-3 kids. This can also be an effective way of promoting teamwork because the kids will share the same desk and make interactions to solve a problem.


It will be boring if the desk does not have a footrest. Sitting for long hours with the feet glued to the floor may have some adverse effects on the body. You may develop numbness in your legs if this is the case. What do you do? Attach a footrest!

This will come in handy when standing or sitting. Besides who will like to sit or stand for long hours without moving around or fidgeting? On the flip side, a footrest can enhance the structure of DIY Kids Desks and make it sturdy. Thus, incorporate one when constructing a DIY Sit-Stand-Desk for Kids.

Things to Consider when Constructing DIY Sit-Stand Desk for Kids

Things to Consider when Constructing DIY Sit-Stand Desk for Kids

We know how important it is to have a DIY Kids Desks. However, it cannot fall from the sky. You have to construct it and this demands some commitments. Before you set about the task of making a DIY Sit-Stand-Desk for Kids, here are some factors you must consider. These will be a determinant if you’ll continue with the task or give it up.


Finance is always at the center of every project. Constructing a DIY Sit-Stand-Desk for Kids can deep a hole in your pocket or help you save some funds for the rainy day. It boils down to your expectations for the desk. It also depends on how you set about the task of constructing one.

The major reason why many people chose to build a DIY Kids Desks is the costs. It is a fact that the cost of purchasing a Sit-Stand desk from retail platforms is enormous. To save costs, a Do It Yourself (DIY) becomes an option. If you must save some costs as you intend, go for sturdy supplies that are cost-effective.


What purpose does the DIY Kids Desks serve? It is true that the target users are kids but you have to consider the users when constructing one. There is a need to make sure that the desk is sturdy enough and enhances the posture of the kids.

Tabletop Space

How many kids will make use of the desk? While some schools prefer individual desks for each kid, others may promote interactions by extending the length. This will be a basis of consideration for the tabletop space. It is important to make enough space that will contain the books and items kids need to enhance studies.

Room Space

The size of the room also comes into focus. This is in relation to the length of the desk. A bigger tabletop space demands a bigger room space and vice-versa.


There is an opportunity to configure the DIY Kids Desks to your taste. To promote studies, you may consider adding mini shelves at the tabletop. Below the desk, you can add a space for bags or any other item that will come in handy when kids are studying or embarking on a project/assignment.

Height Adjustment

Kids tend to have different heights despite being in the same grade at school. This is a consideration you will make when constructing a DIY Kids Desks. It is pertinent to make room for easy transitioning back and forth. This will enhance movement for the kids.

Manual vs. Electronic Operation

Thanks to technology, you can build an electronic DIY Sit-Stand Desk for Kids by using the great frame like SmartDesk DIY Kit. This implies that it has automated usage, which typically derives power from electricity. You can also construct a manual DIY Kids Desks.

While at this, the consideration should be on the safety of the kids. It also depends on the age bracket because this can influence their precautions to safety. A manual approach allows the kids to adjust the desk according to their height. The electronic approach also does this but can be hard if the kids do not understand the functionality. Therefore, you should center the DIY Sit-Stand-Desk for Kids on either the electronic or the manual operations.

Final Thoughts

When there is an alternation between sitting and standing, the body will find it easier to accommodate the stress that comes with each day. The cost of purchasing a Sit-Stand Desk for Kids may not be favorable. Therefore, it is pertinent to construct one. Take note of the considerations and take advantage of them to make the best out of the DIY Kids Desks. Above all, this can be a way to enhance the backbone, improve body posture, and make studies pleasurable for kids.

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