DIY Office Chair Cushion to Match your Needs and Decor
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DIY Office Chair Cushion to Match your Needs and Decor

|Nov 10, 2018

We spent a lot of our time sitting and even sleeping on the office chairs which needs to be comfortable and supportive to your body. Office chair cushions are made with the idea to personalize the seat you spent a lot of your days sitting on. They also make the chairs more comfortable to sit with added cushioning. It is also a cheaper and convenient way to change the look and feel of the boring office chairs. You can make the chair you sit your own with the chair cushions. There are various types of cushions available for the suit the need and styling that you desire.

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Office chairs cushions can help in reducing strain on the back of the person spending hours on the chairs. The chair cushions with back support make a great difference in terms of comfort and reducing the chances of back injuries. Ergonomic office chairs do provide optimum support to the back already but adding an extra layer of cushioning will enhance the support. It can also help to bring in a different dimension to otherwise normal office chairs.

On the other hand, if you have a back ache or chronic back pain, adding an extra chair cushion that is designed to provide extra support to the back can be a wise choice. This will ensure your back does not get more strained for the constant pressure of sitting down in the same posture. It gives a better viewing angle along with better sitting position. A good back support cushion on your office chair does provide a better comfort and reduces chances of hurting your back.

You can choose from the tons of options available in the market these days for the cushions. If you desire something more unique and something that defines you, you can always choose to make your own cushions. It is a cheap and easy way to customize your office chair to your personality and style. Of course, getting the back support cushions from experts is a better choice, but if you already have an expensive ergonomic chair a cushion can be just a touch of your personality added to the otherwise dull chair. It will also make it personal and closer to you which indirectly improve your performance and boost your morale.

Why you need chair cushions

Office chair cushions are not only a style accessory to your dull office chairs but also acts as an ergonomic support to your back and prevent those sore backs. They are readily available and does not cost you much. Office chair cushions come in different shapes, sizes, functions, and style for you to choose the one that suits you the best. It can also help enhance the ergonomic functionality of an office chair with added cushioning and support for the back.


Office chair cushions are also a large part of the decor accessories that one can implement to match the style of the office. Office chairs usually come in industry standard colors which are very common and normally not so vibrant. Office chair cushions can make them look the way you want them and match to the color and style of the office. If you are someone picky about design, color, and matching decor, this can be a deciding factor to go for chair cushions. Generally, office chair cushions come in wide variety of color and style options, however, DIY office chair cushions can also be a great alternative. You can design your own and make your own cushions that suits the overall decor and mood of the office.

Corrects Posture

Apart from the visual and support, office chair cushions do help in having a proper posture and reducing the strain on your back muscles. Let us say you have a lower back issue which gets elevated from sitting down on the chair you use daily. It is already an ergonomic chair but your issue has some other reason of existence. It will not be a wise idea to go ahead and replace the chair which can be a costly affair. If you can get a lower back support cushion, it might be the missing piece of your comfort puzzle. Finding a lower back support cushion will be very easy and cheaper compared to any other solution.

More comfort

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Some people just like cushions and they cannot get enough of it in the name of comfort. Adding extra cushions will ensure you have more comfort compared to the built-in cushions. It will depend largely on your preference to choose the cushions that can provide better comfort. Sometimes the seats of the chairs you sit are not as soft as you may like which can make you feel restless in the seat. Adding a soft cushion will largely reduce the restlessness and enhance your comfort. A comfortable position ensures a better performance and higher efficiency.

Improve viewing angle

Opposite to soft cushions that are ideal for comfort, hard cushions can be great to improve viewing angles. If the chair seat happens to be softer and your sink into the seat, it will distort your viewing angle. Experts suggest looking at the top edge of the screen while on a horizontal plane with the screen to avoid neck strains. This is rather true as more you try to look up, you are moving the neck muscles. Just think of the strain you will put while constantly looking up at the screen. It can be a cause for major neck problems and reduce free movement of your neck.

What are the types of cushions

There are a wide variety of office chair cushions available that act to provide functionality as well as a visual enhancement to usual office chairs. They are intended to be used on a particular part of the chair to enhance the support and functionality of that part of the chair. Back and seat cushions are mostly common which are widely used to enhance the functionality and comfort of the office chairs.

