DIY an Office Desk With Lots of Storage
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DIY an Office Desk With Lots of Storage

|Mar 14, 2024

Conquer workspace chaos and craft your ideal office environment with this DIY guide! Feeling confined by a standard desk? Yearning for the flexibility of an adjustable desk or the extended workspace of a desk extender? This guide empowers you to design and build a dream desk that seamlessly integrates ample storage solutions.

Whether you envision the best computer desk with monitor optimization or a multi-functional masterpiece, we'll equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to transform your workspace into a haven of organization and productivity. Get creative with do-it-yourself projects or look into ready-made solutions; the decision is up to you! Immerse yourself and learn how to design an office desk with lots of storage that is uniquely yours, reflecting your style while facilitating your work. How about we begin?

Planning for Success

Before diving into construction, spend some time planning. This ensures your computer desk with lots of storage perfectly fits your needs and space.

1. Measure & Sketch

  • Measure your designated workspace: This helps determine the maximum desk size without hindering movement.
  • Sketch your dream desk: Decide on the layout, incorporating desired storage features like drawers, shelves, cubbies, or even hidden compartments. Consider dedicated areas for your computer, printer, or other equipment.

Measure & Sketch - desk with lots of storage

2. Gather Your Materials

  • Plywood sheets: Choose sturdy plywood for the desk surface and storage compartments. Consider birch, maple, or laminate for aesthetics and durability.
  • Cutting tools: A circular saw or jigsaw will help you cut the plywood to size. Remember safety glasses and ear protection!
  • Fasteners: Stock up on screws, nails, and wood glue for secure assembly.
  • Drawer slides: Opt for smooth-operating ball-bearing slides for your drawers.
  • Hardware: Choose drawer handles or knobs that complement your style.
  • Finishing touches: Paint, stain, or varnish to personalize your desk. Don't forget sandpaper for a smooth finish.
  • Essentials: Measuring tape, pencil, level, drill, screwdriver, and clamps are your construction companions.

Gather Your Materials

Now Comes The Fun Part – Building Your Dream Desk!

1. Build the Base

  • Cut the plywood pieces for the desk frame according to your design.
  • Assemble the frame using screws, wood glue, and clamps. Ensure proper alignment and a level structure for stability.

2. Integrate Storage Solutions

  • Drawers: Build drawer boxes from leftover plywood or repurpose existing drawers. Attach the slides to the frame and drawers for smooth operation.
  • Shelves: Install fixed or adjustable shelves along the sides or beneath the desk for easy access to frequently used items.
  • Cubby Holes: Create compartments of various sizes to organize smaller items like pens, notebooks, and chargers.
  • Hidden Compartments: Get creative! Utilize spaces beneath the desk or within the base for valuable items or tech accessories.
  • Pegboards: Mount pegboards above the desk for additional storage and display potential.

Integrate Storage Solutions

3. Finishing Touches

  • Sand down any rough edges and prepare the surface for your chosen finish.
  • Apply paint, stain, or varnish for a polished look and personalized touch. Opt for durable options that resist scratches and spills.
  • Install drawer handles, knobs, and shelf brackets.
  • Don't forget cable management solutions! Utilize cord channels, clips, or surge protectors to keep cords organized and prevent tripping hazards.

Finishing Touches

Bonus Tips

  • Repurpose old furniture: Give an old dresser, buffet, or bookshelf a new lease on life as a unique desk with built-in storage.
  • Embrace modularity: Build your desk using removable components like shelves or cabinets for future adaptability.
  • Utilize wall space: Mount shelves, cabinets, or pegboards on the wall above your desk for vertical storage without sacrificing desk space.
  • Personalize your space: Add decorative elements like plants, lamps, or artwork to reflect your style and create a motivating environment.

Remember: Safety first! Wear proper gear while using tools and be mindful of power equipment operation. If you're unsure about any step, consult a professional or seek online tutorials for detailed guidance. As you embark on your DIY journey, unleash your creativity and explore additional possibilities:

  • Lighting integration: Incorporate task lighting into the desk design for improved visibility and ambiance.
  • Charging station: Build a dedicated charging station within the desk to keep your devices powered up and organized.
  • Chalkboard or whiteboard surface: Transform part of the desk into a writable surface for brainstorming, notes, or to-do lists.
  • Hidden compartments: Get creative with secret compartments to store valuables or tech accessories discreetly.

Building your desk with ample storage is not just a project; it's an investment in your productivity and well-being. Take your time, enjoy the process of creating something unique, and most importantly, embrace the joy of having a workspace that perfectly reflects your needs and style!

Bonus Tips


1. Are there desks with lots of drawers available for purchase, or is DIY my only option?

Absolutely! Many furniture stores and online retailers offer pre-made desks with ample drawer space. Explore options like computer desks with dedicated compartments, L-shaped desks maximizing corner space, and mobile filing cabinets for flexible storage.

2. Can I find a small desk with plenty of storage, even if my space is limited?

Definitely! Consider space-saving solutions like wall-mounted shelves, pegboards, and cabinets above your desk. Opt for a small desk with lots of storage but with built-in cubbies or drawers underneath, or explore modular desk systems with customizable storage components.

3. What's the standard desk height, and is it important for my DIY project?

The standard desk height is around 29 inches, but it's crucial to consider your individual comfort and needs. If you're unsure, measure the height of a desk you find comfortable and use that as your guide. Remember, an adjustable desk allows for ergonomic flexibility!

4. Are standing desks worth the hype, and could I incorporate one into my DIY design?

Standing desks offer numerous benefits, promoting better posture, improved circulation, and even increased productivity. While building a fully adjustable standing desk might require advanced carpentry skills, consider incorporating a desk riser as a more accessible option. Check out benefits of standing desks to know more.

5. How can I manage cables effectively under my DIY desk?

Under desk cable management is key to a clutter-free and safe workspace. Explore options like cable trays, channels, or clips to organize and secure cords. You can even integrate hidden compartments specifically for power strips and adapters.


Building your own desk with ample storage is an empowering and rewarding experience. Embrace the opportunity to create a personalized workspace that perfectly suits your needs and style. Remember, this guide provides a framework – let your creativity flow with these desk decor ideas, explore additional resources, and most importantly, have fun crafting your dream desk!

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