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DIY Tiny House Kit with Autonomous Pod for Affordable Living
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DIY Tiny House Kit with Autonomous Pod for Affordable Living

|Aug 8, 2022

If you focus on your house's lower square footprint, you probably will not be content. But if you focus on the positive sides of a tiny home, you might come across many things that make your life easier. A tiny house is cheaper to build or maintain whether you have plans for a DIY tiny house kit or even hiring a builder for the entire job; it has lower electricity costs, lower running bills, and provides a better feeling of home.

Especially when you have a little family or maybe you are just a bachelor living alone, a tiny home is the best decision you can make for yourself. While not many homes are built with such loneliness and cost-effectiveness in mind, and even if you look for a tiny home to rent out, it might be larger than your needs, a prefab tiny house kit gives you the freedom to build, design, or plan your own space just as you need. Not only does this ensure that you pay and invest in the things you need, but the ability to personalize your own space also makes you more productive and at peace.

While there are many ways to build a tiny house kit and design it to your comfort and needs, this article will discuss a step-by-step guide to achieving your tiny house pod and the benefits of having one.

What is a Tiny House Pod?

What is a Tiny House Pod?

In pod shares, people can rent a bed in a shared room and communal access areas like a kitchen and restroom. Consider pod living as a glorified hostel strategically located within expensive cities to provide tenants with cheaper rentals and the chance to experience a distinctive communal setting. Now you can build a tiny house pod for your living space where you can design the room based on your needs or work on it to make a co-working office space or a place to rent out.

The benefits of tiny house pods are that they can be a good source of earning by investing a little comparatively, or it can be a wonderful way to live when you don't have a high budget or need a tiny home to meet your needs.

How To Build A Tiny House Shell Kit?

If you are someone who, in all the excitement, got the tiny house shell kit but now has no idea what to do with it, then we are with you. For a beginner with no experience of DIYing a single thing in your life, building your own home seems no less than a joke. But with the help of a tiny house pod kit or a prefab tiny house kit, you can easily build a place where you can live, and the best part? You still have the opportunity to expand whenever needed. Below are some things to remember when building your tiny house pod.



Make sure you know where you're putting your fantasy tiny house before clicking the "purchase" button. Because it influences the size, elevation, and amenities of the small home you choose, the location of a tiny house is quite important. For instance, a property that is being built on a slope, you need to take in consideration a few more things than one which will be on a plain land. Moreover, you also need to consider future expansion plans.  

Buy the Foundation

The foundation is what you cannot or should not take into your own hands to build. Since it is your home, your craftsmanship might not be sufficient to withstand temperature changes and extreme thunderstorms. Moreover, building the base or foundation of your home, no matter how tiny, is highly expensive compared to buying a built one. Gladly there are multiple options available that can play as your foundation.

Many people who build tiny homes opt for a container, house trailer, or pod. All of these options have their own advantages, but if you are looking for something modern and sophisticated that is up to the mark, then a pod is the best choice. You can choose from multiple types- an added benefit such as an office pod that comes with the right type of office facilities, a privacy pod that is soundproof and a quiet place, a wooden pod for the garden that is durable and looks one of a kind. All of these pods can be purchased and transformed into the house of your dreams. You can find the best assortment of pods online and at the Autonomous pod, which is popular in ergonomic furniture for homes and offices.



Some prefab office pods come with this facility because they are designed for outdoor office setups, but when we talk about an indoor office pod, you might lack this option as they are made for indoors. But with Rockwool insulation (cheaper than others), you can easily build a safe temperature-resistant coating around your tiny home, making it capable of withstanding all the temperature changes.

Doors and Windows

If you have purchased a pod instead of a DIY tiny house kit, it will already come equipped with doors and windows, but if you are building your home with a container, you might need doors and windows installation to create a more homely presence. They are also important for home ventilation and sunlight to come in.

Install A Roof

Install A Roof in DIY tiny house kit

Metal roofing is the best material for compact houses. Although it is pricey, it has a lifespan of more than 50 years, is extremely energy-efficient, and gives your home a modern aesthetic.


What you'll use it for will also impact the kind of tiny house you choose to purchase. Plumbing and a two-room unit might not be necessary if the room is merely used as an office. However, you'll need to choose a kit with ample space and utility hookups if you intend to use your small house as a guest house or Airbnb. Planning the type of home you need based on your ends saves money and ensures you only pay for the things you need. It also allows you to view the right options, such as the best type of pod, based on your needs.

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