Back cushions

Back cushions are a very common type of cushion you will find in the market. They attach to the backrest of the chair and provide support to the back. They are very effective in correcting the sitting posture and making sure you don’t slouch on your chair. This is a major issue faced by most people who use office chairs regularly for long hours. We tend to lean forward into our work very often while working with full concentration. This can bend our back and cause the spines to bend in a direction which is unusual and harmful for the person.

Back cushions attach to the backrest using few straps to hold it in place and provide the best chance for the spine to maintain a convex shape. This is pretty easy and convenient method to correct a bending spine and reduce tension on the backbone. They are adjustable to make sure you can place it right where your back needs correction and support. Some back cushions comes with lumbar support that allows optimum support for the lower back. Our lower back is constantly under stress from the body and use of arms which can make them strained. Lumbar support allows the lower back to have correct posture and reduce strain and degradation of the joints.

Seat cushions

Seat cushions another very common type of office chair cushions that are widely used to support the body and correct posture. It can help you adjust the horizontal plane of sight while working. Seat cushions are also useful to add comfort to the seats of the chair which can get compressed or deformed over time. While it can take a long time and money to replace a degrading chair seat, adding a seat cushion is probably the faster and cheaper alternative.

Seat cushions allow more cushioning of the chair seats that gives more comfort to the person sitting on them and reduce strain on the muscles. If the seat the chair happen to be hard, soft seat cushions will help you to reduce the strain on the body from sitting on a firm seat. It is the best idea to go with a high-quality seat cushion that does have a sturdy base. This will keep it softer and inflated for longer because a depressed cushion will reduce the functionality rather adding to the chair seats.

How chair cushions can help get rid of back pains

Chair cushions and back cushions can together contribute to the health of your spine and body by the stress on your spines. A back cushion is very effective in reducing strains on the shoulders and spine from sitting in a bad posture for long. The added layer of padding will ensure we always sit at a correct posture with our back at convex for better spine support. Adding an extra cushion to the office chairs are an effective way to reduce the amount of strain our body goes through otherwise sitting on a chair for long hours.

They can greatly impact the way we sit and interact with the desk every day. An office chair cushion is designed to provide the best support to the back and reduce the chances of back pains. Especially the back and seat cushions are designed to make sure the person sitting on them have proper posture and viewing angle to reduce the strain on the back and muscles. They are intended to enhance the functionality of the office chairs.

Overtime with normal wear and tear an ergonomic office chair will also lose some functionality and start getting shaggy at providing support to the body. It is always the best option to completely replace the chair or parts that you feel are not working as intended. However, replacing a chair and the parts can be a time taking and tedious task, not to mention the added cost of repair and replacement. Office chair cushions, on the other hand, are cheap and made to support the body while being a part of the office chair.

Let us say the seat on the chair is little depressed over time and it seems to get lower when someone sits on it for long. This happens slowly and not at once so the change is not noticeable normally, everything other than the seat is in great condition on the chair. Surely, it is not a wise move to replace the whole chair for a new one but using it in this condition over time will ruin it further can affect the viewing angles of the person using the chair. To keep the condition in check and make sure no major accidents can happen, you can use a seat cushion that will add an extra layer over the built-in seat. This is a more effective and cheaper method to make sure the person sitting on it has the best comfort and support for the body.

DIY chair cushions

You can pretty much buy as type and color of cushions in the market that can match your chair’s look and decor of the office. However, if you are someone looking for something completely unique, you can make your own office chair cushions. They are simple to make and can be effective in providing the look and style you desire tailor made by you.

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You can go for the elaborate option of getting the cloth, foam, and stitching done exactly the way you planned for the best cushion matching perfectly to your needs. You can do it yourself by visiting a local supermarket and picking up some essentials.

  • You will need a cloth that will be the cover of the cushion. This is going to be the part of the cushion visible, so chose the one that you want

  • Next, you will need a measuring tape to measure the dimension of the cushion you want

  • You will need a foam piece or get small pieces cut according to your sizes

  • You will need a stitching machine and a strong thread

Now for the steps to make your own cushions

  • Cut the piece of cloth according to the measured dimensions of the cushion you want to make  ( make sure to cut it few inches more from all side for stitching)

  • Now cut the foam to dimension for the center of the cushion

  • Wrap tightly on the foam and clamp on sides to hold it in place

  • Start sewing from one corner using a machine

  • Make sure you have two row of stitches on every side for added strength

And thus you own office chair cushion is ready in a matter of few hours. You can always tweak on the steps to add more functionality and decor items to make it look just the way you want it.

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