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DIY Standing Desk Projects You Can Make This Weekend
Workplace Inspiration

DIY Standing Desk Projects You Can Make This Weekend

|May 31, 2021

Are you a fan of DIY stuff? Perhaps the following DIY standing desk projects may seem attractive to you. These plans take little time to be completed and will be a fun activity for the weekend to finish by yourself or with the help of a loved one.

Averagely, an office worker spends about five hours and forty minutes sitting at their workstation. Not only is this bad for your physical health, but it can also lead to burnout. Thus, using a standing desk can be an excellent solution as you can sit or stand based on what you feel is most comfortable during that particular moment.

However, it’s also worth noting that standing desks can be extremely expensive for some people. It’s very likely that the average worker cannot afford it. However, making your own standing desk is not complicated and will only take you a few hours to finish a DIY standing desk. It’s an excellent way of spending your weekend doing something productive.

What is a standing desk?

Standing desks are also known as stand-up desks or height-adjustable desks. These devices provide you with a surface that can vary its height so that you can sit or stand, depending on how comfortable you feel is the better option at that moment.

What is a standing desk?

Benefits of using a standing desk

According to many sources, standing desks have plenty of health benefits, although official research regarding their use is still yet to be published, and the known facts are related to the phenomena of sitting and standing.

For instance, it is known that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight problems, diabetes, and even cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, standing desks can become great companions during your workdays as they allow you to work while you're standing. Of course, excesses are bad in either case – so what would be best is to switch from one instance to another in due time.

Among the benefits of a standing desk, we can mention:

  • Reduced risk of obesity and weight gain

  • Decreased blood sugar levels

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Better mood and improved energy levels

As you can see, you can enjoy multiple benefits by making your own DIY height-adjustable desk. Keep reading to know how you can get started.

How to build an adjustable height desk

It cannot be very easy to look for DIY standing desk plans. However, we have collected multiple projects so that you can get started as soon as you reunite all the needed materials. These plans have the same level of difficulty, and some don't even involve challenging woodworking. Thus, even the most inexperienced person can get them done in no time.

How to build an adjustable height desk

Without further ado, here you have five DIY adjustable standing desk projects you can complete during the weekend or whenever you have free time. However, before we start, please note that some of these desks are not “electric.” Thus, you may only have the “standing” option available.

1. Black pipe standing desk

This option is extremely simple. It also has a stylish, modern design that will fit any room. It uses a standard wooden top, and the frame is made of black pipe.

Black pipe standing desk

All you need to do is read the plan via and follow the instructions. It will suit any room, although there may be better options for an office desk. Still, it is an excellent project you can complete quickly.

2. Wall-mounted standing desk

Like the first option, this DIY standing desk plan isn't too demanding and can be completed by any person in little time. However, please note that, as the name suggests, it is wall-mounted, which means you may have to think thoroughly about its location.

Wall-mounted standing desk

Still, this project takes less time and supplies to be completed. Thus, it is a low-budget solution to a standing desk.  A Beautiful Mess has detailed instructions regarding its construction.

3. Adjustable cranking standing desk made of metal

This option may take you more time to finish as it is quite complex. However, the results are worth it, and the results will be one of the best DIY adjustable standing desks you would’ve ever built.

Perhaps building the frame can be the most difficult part. If you’d like to make things easy, you can get started with this DIY standing desk frame so that you can solve the problem without too many headaches.

However, if you follow the instructions step by step, the results will be amazing. has detailed guidelines on how to build it.

4. Sawhorses standing desk

For the next option, we have another pretty good-looking DIY standing desk that will fit any office setup. However, it can be a bit complicated to follow, but the results will be worth it. This standing desk is hugely stable when it's well done and will provide you with a superb work surface where you can feel comfortable during your workdays.

Sawhorses standing desk

Mint Design Blog completed the instructions over nine years ago, and they’re still available as of now.

5. Quick solution

If you cannot afford a standing desk and would like to acquire all the benefits of one, maybe you can find this solution of DIY standing desk useful that only takes about five seconds to complete. All you need to do is to place a box on your desk whenever you feel like standing.

Once your workday has finished, put everything in the right place and continue with your journey.

Don’t want to build it? Purchase it instead!

If you don’t feel like building a DIY height adjustable desk and would like to acquire it right away, there are multiple options you can choose from. For instance, the SmartDesk Core is an excellent choice and one of the most popular options available in the Autonomous catalog.

Don’t want to build it? Purchase it instead!

 This store has multiple resources. You can also learn how to make DIY adjustable desk legs for your next project and make it more personal.

Standing desks are an excellent addition to any office. If you suffer from back pain often, we recommend incorporating a standing desk in your office set up so that you can feel more comfortable throughout your workdays to complete your work in less time

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