DIY Loft Bed Gaming Setup with These Useful Ideas
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DIY Loft Bed Gaming Setup with These Useful Ideas

|Apr 20, 2022

Are you feeling bland, uninviting, or bored and small in your game room? How nice would it be if your kids' room contained more than just a bed? You could use a loft bed gaming setup as a play space, add a desk, chair, drawers, or anything else to the space where you would normally put a single bed. This is a fun and functional solution! Learn more about the fun aspects of bunk beds in this article. Loft beds can look cool in eight different loft bed gaming setup ideas:

  • Fortify the loft bed with a fort
  • Make the loft bed a focal point of the room by creating a theme
  • Brighten the room and the loft bed with bright colors
  • Under the loft bed, you can create a cute study nook
  • Create a cool hangout spot by converting the loft bed (perfect for teens)
  • Make a gaming zone out of your loft bed
  • Decorate your loft bed to make it look like the outdoors
  • With a swing for your child's loft bed, it will look cool

Is it Tough to Make a Loft Bed Gaming Setup?

A DIY loft bed gaming setup with a desk is a great addition to a kid's or guest room. The bed is both functional and space-saving. You can build a cool loft bed gaming setup at home if you have the right tools. This bedroom gaming PC setup project requires careful planning. Make sure the loft bed is large enough to hold a full-size mattress—plan to put everything together in one weekend instead of two. Find out how to make this budget-friendly full-size loft bed gaming setup by following the steps below.

Grey Tones

Gaming loft office ideas in gray tones are minimalistic and cozy. Large wooden pieces can complement a similar colored desk. You can finish the idea by adding some inspirational wall art pieces or even a touch of nature.

Grey Tones loft bed gaming setup


It is possible to create this gamer bedroom style with enough shelf space; small areas can become useful storage areas. A backdrop of black furniture with blue neon lights is used to decorate this aesthetic  gaming setup.

Studio Apartment

This will be a great idea if you have a gaming bedroom that doubles as a living room in your studio apartment. You can use modern dark wood floors, leaning mirrors, and brown leather couches to divide the living room from the bed section. Unlike traditional gaming bedrooms, studio apartments have more space. It's possible to store collectibles and art in a studio apartment.

Studio Apartment for loft bed gaming setup

Abstract Art

While gaming bedrooms can sometimes feel drab and dull, there are some accessories we can use to add some flair to existing gaming setup color schemes. The thrill of a great game room comes from the feelings it brings to an art form we all enjoy. Gaming enthusiasts can feel immersed in the gaming worlds we all enjoy by investing in everything from the perfect neon lighting or even an RGB Color Corner Floor Lamp to the most inspiring wall art.

Space & Moon

The purchase of a loft bed can be a great way to maximize space in your game room. Loft beds are much higher than traditional beds, allowing them to be used with a desk underneath.

Space & Moon loft bed gaming setup

Multiple Screen

Installing a wall of acoustic foam around your speakers is a great way to amplify the sound coming from your speakers. This small adjustment is just what you need if you plan on having the right sound experience in your bedroom for recording sessions or gaming.

The Retro-future

Triple monitor gaming rooms are perfect for gamers looking to have a fully immersive experience. Thanks to its huge screens and neon lights, this place is like a retro mashup of the future. It’s easier to accommodate multi screen setups in your video game room if your desk is large enough. Additionally, having a big screen is a great addition to the triple monitors.

The retro-future loft bed gaming setup

Professional Streamer

If you have the budget, it's good to get a large triple monitor display, some studio lights, professional-grade microphones, and acoustic panels for your gaming bedroom setup. It won't take you long to stream professionally with this type of video game room.

Gaming themes

You might enjoy watching a film or playing a game. You probably think of the scenery in it, the characters you admire, and of course, the symbolism and the storyline. As for us, there are probably a few that come to mind. You can pick one or more from the list.

Personalized gaming desk setup

Things to Think About When Building Your Loft Bed Gaming Setup

Room size

It is very important to consider the size of the room while setting up a loft bed gaming setup since the placement must be perfect. While there aren't any rules concerning the size of the room, there are a few things you can keep in mind. It shouldn't be too massive or too small. There will be some space left if it's excessively enormous.

On the other hand, if you don't have much, you may feel restricted in the room. You'll require space for a TV and a clutter-free setting and the consoles, chair, or sofa that you have arranged for your convenience. So, it ought to be medium or large.

Room size

Awesome speakers

It is important to consider the effect of the audio when playing computer games since it can increase stress and energy. Therefore, you will not be able to experience everything if you do not introduce great speakers.

Whether you want two-channel speakers, five-channel speakers, seven-channel speakers, nine-channel speakers, or the new wireless speakers that are cordless, you will be able to reduce tangled wiring and clutter in the room.

Gaming chairs

Video gaming rooms require a comfortable gaming chair or maybe a bean bag so that you can sit comfortably for a considerable period of time without feeling exhausted. A brisk nap on this chair won't hurt your body because it provides comfort and lumbar support. These are some of our recommended gaming chairs. Numerous proposals are accessible on the web with a wide range of shading, material, and shapes to suit each individual's taste.

Gaming chairs


Wide projectors or monitors

It might be excessively small for you to play computer games on a PC screen. Use a projector if this is true, or select between installing a projector or a smoothed-out LED TV to watch the game on a larger screen. The range and size of a projector can be adjusted whenever needed, unlike the size of your TV screen that you can’t alter. It is possible to attach speakers, reassurings, and other basic gaming components to the TV or projector. 

Wide projectors or monitors


An audio effect in a video game raises the room's ambiance and lifts the players' spirits. There are typically boisterous sounds in video games. You must cover the entire area with soundproof panels if the players wear earphones to hide the noise.

It is possible to introduce soundproofing to enhance the nature of the sound inside a loft bed gaming setup room. There are two ways to introduce soundproofing: you can hire an expert or figure it out independently.

For example, some built-in techniques decide to put soundproofs on the roof and dividers and use afterward layers, like protective froths or drywall especially designed to block clamor inside structures.

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